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Providing Better Producer Administration With TrueProducer
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Providing Better Producer Administration With TrueProducer






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Providing Better Producer Administration With TrueProducer Providing Better Producer Administration With TrueProducer Presentation Transcript

  • Better Producer Administration with TrueProducer Leslie Martensen Sr. Product Manager
  • Agenda
    • Overview TrueProducer
    • Recent releases
      • Key functionality
    • Upcoming releases
      • Key functionality
  • TrueProducer Business Challenges We can do all this with TrueProducer
  • 360 º View of Your Producers
  • Callidus SPM suite for Insurance Visibility Analyze Producer Performance TrueAnalytics/Datamart Execution Accurate Incentive Payments TrueComp Planning Automated On-Boarding Process TrueProducer Insight into Producer Productivity TrueAnalytics Multiple Legacy Systems Integration with 3 rd Party Licensing and Credentials TrueProducer Producer Admin Finance Producer Self-Service portal for Producers TrueProducer 360 degree view of Producer information TrueProducer Auditable Producer Payments and Reporting TrueComp/TrueProducer Accurate Producer Forecasts TrueComp Modeling
  • TrueProducer Overview What
    • Insurance-specific business process capabilities
    • Single system for day-to-day administration of producers
    • Management tools to track and analyze profitability across the distribution chain
    • Independent from TrueComp
    • Large & mid-size insurance carriers in N. America & Europe
    • In Life, Health & Property/Casualty sectors
    • With large, independent distribution channels, or large captive agents
    • Increase loyalty of independent channel through improved service
    • Decrease cost of servicing distribution channel
    • Optimize distribution strategy
    • Primarily using Callidus Business Process Framework
    • Effective dating, MDLTs, categories, import from TrueComp code
    • Some enhancements to TrueComp rules & pipeline (Debt)
    • Enhancements to TrueInformation & TrueAnalytics
  • Callidus TrueProducer: Product Module Overview Producer Contracts
    • Manage Producer Payment Relationships and Rate Schedules:
    • Create rate schedules “on-demand” with approval workflow
    • Update payment hierarchies “on-demand.”
    • Simplified web-based UI for CSR-level user
    Financing & Debt
    • Automated and Ad-hoc Management of Producer Debt:
    • Multiple debt types
      • Tax liens & garnishes
      • Company reimbursements
    • View debt at Firm, Producer or Policy level
    • Automate the Process of Acquiring Legal Credentials for a Producer:
    • Manage Licenses, Appointments
    • Continuing education*
    • Real time credentials status to TrueComp and 3 rd party systems – not in 1.0*
    • All Producer Personal Information
    • Producer information including
      • Name
      • Producer ID
      • Hire Date
      • Multiple Addresses
      • Email address
    Future *Future Feature
  • Callidus TrueProducer: Data Access Options 360-degree Producer View
    • A consolidated system of record for Producer information:
    • Manage Channels, Firms, & Individual Producers
    • Segment Firms & Producers
    • Maintain Profiles & Preferences
    • Integrated with reporting & dispute resolution
    • Self-service Portal*
    Insurance Reports & Analytics
      • Insurance-specific Reports and Dashboards for TrueInformation & TrueAnalytics:
      • Extend TrueComp datamart
      • Pre-built reports for producers and internal staff
      • Pre-built Dashboards with Insurance KPIs, Alerts
    *Future Feature Future
  • Benefits to Callidus TrueProducer Plan Execute
    • Streamlined business process for On-Boarding new producers
    • Easily implement new hierarchies and payment schedules
    • Support for licensing process through Licensing Service Providers
    • Decrease cost of servicing distribution channel
    • Data integrity by enforcing data validation
    • Ensure valid credentials during Commission Calculation when using TrueComp
    • Notification and tracking of business processes and credentials
    • 360 degree view of all producer data:
      • - Demographics, Credentials, Contracts, Debt
    • Increase loyalty of independent and captive producers by improving the service provided
    • Analyze producer performance
    Visibility Planning Execution Producer Administration
  • Key Benefits 1.1 Import Stage tables and import scripts to import all reference data and relationships into TrueProducer Customization Workspace Ability to add and edit the labels displayed on the workspaces and ability to create, edit, and delete business units, processing units, lines of authority, and jurisdictions. New Database Platform Added DB2 database platform Line Of Authority Ability to track Multiple LOAs on a single state license
  • Customization
  • Lines of Authority
  • TrueProducer 5.2 - News
    • We now deliver the only Producer Administration solution that:
  • Key Benefits 5.2 Single On-boarding Enter producers and contracts into TrueProducer automatically in TrueComp Compensation Credential Checks Ability to write credential check rules in TrueComp MDLT Producer Comp Rules Ability to write comp rules against TrueProducer specific fields Ability to Pay Agency Added the ability to list the agency as the payee for the Agent
    • Business Object Access from TrueComp
      • Producers
      • Contracts
      • Schedules
      • Categories
    • Compensation Elements
      • Rate Schedules
      • Producer Attributes & Credentials
      • Contract Attributes
    • Compensation Processing
      • Classification
      • Credential Checks
      • Crediting
      • Payments
  • Producer Data Management TrueComp View Modify Delete Write Rules Query Participant Data    Producer Data   Results Data      TrueProducer View Modify Delete Write Rules Query Participant Data     Producer Data    
  • Contract Data Management Contracts can be assigned to a plan TrueComp View Modify Delete Write Rules Query Position Data    Contract Data   Results Data      TrueProducer View Modify Delete Write Rules Query Position Data     Contract Data    
  • Rate Schedule and MDLT Data Management Rate Schedules and MDLTs are the same table in the Callidus Database TrueComp View Modify Delete Write Rules Query XML Import/Export MDLT       TrueProducer View Modify Delete Write Rules Query XML Import/Export Rate Schedule      
  • Categories Data Management Categories are the same tables in the Callidus Database TrueComp/ TrueProducer View Modify Delete Write Rules Query XML Import/Export Categories      
  • Sample Formulas Example: Boolean Return Type Formula using Contract. Example: Currency Return Type Formula using Contract.*
    • Credential check compares mapping between Transaction Classifications and Producer’s Jurisdiction and Line of Authority
    • Mapping implemented via Credential MDLT
    • Example expression
      • CredentialExpressionMDLT(Transaction, Transaction) == 1
    Compensation Processing – Credential Checks Input Dimensions Integer Output (0 or 1) Product Category Geographic Category Credential Expression Fire FL ConvertBooleanToValue(Producer.Version(Transaction.PolicyDate).isAppointed(<LineOfAuthority JID=“FL”, LID=“Fire”>) Health MI ConvertBooleanToValue(Producer.Version(Transaction.PolicyDate).isAppointed(<LineOfAuthority JID=“MI”, LID=“Health”>) Health CA ConvertBooleanToValue(Producer.Version(Transaction.PolicyDate).isAppointed(<LineOfAuthority JID=“CA”, LID=“Health”>)
    • Scenario
      • External agents need payments calculated but payment goes to governing agency
    • Agency represented via ‘whoGetsPaid’ attribute on external agent Contract objects
    • Product Approach
      • Modify Payment export to output extra columns when writing out payments for Contracts
      • ExtraColumns include ‘whoGetsPaid’ Contract and Payee
    Compensation Processing – Payments
  • Callidus TrueProducer Demo
  • Questions