2010-06-02 KEY 53 english edition - TRON : PARADISE BIRDS THEATER


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Text and many photos of performances of HOW TO BECOME A PARADISE BIRD, in Europa, Africa, Asia, Polynesia
For the dance videos consult also tronoriatadominique.over-blog.com

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2010-06-02 KEY 53 english edition - TRON : PARADISE BIRDS THEATER

  1. 1. 2010-3-2 edition.Drawings and poetry by Dominique Oriata TRON . Nearly all the photos has been taken during performances of this play by the Eden Duo in France and India, by the "3rd millenium" workshop in Polynesia, or in Africa by Nim & Dom (Nimozette Filola NZOKE and myself) . Names of the performers are mentionned in the Key 17 in french , available in <www.slideshare/TronOriataDominique>. Watch these performers in the Keys 2,4,5,7,8,29,36,37,41 available in video on <tronoriatadominique.over-blog.com>.You can download, free of charge, our dance vidéos, some are with english subtitles .You may write to us for any cooperation (translations, advices, visas in India, Europe or others countries...) .From the middle of December 2009 we have not been able to open our yahoo mail box, we don't know why. So our present mail adress is <tron.dominique@gmail> .Please check on <tronoriatadominique.over-blog.com> if this adress is still working. On the first screen of this blog, we are mentionning new information and publications. Any letter will reach us if you write to A/C 410 SANT FRANCESC- 07860 FORMENTERA- SANT FRANCESC- BALEARES- SPAIN. Some Dominique Oriata TRON paintings can be bought in Polynesia , in Huahine island (Puvaivai shop), in Moorea (Bamboo shop, in Maharepa ; Tikinet, in Haapiti; and in Tila house, PK 13,5 Maatea).Writings in spanish, french, tamil and tahitian are freely available non our blogs, and printed books with other writings and photos are available in internet bookshops.
  2. 2. * "HOW TO BECOME A PARADISE BIRD" KEY 53 * Dominique Oriata TRON short biography : __ Birth in 1950 from a pianist mother, in Bin-el-Ouidane, then 8 years in Morocco (Afourer, Agadir, Casablanca) 14 years studies in France (school, university and dance studies with mainly Roger Ribes , trained in Jerome Andrews ballet style) . I published there 7 books, poetry and theater (some given to study in Universities and at the french "baccalaureat" written examination). I got in Paris a MA on the subject "Painting and Litterature", and a PhD in Theatral Studies . As a student then as an artist, I got grant from French, Indonesian and Indian Ministries, and from the New York University. 3 years studies in Bali (mainly with Pak Lemping and Pak Geruh) . I was performing in temples as a dancer and musician. 7 years in India for studies ( from Anuben Purani , Sri Kothandaraman, and Mahalingam who gave his caution for visa) . I was giving dance classes in the French College of Pondichery, at Serenity School (Sri Aurobindo Society), Fraternity School (Auroville) and Aurobeach (now Quiet). 2 years again in France for a dance tour (Eden Duo). In the same time, I am employed as animator by the Marseille "Théâtre Equestre" , and I was playing and directing the live music of its performances. 22 years in French Polynesia. There I gave dance classes in town, and was in charge of the theater workshops in the La Mennais high school, and I have present my paintings in some galleries. I have often put on stage the tale of the Paradise Birds, but also plays of Moliere,Marivaux, Ionesco, Tardieu. Then I have retired with a teacher monthly pension. 2 weeks in America, 2 years in Formentera island (Spain), 6 monthes again in India. I have bought two grounds and built two houses, one in Formentera, and one in Tamil Nadu. From the beginning of 2009, I am in Cameroon, invited by Nimozette Filola NZOKE . It happens that some people are using my name to sign their own commentaries on the net. For verification or other matters, you may contact us.
