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Getting More Out Of Your Callidus TrueComp Datamart
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  • 1. Getting More out of Your TrueComp Datamart Casey Carrigan Ed Lang IT Manager System Manager
  • 2. Agenda
    • Information is Key
    • Embarq Architecture
    • TrueComp Datamart
    • Enable the End User ─ the Customer
    • Embarq Datamart Solution
    • The Benefit
    • Thank you for Your Time
  • 3. Information is KEY
      • At Embarq, our mission is to be recognized as the first choice to serve the total communications needs of customers in our local service territories.
      • The Embarq IT team partners with the business units to deliver information via established reports in TrueInformation:
      • Daily sales results
      • Individual and Group performance against monthly quota
      • Business needs are always changing when it comes to the information required to make decisions and be successful . This is where things can get complicated… and a little bit expensive
      • In this presentation, we are going to explain how Embarq IT addresses the business needs for more sales information :
      • Ad-Hoc reporting requests
      • Deliver new capabilities and enhancements via Projects
  • 4. Embarq Architecture EQ Administration, Reference and Transaction Data Daily/Weekly/Monthly Feeds
  • 5. TrueComp Datamart
    • The TrueComp Datamart is a reporting repository from which pipeline results data and TrueComp reference data have been consolidated and made available for reporting purposes.
    • TrueComp Datamart streamlines the time it takes for reports to be generated after a pipeline run. It also reduces the demands placed on the TrueComp Repository.
    • Table Structure and queries for obtaining data from the TrueComp Datamart can be complex for non-IT users
  • 6. It can be a bit Overwhelming I need a new report! Where is my data??? Deliver the project on time! I forgot to add this request...
  • 7. Requests… It All Adds Up
    • On average…
      • Embarq IT receives 15-30 ad hoc reporting requests a month from a single business unit
      • Each request takes 2 hours to complete
    • 1 Team + 2 business instances to support =
    • Double the Requests
    • Double the Time
    • Double the Cost
  • 8. There’s Got to be an Easier Way.
    • With most reporting needs shouldered by IT, an unfortunate tension is created between current needs and long term development.
    • Furthermore, by relegating the business to a role that only provides requirements and has no tangible part in the solution, IT becomes a ‘scapegoat’ for slow response times.
    • But most importantly, using our highly skilled production support and IT resources to develop regular, even frequent, ad hoc reporting in support of the business’ daily changing needs is expensive.
  • 9. Enable the End User – the Customer
    • Problem Statement:
      • Table structure and queries for obtaining data from the TrueComp Datamart can be complex for non-IT users
      • There is no ODS function that effectively consolidates data in such a fashion that makes it easy for users to gather data
    • Solution:
      • Create an operational data store (ODS) that enables the business to confidently capitalize on their information at a lower cost as well as support the need for near real time, operational, integrated, collective information
      • Establish standard queries to enable user to pull data
      • Educate!
  • 10. Embarq Architecture EQ Administration, Reference and Transaction Data Daily/Weekly/Monthly Feeds EQ Datamart PL/SQL
  • 11. Embarq Datamart Solution
    • Accessible through any SQL solution.
    • Also accessible through MSAccess ODBC for Oracle links
  • 12. Embarq Datamart Solution cont…
    • Note that queries written in SQL can be altered to SQL for MSAccess for easy communication in email or IM.
    • There are few differences between SQL and SQL for MS Access.
      • Queries end with a :
      • Date formatting
      • And use of “ instead of “
  • 13. The Benefit
    • Reports eliminated
      • Do not have to initiate IT projects to add reports that are used by few resources
    • Ad hoc requests reduced
      • Allowing the IT and Business teams to focus on new capabilities as well as project enhancements
    • Business and IT relationships improved
      • Proper focus on key strengths supports a more amiable working environment.
    • IT cost savings associated with moving reporting requests from billable IT hours to internal departmental costs associated with FIS and Operations teams.
  • 14. Thank you for your time