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True Token: portfolio


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About us …

About us
Our activities, clients and projects

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  • 1. About us Our company consists of professionals that have more than 7 years of experience in game development. We offer a wide range of services in game development industry: HTML5, Social, Browser games. Lately our main focus has become highly productive HTML5 browser games for mobile platforms, as a universal solution for market. We work with world’s leading game publishers, portals and brands. Our Clients
  • 2. Squire is an innovative HTML5 gaming framework developed by TrueToken company. Its main goal is to provide game developers with fast and easy tools in creating cross-platform HTML5 browser games for mobile platforms. Squire framework has: • Encapsulation of cross-browser solutions • Habitual architecture for Flash-developers • Plug-in oriented structure • Tweens • Masks • Multiple rendering modes (Canvas, DOM) • More than 60 released games Squire runs on following browsers and platforms:
  • 3. Main advantages: 1. The architecture of the framework is based on the ideology of Flash platform and in many ways copies the approach to application building, that creates conditions for more comfortable adoption of it by the army of flash-developers who in a varying degree are now thinking of the platform change. 2. Our framework provides high productivity that is reached thanks to a series of tricks. On devices like iPhone 3G the productivity reaches 20-30 fps, thereby ruining the myth, that still HTML5 is a bad decision for game creation for mobile devices. 3. The framework does all the job with any number of graphic packages and supports any scaling, thus allowing developers creating games for necessary number of devices with different screen resolution without worrying about fragmentation of mobile devices market (that is especially topical for creating games for Android devices) 4. Due to modality and event system, our product supports creation of any plug-ins, that can both increase the functionality of basic framework classes and create new solutions for increasing framework functionality.
  • 4. Portfolio
  • 5. Treasures of Montezuma 3 Client: Alawar
  • 6. Archer’s Duty Client: Spil Games
  • 7. Skeleton Launcher Client: Spil Games
  • 8. Iron Overlord Client: Alawar
  • 9. Unfreeze Penguins Available for non-exclusive license
  • 10. Hunter Willie Available for non-exclusive license
  • 11. Contact us Alexander Gorodenchuk СЕО Skype: liksar3 Olga Khomenko Project Manager Skype: xoxomikadze Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Pavlovska, 29 phone.: +38 063-218-86-40
  • 12. Thank you for attention!