  3. 3. * CLE 53-1 English version for the stage. You can train simply to sing it, as it comes. ( later I shall put this words in subtitles for Key 7, but they are already available in key 41; on< www.youTube - TronOriataDominique >. ) More information will be found on <tronoriatadominique.over-blog.com> Here you will find the first section of the Key 53 . For the others sections, please consult the presentations and the documents published on <www.slideshare.net/TronOriataDominique> *
  4. 4. ON THE AETOERAW ISLAND I Once upon a time, on the Santoch planet there was an island called Aetoeraw ... *
  5. 5. ...and, on this island, grew an immense forest , where the small sprouts were becoming large trees, where creepers were climbing... * *
  6. 6. Aimeho island , Polynesia
  7. 7. Across the forest, a torrent was flowing with ponds of quiet water at the foot of the waterfalls...
  8. 8. From a far distance,an elephant is comining to quench his thirst Then he withdraws in the deepness of the forest... "-Kiu !" Do you hear ? Do you hear ?
  9. 9. The bird of paradise is flying down from the sky And he is lighting a fire on a stone in the middle of the torrent
  10. 10. But... What is he seeing, hidden among the grass, on the bank ? A frog who wants to become a woman is jumping and wandering... her wet eyes are looking for the fire that could transform her ! Suddenly her hand grazes a flame She jumps back, alittle burnt.
  11. 11. "You are looking sad" says the bird "Shake your head and smile... Plundge in the fire of Love, and become a woman ! Your name will be Nanihi !"
  12. 12. So she jumps , and is reborn on the enchanted stone ! Her breath has the color of the forest "O beautiful bird ", she sings "come and sit down on my wrist ! I want to see you face to face ... You have created me... I am yours... Please come back ! If not, I shall follow you ..."
  13. 13. "New born woman", answers the bird "Follow this stream ! One day you will find the man I shall create for you !" And she follows the fresh waters of the torrent And finally she reaches the lake of Love where a giant lotus is shivering in the breeze...
  14. 14. A bee comes around and flies away again.
  15. 15. Fishes are whirling around in the transparent morning and Nanihi wants to breath the perfume She hoists herself up on the flower and suddenly she plunges into the water and swims, and dances, floating very lightly, and dreams of the eyes of a man in the forest longing for her Love
  16. 16. * II "Kioo ! Kioo ! " Upstream of the torrent, the bird of Love is singing upon his fire on the stone ! Suddenly a doe appears and approaches
  17. 17. and drinks the water ... then escapes, afraid by the smell of a tiger !
  18. 18. Now the tiger advances on the torrent bank he hears the song of the bird... he stops, and watches ! His eyes are lightning in the shade !
  19. 19. The bird is singing : "I am the Phoenix, look at this fire ! Throw yourself with claws and teeth in this fire If youwant to be reborn in Love !"
  20. 20. The tiger is charmed. He waits for the moment where the bird will come nearer, so he will jump at him. He dreams of seizing his colours, his song, to devour them ! The tiger answers : "Beautiful bird, please teach me the secret of perpetual youth ...Please come near ... I am so lonely !" And the bird sings : you have to jump across these waters, and to burn in the fire of knowledge and Love ! You have to surrender ! Throw yourselfin this fire with claws and teeths, and you will be reborn as a man ! And you will met the wonder of a woman ! But promise : You will never hunt the birds again !"
  21. 21. Suddenly a monkey appears, joyful, from the high branches, attracted by the fire. He has not seen the tiger yet. He contemplates the fire ! But the tiger forgets the song, and jumps to catch the monkey ! He jumps, and jumps !
  22. 22. But the monkey escapes, and takes refuge in the fire ! And finally is reborn as a man ! The phoenix sings : "Your name will be Oriata !". The tiger escapes, terrified.
  23. 23. * III
  24. 24. A man is born . He opens his eyes. He sees a butterfly caught in a spider web. Oriata saves the butterfly. He follows him. And the butterfly is dancing with his colored wings. He dances around the flower, drinks the nectar of joy !
  25. 25. Suddenly a breeze is blowing, pushing the butterfly up to a bud, and there he breathes the perfume, and goes dancing in the forest, guiding Oriata until he reaches the lake !
