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The Power Of Pervasive Performance Management: Aligning All Employees to Corporate Objectives
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The Power Of Pervasive Performance Management: Aligning All Employees to Corporate Objectives


Published on

presented at the TrueConnection 2008 Sales Performance Management Conference, hosted by Callidus Software

presented at the TrueConnection 2008 Sales Performance Management Conference, hosted by Callidus Software

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Callidus Pervasive Performance Lorna Bennie Vishrut Parikh October 14, 2008
    • 2. Agenda
      • Business Trends – Cash and Non-Cash Rewards
      • Business Challenges Addressed
      • TrueTarget™ Product Highlights
      • IncentOne – Partner Update
      • Q & A
    • 3. How Well is Your Organization Positioned to Execute against Business Strategy? 25% Link Bonuses to Strategy 40% Link Budgets to Strategy 20% of Business Strategies Are Effectively Executed 5% of Employees Understand the Strategy “ Achieving Alignment Through Strategy Execution”, Neil Chandler, 24 October 2007, citing Kaplan & Norton 20% of business strategies are executed effectively In 70% of these cases, the reason wasn't the strategy itself, but rather bad execution
    • 4. What’s Your Strategy for a Single Pay for Performance Solution? “ By 2012, 50% of customers will consolidate their talent management application portfolio down to one or two vendors.” “ Unlocking the Strategic Value From Talent Management Application Investments,” James Holincheck, 26 Dec 2007
    • 5. Pay-For-Performance must be Embraced Across the Enterprise “ Variable pay should reward the achievement of specific individual goals linked to corporate goals across the enterprise and not be reserved for sales and management roles . Performance and compensation integration (pay-for-performance) enables employers to direct and achieve corporate goals, promote positive turnover, and retain top talent by compensating preferred behaviors and results based on objective performance metrics.” The Forrester Wave™: “Integrated Performance And Compensation Solutions,” Q3 2007 Zach Thomas, August 17, 2007
    • 6. Best in Class Organizations that Deliver Total Compensation Achieve …
      • 90% increased their revenue per employee
      • 83% decreased labor costs as a percent of sales
      • 73% improved employee job satisfaction
      • 64% increased employee retention
      “ Total Compensation Management – Taming Costs and Rewarding Employees,” David Weldon, May 2008
    • 7. Organizations Recognize the Need for Pay for Performance. However…..
      • Growing siloed pay for performance systems
        • Multiple employee performance management and incentive management systems
        • Legacy and growing SaaS deployments
        • Rapid departmental deployment
        • Strain on Finance, HR, Sales Ops, and IT
        • Difficult to deploy single strategy
        • Incomplete view of overall employee performance
      • How to achieve complete alignment - across sales and the broader business?
    • 8. Pervasive Performance Aligns All Stakeholders with Corporate Objectives
      • Sales effectiveness
      • Quotas and territories
      • Commissions and
      • sales plans
      • Commission reports
      • High volume
      Sales Performance Management (SPM) Sales and Channel
      • Goal Setting
      • Performance metrics
      • Objective Management
      • Team performance
      • Non-cash Rewards
      • Workflow and approval
      Employee Performance Management (EPM) Call Center, Marketing, Support Pervasive Performance Management Alignment with corporate objectives
    • 9. Announcing Callidus TrueTarget™ Non-sales Callidus Sales Performance Management Suite Sales and Channel Callidus Pervasive Performance Suite Single common compensation foundation - TrueComp ® Callidus TrueTarget Extends Callidus Suite to Deliver Corporate Alignment with One Single System New New
    • 10. Target Setting Business Challenges
      • Multiple performance management systems
      • Reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes – error prone and time consuming
      • Typically multi-month process
      • Inflexible to change as business goals change
      • Lack of clear employee view of how employee performance links to bonus
      • Highly manual and error-prone and often lead to overpayments.
