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What Are You Sponsoring?


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Sponsoring Diversity is great, but do your homework. Are you sponsoring a cover up, an Advocate or simply looking for a smoke screen to ease the impact of impending litigation? Violence against Women …

Sponsoring Diversity is great, but do your homework. Are you sponsoring a cover up, an Advocate or simply looking for a smoke screen to ease the impact of impending litigation? Violence against Women is an issue worldwide. Silence equals an endorsement of bad behavior. Are you sponsoring a false advocate? You might be harming someone who cannot fight back. Please educate yourself on this topic.

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  • Since posting on the 'Real Women Truckers' fan page on facebook about an abandoned female student from CR England , the Organization called 'Women In Trucking sold a sponsorship to CR England.

    Are we to believe that by doing this that CR England will no longer commit driver abuse? According to some current Male drivers the abuse is still occuring as of last week.

    How does sponsoring WIT help Women at CR England? These would be Women who are brand new to trucking and know absolutley nothing about this industry.

    Does it give them a voice? Or does it silence them further when the WIT stamp of approval is branded upon the CR England site along with the Smart Way EPA Partnership logo, which is also being misused.
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  • 1. Conflict s of Interest with regard toWomen entering trucking can result in violence, & abuse. Does your organization support this? Issue: WomenTruckers ( especially those who are just entering the industry) are currently being exposed to both systemic and sporadic abuse which is not being admitted or addressed in any meaningful or constructive manner despite increased recruitment. Objective: •To raise this issue to the attention of those in all areas of transportation & logistics community. •Insure the truth is told by helping to better track/report incidents •Expose to the public the unethical conduct until the systemic changes to rectify the above issues so they will stop.
  • 2. A Day in the Life of a LadyTrucker In 2008, I began exposing harassment & retaliation in truck driver training through a series of posts which became a series of Investigative Reports by Dan Rather
  • 3. Membership Revoked for Speaking Out on Violence & Retaliation • I joined the non-profit organization “Women inTrucking” in early 2008. •I was verbally attacked, cyber stalked and later had my membership revoked for speaking out on harassment, violence and retaliation aimed at women entering the trucking industry. •The same organization that denied such a problem existed promptly moved to benefit by presenting themselves as advocates following the Dan Rather broadcasts •President, EllenVoie went on to consult with a Private Investigator in an attempt to intimidate me when I persisted in exposing what was learning about this issue. Support from Women inTrucking
  • 4. Misleading advertisements targeted at Women create an irresponsible image of WomenTruckers Targeted Recruitment of Women to enter trucking has grown to a rate of 18% - 20% YET, Retention remains low at 5%-6%. Little if any conduct training is provided at training carriers despite a highly intense, intimate living situations in which truck drivers are expected to learn with no supervision. Women trainees, and sometimes Men are subjected to sexual misconduct, violent situations and in some cases rape during their training period. Retaliation by HR Personnel, Management and other Industry entities is frequent for reporting abuse. Abusers are often protected while victims are eliminated from industry using DAC abuse and humiliation
  • 5. EllenVoie has established herself as an accommodating corporate apologist for offensives carriers rather than for the women who are behind the wheel , OR who aspire to become professional drivers. August 2009, President EllenVoie of “Women inTrucking” eagerly agreed to be filmed for a workplace bullying documentary called “Raw Sound Bytes from aTrucking Convention”. In the segment she states that she has only heard the carrier CRST’s side of the story in the massive sexual harassment case.This was untrue ,Tracy Livingston (Tuttle) , former student ,trainer at CRST and one of the plaintiff’s in the suit attempted to tell Ellen her story. Ellen abruptly ended the phone conversation. Ellen also stated in the documentary “…that the women ( who alleged sexual harassment at CRST) just wanted to be part of a lawsuit…” . Voie’s advice to a woman who has been harmed during truck driver training is to contact the Human Resource department or EEOC, yet she says in the same segment the EEOC was the problem in the CRST case.Voie has been advised as early as 2008 that there are barriers and filters in trucking human resource departments that make access for victims to report abuse problematic. CRSTVan Expedited is a corporate sponsor of the Women inTrucking. In a 32 questionQ & A with EllenVoie regarding the unfortunate and uncaring remarks made aboutWomen truckers byVoie in the documentary, then Director Marge Bailey, stated that “Women inTrucking” “is not” an advocacy group for drivers, later she retracted this statement.