  26. 26. Nanihi is waiting. She does not see him. She sings : "Perhaps it is the wind shivering among the leaves ?" Oriata contemplates Nanihi from a distance . He plays with a piece of reed. He thraws the reed towards the sun, catch it again, and blows it, and dances, dances, dances ! Nanihi has discovered him now; And now they are very close to each other. "- I love you ! - I love you !"
  27. 27. * IV "- Kioo! - Kioo !" Now the squeal of the bird spreads its echo in he forest. Oriata and Nanihi follow him along the torrent. The torrent is running now in a deep canyon. And suddenly, the ground is trembling. Huge stoges are falling on the slopes. We have to withdraw, and advance again . And sometimes we have to hang ourselves to the creepers on the trees, never forgetting the Phoenix squeal in the sky ! "-Sfsssss ! Sfsssss ! Fsssss ! "
  28. 28. Then downstream a very huge serpent is roaring and dancing. Its breath has been spreading a deep smoke on the waters. The fishes and the leaves of the trees have been dying, and Oriata sings : "Please, allow us to proceed your home !" The great snake answers : -See this old skin ! Show me your respect !" The lovers are trying now to hide themselves in the skin. But the skin is too big and heavy. They finally give up. And Nanihi sings : "- Please, allow us to pass your home !" The snake answers : "-You, the man, you can escape as a monkey from branch to branch ! But you, woman, I love you so much ... You will be my evening meal !"
  29. 29. "-Kioo !" High above the canyon, in the sky, the bird of Love is dancing in the rays of Eternity ! Now he plunges in the sun, and there creates a magic mirror ! With his beak, he throws it in the direction of the lovers ! Nanihi has received it. She contemplates herself, and lights a star in her head. Oriata admires her beauty, then he is inspired. He takes the mirror in his hand. He turns it towards the monster. The snake is afraid by its own image, and withdraws.
  30. 30. "- Kioo !" The bird sings : "- Lovers, you have to master the serpent, and to dance on his head!" They attack him.
  31. 31. The snake asks for pity : " -Paradise Bird ! Please give me new birth in true beauty !" The phoenix says : " - If you want to be reborn, o snake, you have to burn in the magic ray ... The ray I throw in the mirror" And the snake is now burning. His tail becomes a small lizard. His head becomes a cow. And his body is swallowed by the fire. Only a wave remains.
  32. 32. And then a child appears. The child is crying. The lovers adopt it. He smiles ... "-Your name will be Hamsadea ! Kioo ! "
  33. 33. "Kioo ! Kioo !" The phoenix is calling the lovers. And they follow him along the river, until they arrive at the sea. A crocodile is hunting a fish. His tail is quivering. He jumps. he fish escapes and disappears in the water.
  34. 34. The wave now are rushing towards the sky. And scatter themselves on the beach. The fish jumps towards the sun. The air is transparent. On the sand, crabs leave their holes. They are dancing sliding to the side. Sometimes they hook themselves and fight, and separate again. The sea offers a conch. O my love, blow in this conch... And on this land we have spread seeds ... With stones and branches we have built a hut. And seasons passed by,
  35. 35. until the time of harvest.
  36. 36. * V Then one morning the child wakes up among the green grass. And near to him, he finds the lizard, his brother jumping, jumping from stone to stone, then again immobile under the sun. The child is singing : " Why, my brother, are you jumping so high ?" And Moo-iti the lizard answers : " - I want to become a bird, a bird of Paradise. I am training". Hamsadea the child is singing : " - Where is this bird of your dreams ?
  37. 37. I want to see him, to know him. He will tell me my destiny. To him I want to give my life... Why am I born under this sun ?"
  38. 38. "Kioo ! Kioo ! Listen to the song of the bird of love ! He is just a little above your head ! You did not even notice his flight ! My nest is near to you. But every year I have to go beyond the forest on the top of the mountain. I have to meet all the women and all the men which have received mirrors from me ... Kioo !" The child answers : "O phoenix my master ! I have heard your song now... I want to become a paradise bird, just like you ...