    • 11. TrueTarget ™: Competitive Differentiators
      • Built on a proven TrueComp ® Management foundation
      • Supports dependencies between Sales goals and corporate goals across enterprise
      • Extends complex rule building capabilities to bonus payout and budgeting
      • Support for complex bonus eligibility rules
      • Integration with TrueComp
        • Leverage TrueComp Reporting Hierarchy
        • Import/Export Quota Targets with approvals
      • Inline analytics for managers and administrators
    • 12. Integrate Pay for Performance Across Departments for Alignment Sales Marketing Call Center
    • 13. TrueTarget™ Key Benefits
      • Proactive performance management drives higher productivity
        • Allows managers to focus on coaching rather than just on the tactical aspects of the process .
      • Goal alignment ensures that people working on the right tasks
        • Employees focused on and accomplishing appropriate tasks aligned to corporate objectives.
        • Integrates performance and compensation components
        • Shared goals, managed across sales and broader business
      • Consistency and enforces compliance
        • Enforces policy compliance, audits transactions
        • Rewards employees consistently based on their contributions to the success of the business.
    • 14. TrueTarget™: Product Highlights
      • Self-service user interface
        • Managers can publish and distribute weighted objectives and project bonus payouts
        • Participants gain full visibility into objective setting process
      • Assign weightings to key objectives
      • Discretionary scoring of objectives
      • Set objectives on Quota attainment
      • Effective dating and pro-rating based on employment history
      • Automatic bonus payout projections
      • Integrated workflow and acceptance tracking
      • Inline analytics for managers and administrators
    • 15. TrueTarget™: Product Highlights
      • Communicate Quotas efficiently
        • Integrated workflow
        • Obtain and track acceptance in timely manner
        • Manage Quota changes effectively
      • Integrated with TrueComp ®
        • Import Quota Targets from TrueComp
        • Allocate Quota in TrueTarget
          • Assign targets to team members
          • Leverage TrueComp Reporting Hierarchy
      • Managers can override the Quota targets
        • Overassign or underassign the targets
        • Apply seasonality skews
      • Export Quota Targets to TrueComp
      Streamline Quota Setting Process
    • 16. Manager – Log in to Self-Service to Manage Team Objectives Click to set and publish team objectives Evaluate performance
    • 17. Manager – Enters Team View Evaluate team performance and high level view of pay for performance / leverage
    • 18. Manager – Access Participant Detail to See Assigned Objectives Individual metrics for each participant, assign weighting
    • 19. Manager – Create New Objectives and Assign Goals
    • 20. Manager – Reviews Quota Targets for Team
    • 21. Manager – Modifies Quota Target
    • 22. Plan Administrator - Set up and Group Objectives, Distribute to Team Key Takeaways
      • Use TrueComp ® to set up an objective
      • Set up objective types, or groups
      • Groups enable clustering of objectives of the same type
    • 23. Plan Administrator - Set up Formulas Key Takeaways
      • Use TrueComp ® formulas
      • Define Various formulas based on – Base Salary, Start Date etc.
    • 24. Plan Administrator - Set up and Group Objectives, Distribute to Team Key Takeaways
      • Once the objectives are set up, you can add them to a template to distribute to a group of participants.
