Creating Awesome Content - Clayton Wood, Marketing Director, TrueLogic Philippines


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Just like any marketing program or campaign, you need a plan to make your content sticky, relevant, striking, and effective with very strong impact. With the amount of information at your customers’ disposal, it is important than ever to provide useful and engaging content that stands apart from your competitors. Learn how to develop a fool-proof and effective plan for managing and creating your content.

What Will You Learn?

A step-by-step approach for creating a plan for your content marketing efforts

How to conduct a content audit
How to implement your plan so that it runs like a well-oiled content machine

- How To Develop Killer Content Plan
- Story Telling and Development
- Use of Videos, Blogs, PR Articles
- Case Studies
- Tips and Techniques

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Creating Awesome Content - Clayton Wood, Marketing Director, TrueLogic Philippines

  1. 1. TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. Case Studies Content Marketing March 21, 2013
  2. 2. Consumer Power Competition & Communication
  3. 3. Two Way Conversation
  4. 4. Content CreationIn order to produce a wide range of valuablecontent regularly, everyone in the organizationshould be encouraged to contribute to contentcreation. Highlight the core competencies ofemployees by allowing them to become subjectmatter experts. Let them showcase their skills,proficiency, and capabilities.
  5. 5. Set aside the notion that only writers can write (or thatwriting is the majority of the type of content you shouldbe publishing). Everyone in the organization must adoptthe content marketing mindset.
  6. 6. The Cultural Shift Is Possible
  7. 7. Start With You
  8. 8. What’s In it For Them?
  9. 9. Welcome Diversity• Show Expertise• Showcase Talent• Tell A Story• Only Relevant Content• Share The Vision• Publish Events• Be Transparent
  10. 10. How To Start A Blog That Drives Conversions• Know Your Audience
  11. 11. How To Start A Blog That Drives ConversionsTime On Site
  12. 12. How To Start A Blog That Drives ConversionsBe PersuasiveComment SectionStrong Titles!
  13. 13. Make It Clean and Scannable
  14. 14. How To Start A Blog That Drives ConversionsLink InternallyCredit SourcesAuthorship Mark Up
  15. 15. How To Start A Blog That Drives ConversionsShareability!Fresh Content!
  16. 16. How To Start A Blog That Drives Conversions Update Regularly
  17. 17. Changing Readers Into Clients78% of companies that update their blog daily acquire customers from it.
  18. 18. Traffic Generation
  19. 19. Create Rich Media
  20. 20. Use A Publishing Calendar
  21. 21. Content Marketing Take Away• Integrating content into your company culture fosters a supportive environment where employees are free to share their ideas.• Opening a dialogue as a brand creates more client acquisition and creates a stronger bond with your base.