  39. 39. That is my only goal ! Let me sit on your neck ! Bring me up to the sky ! What happens in the blue ? What happens in the heart of the Sun ? Take my life, and teach me your flight beyond the death ! I shall follow your path ! I shall follow your path ! "-Kioo !" Now the bird is flying very high among the clouds. Hamsadea the child jumps from stone to stone. The shade of the immortal wings is sliding on the slopes. Hamsadea is running in the forest, climbing the hills. And now the night has come... He is lost, exhausted. He falls on the ground and sleeps.
  40. 40. The next morning, he wakes up alone and crys : "O Phoenix, where are you ? I am lost ! Lost in the forest ! Where have you gone ?" Then the winds are blowing, and the child sings : "I remember ! You are going to the mountain ! Life is a dance on such a path ! My heart is full of peace !" The he arrives to an empty village. He goes to drink at the fountain. And suddenly he hears shouting, and sees brigands. He hides himself behind a tree !
  41. 41. The robbers are now assembled. They are laughing and singing : "Let us celebrate the Paradise Bird ! He has invited all the villagers on the top of the mountain ! So thanks to him, because today everything in this village is our treasure !"
  42. 42. Hamsadea the child finally withdraws to the forest. Then he runs towards the top of the mountain ! As an arrow, pushed by a magic force ! He wants to help the villagers assembled near the Phoenix, in memory of Love ! And now he sees the bird flying upon the top, and all men and the women, and the children assembled around him ! They all hold in their hands the magic mirrors given to them by the Phoenix. They throw rays of light in the sky, all in one direction : the bird, always moving. They try to destroy him with their magic thunder,
  43. 43. but the bird sings : "Kioo! People of Santochan, why are you not satisfied with the Paradise of Love ? You want to destroy me ... hat is impossible ! You don't want my presence anymore...
  44. 44. so I shall fly to another planet. But if one of you wants to become a bird of Paradise today, and take my place on your planet he has to jump in the fire, the fire you have lit in the sky with the rays of your magic mirrors !" Hamsadea the child is immediatly running. And he jumps ! His humble desire is so great that he finds all the forces he needs. And now he burns in the Divine fire, and appears as a new Paradise Bird with new wings. Wings of knowledge and Love !
  45. 45. Now he wants to follow his master, the Phoenix, across the stars ... The Phoenix suddenly stops his flight and says : "Hamsadea, you have yourself become a Paradise bird now. But don't follow me for the moment ! You have to go back to your brother, the lizard. You have to go back to the lovers which had adopted you. And near the cow your sister . They need your presence and love !" Hamsadea answers: " - O Phoenix, my master... I am a paradise bird and a student of God !
  46. 46. Please give me the power of invisibility !" And the Phoenix gives to him this power. So Hamsadea went back on the island and was hiding, invisible. He was seeing people destroying nature and themselves , in his name. But also there were some women and men singing and dancing and making love in his name... All their actions were a praying, a humble surrender to love and knowledge.
  47. 47. * VI And year after year the sea breeze was caressing the island of paradise ! But one morning Oriata and Nanihi saw on the lagoon a group of sharks with silver fins. And Nanihi said : " - Our child Hamsadea has disappeared. And the Paradise Bird seems now to be most of the time invisible... Please bring to me the silver of one of these sharks "
  48. 48. Oriata said : I have nothing to refuse you, and I shall catch one for you !". But when he was hunting on the lagoon, an heavy storm started. Oriata's canoe was destroyed on the reef. And the storm took away Nanihi from the Santochan planet.