      • Enables objectives to be grouped into a single campaign – such as customer satisfaction, or acquisition
      • Assign participants based on Eligibility
    • 25. Plan Administrator - Set up and Group Objectives, Distribute to Team Key Takeaways
      • Administrator can specify multiple objectives to be distributed
      • Or can hand off objective setting to the manager for a distributed approach
      • Objectives add up to 100%
    • 26. With Callidus Pervasive Performance Suite We Deliver:
      • Drive Pay for Performance
        • Every employee
        • Every incentive driver
        • Transparent processes
        • Single platform, single point of alignment
      • 100% multi-tenant SaaS architecture
    • 27. New Partner - IncentOne
      • Founded in 1997 — 125 full-time employees
      • Clients cross all industries and sizes including several of the Fortune 100
      • Incentive/Rewards administration
      • Offers solutions across a variety of industries — healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical services, financial services, insurance and manufacturing
      • Provides incentive solutions to 5 National Health Plans, 20 Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, 15 Health Services Partners, and numerous marquee Employers
      • Industry Awards
      • Best Incentive Program in the Financial Services Industry (Washington Mutual)
      • Named as one of Top 20 Incentive and Reward Companies (HRO Magazine)
      • Named as one of Top 10 Providers (Workforce Magazine)
      • Selected preferred incentive vendor by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
    • 28. IncentOne Sample Clients
    • 29. Provides Total Rewards Solution Callidus Solution
    • 30. What is IncentOne’s Core Business?
      • IncentOne works with employers to create the optimal non-cash points based rewards program across their organizations
        • sales department, to HR, to marketing
      • Full Service Providers :
      • Guidance in program design; budget and ROI assistance
      • Creative services – communications planning and marketing creative development
      • Award fulfillment – manage partner relationships, inventory, shipping
      • Tracking reports – accounting of awards issued, value, timing
      • Customer support -- access to live reps for all service and support issues
    • 31. IncentOne: Large Portfolio of Reward Options
      • Rewards that appeal to all employees
      • Gift cards from over 400 retailers
      • Providing employees with rewards of their choice has the greatest impact
    • 32. IncentOne Offers Marketing Services & Creative Support We partner with clients to ensure that their program is communicated effectively.
    • 33. Example of IncentOne Employee Power Customized Non-Cash Points Solution to Reward for Multiple Employer Programs TM Easy tracking of points earned and redeemed View multiple programs at once
    • 34. Customer Success Challenge Like others in the beverage industry, fierce competition was forcing lower margins and decreasing sales revenue. Mountain Dew wanted a program to jump start sales performance among their bottlers.
      • Solution
      • Mountain Dew implemented an innovative incentive promotion where bottlers were allocated scratch off tickets to be awarded to salespeople that achieved a volume growth target of +5% vs. the same period a year ago (in raw cases).
      • Participants registered in the online incentive center and were able to enter their code from the scratch off card to uncover the value of their award and shop online for a prize that they would like (ranging from $10-$100)
      • Results
      • Promotion was deemed a success!
      • Mountain Dew achieved a 12% lift in sales for the period of the promotion.
      IncentOne helped Mountain Dew to increase sales through innovative incentive promotion.
    • 35. Customer Success Challenge How to sustain momentum of success in their health and wellness program and find a ‘one-stop shop’ incentive provider that could fit into their existing programs and implement all programs together in one platform.
      • Solution
      • Took design requirements and custom-built an incentive solution for its flagship program, Motorola’s LIVESMART Challenge
      • Provided the technological expertise to integrate with and exchange data with Motorola systems and multiple health vendors
      • Results
      • 96% of eligible employees completed their health risk questionnaire.
      • Approx. 25% of the workforce took part in the health and wellness programs in the first year – increased to 50% in 1stQtr 2008.
      • Incentives program has created a ‘buzz’ at Motorola, helping to reinforce the culture of wellness.
      • Motorola has seen an overall decrease in employee health risk since launching program.
      IncentOne provided a ‘one-stop shop’ incentive solution to integrate Motorola’s health and wellness programs.
      • World’s third-largest manufacturer of wireless telephone handsets
      • Revenues : $36.6B
      • Employees : 66K
      • Motorola develops a portfolio of technologies, solutions and services — including wireless handsets, wireless accessories, digital entertainment devices, wireless access systems, voice and data communications systems, and enterprise mobility solutions — that make mobile experiences possible.
    • 36. Contact Information
      • Vishrut Parikh – Sr. Product Marketing Manager
        • [email_address]
      • Adam Berenson – EVP of Corporate Development
        • [email_address]
    • 37. Q & A