  • 6. Tale of theTape  Voie is made aware a Female CR England Student Has Been Abandoned After Sexual Misconduct.  Voie is made aware that a female trucking student has been discriminated against during training and will file a lawsuit. Voie is asked to testify for Plaintiff (female truck driving student) ActionTaken byVoieOpportunity to HELP Women  Solicits sponsorship from the carrier and never attempts to make contact with the woman who was attempting to salvage her poor training experience to become a professional driver.  Voie testifies on behalf of the carrier instead rather than for the female student . In her “expert” testimony Voie admits sexual misconduct is an issue in entry level driver training , but she goes on to say that the carrier is reasonable to separate genders during training for safety.This is a violation ofTitle VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • 7. Covering up for Abusive Carriers is not Advocacy! Since 2008, EllenVoie was offered free ideas for solutions to the complex issues in entry level driver training.This information was provided to her by actual women truckers who believed she would help lead a charge. No public document has ever been published.Only an “Anti- Harassment” document available to top paying sponsors. Voie assembled women truckers for a photograph in 2010 under the pretense that she was attempting to break to Guinness world record.The event did not attempt to collect proper documentation for such a record according to Guinness.The photograph has been used often for the purpose to increase donor dollars. Many of the women assembled for the picture not because they were WIT members, some were not even truck drivers.They just thought they were going to be in Guinness.
  • 8. WhyWouldYou Report Sexual Misconduct to an Organization that has a history of advocating for the corporate partners rather than theWomen who are in distress? One of the suggestionsVoie was given fromWomenTruckers was that there was a need for a neutral 3rd party driver crisis hotline. In 2011 - 2012,Voie submitted an application for a $161,000 federal grant for “The Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Assault for CDL Holders:The development of Online Support Services” to be funded by “Commercial Driver’s Program Improvement”,The offering agency Department ofTransportation/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Voie’s issue statement for the grant details her knowledge that sexual misconduct, rape and violence toward women who work as truck drivers is an issue. She does not state that the most frequent reports of this conduct is reported about some of her corporate supporters that she refuses to drop.
  • 9. PortrayingWomenTruckers as “Party Girls” jeopardizes personal safety in an industry that provides little supervision yet requires super intense training environments where mixed genders are expect to live & work together Women InTrucking Association, a non-profit organization of Plover, Wisconsin was established to encourage the employment of Women into the trucking industry, this includes women truckers. Women InTrucking Organization should not be a watchdog for tracking or addressing these issues of abuse & retaliation because it is a conflict of interest. Raising/Admitting these issues and incidents exist in significant numbers counters the goal to paint a rosy picture on Women in trucking to keep the new recruits coming. In 2010, the Women inTrucking association held a tattoo party at a trucking convention rather use the venue to speak out on issues affecting women entering trucking. What message does this send?
  • 10. Sponsors may not understand that ongoing conflicts of interest hurt women, especially women truckers and those attempting to enter the industry. FemaleTruck driving trainees are being targeted for recruitment with a complete disregard for their personal safety. Retaliation from carriers, false DAC reporting through “Un-hireable ” references effectively eliminate qualified WomenTruckers from the industry who have reported abuse. As this issue is exposed and diversity becomes more of a topic, it is only natural that potential sponsors will look to associations to clarify their intentions but DOYOUR HOMEWORK! IT IS DANGEROUS FOR DISENFRANCHISED WOMEN WHEN THE “ADVOCATE” IS REALLY JUST GROOMED FOR OFFENSIVE CORPORATE ENTITIES, AreYou Part ofThat? Sponsoring a “FEEL GOOD” organization may actually be harming someone.
  • 11. MAN UP! Women are regularly thrown off trucks, abused, beat up and even raped during training. DOESYOUR ORGANIZATION SUPPORTTHIS? Do you understand “WhereTruck Drivers Come From?” LEARN about the practices at Entry Level DriverTraining Carriers who are supposed to be producing “QualifiedTruck Drivers” Please educate yourself BEFORE you sponsor a “FEEL GOOD” Organization. DO NOT CONTRACT WITHTRUCK DRIVERTRAINING FLEETS WHO DO NOT PROVIDE CONDUCT TRAININGAND EMPLOY ETHICALTRAINING FOR MEN & WOMEN
  • 12. “REAL Women InTrucking was created to provide free self help tools forWomen entering the industry so they can protect themselves during entry-level truck driver training” We understand the deliberate confusion created byWIT to financially benefit from what we worked hard to expose to them for the purpose of improving conditions. It’s never too late to get educated on the truth. Violence againstWomen in and around the trucking industry is an issue that needs to be addressed. HelpWomen be successful as truck drivers by helping to rectify the silent abuse which are obstacles in truck driver training. Please think carefully about where you permit your sponsorship logo to appear. FLASHY does not mean there are measurable achievements for the women behind the wheel. RECOGNIZE the MONEY GRAB, Support an Advocate REAL improvements
  • 13. For more information contact: DesireeWood (561) 232 - 9170 P.O. Box 1051 LakeWorth, Florida 33460