  49. 49. When Oriata succeed to reach the shore, all was destroyed. And Nanihi was absent. Oriata started to cry, then to search for Nanihi, for months on all of the island. Finally the paradise bird appears one day to him and says : "Kioo ! Don't cry, Oriata.... Your beloved Nanihi is waiting for you. She is now captive on Avidya planet. She is in the palace of Lasem, the prime minister. Lasem, long ago, saw Nanihi in his crystal bowl,
  50. 50. and he created the storm which has took her away from you ! Don't cry now... Life is an offering of joy. You have to build an invincible inner peace ! I have seen Nanihi... A pilot from Avidya army has followed me up to this island... Go this direction ... You will find the rocket ship which will bring you to the Avidya planet. But, be careful, don't reveal the goal of your trip ! Kioo !" Oriata walked a long time in the forest.
  51. 51. Then suddenly he met Maltor, the Avidya pilot, who said : "- Hey ! you ! I am in search of a rare bird, a bird able to cross infinite space and to change at will his size... A bird with plenty of coulours ! I have followed him to this planet. Have you seen him ?" Oriata answers : "- There are so many wonderful birds on the island that I am afraid you cannot recognize the one you search... But how I would be happy to visit the Universe on your rocket ship !" Maltor, the pilot, says : " - OK, you can board !".
  52. 52. And he thinks : "I shall sell this animal as a slave to the Oteoteo palace guards ..."
  53. 53. Then they fled to Avidya planet, and they landed in the Oteoteo palace gardens. Oriata was sold as a slave. But he was thanking the sky for being so near to Nanihi for whom he was always searching .... Suddenly, he hides himself behind a bush in the royal park, as the prime minister Lasem was coming, escorted by Tummengung, minister of the war, and Demang, minister for culture and education. *
  54. 54. VII
  55. 55. L1 = 1st leitmotive = Tummengung : " - All the planets are ours !" ; Demang : "The sky is veiled by heavy clouds..." ; Tummengung : "It will rain !" L2 = 2nd leitmotive = " Tummengung :" - Let us fight the thunder !"; Demang : And we shall be the gods of the Universe !"; Tummengung : "- It is too late ! " L3= Tummengung : " - Forward ! Forward ! " ; Demang : "- Let us enlarge Avidya rule ..." ; Tummengung : "- For our children !"
  56. 56. Demang (he laughts with a small voice) : " -moaaaaaaah !" Tummengung (he laughts louder) : " - MOAAAAAAH ! My friend, my friend !" Demang: " - Brother ! Brother !" Tummengung : " - Keep yourself near me!" Demang : " - I am very near, don't worry !" L1, then ... Tummengung : "- Did you take your oath ?" Demang : " - In front of King Oteoteo, every morning !" Tummengung : " - What about Morjine, our higher priestess ?" Demang : "- For her I have slain goats alive !" L2, then Demang & Tummengung : Uh.... Aargh ! L4= 4th leitmotive = Tummengung : - Enough !" ; Demang : " -More ! " ; Tummengung : " -MOAAAAAH ! " ; Demang : "- Moaaaaaah!" Demang & Tummengung : " - Uuuuuuuuuh !" Tummengung : " - Vizir !" Demang : "- Explain to us !" Lasem : "- Well, go on ! We are in the wind of History... Scolars of earth plant are teaching that in their universities !" Tummengung : " - Truth !" Demang : "- Justice!"
  57. 57. Lasem : Well, go on ! Selfish people from Santochan planet are already escaping to the inner spaces ! L3, then Tummengung : " -My friend, my friend !" Demang : " - Brother ! Brother !" Tummengung : " - May our blood multiply !" Demang : "- May your dreams be accomplished !" L1, then Tummengung : "- I shall go towards the people !" Demang : "- And what is your messge ?" Tmmengung : " - Our traditions are truly holy !" Demang: "- All universe belongs to Morjine !" Tummengung : " -Down, immoral people of Santochan !" Demang : " - Let us destroy them !" Tummengung : "-Let us smash them !" Demang & Tummengung : "- Hey ! uuuuuuh ! L4, then Tummengung : "- My friend, my friend !" Demang : "- Brother, brother !" Tummengung : " -Do you fear death ?" Demang : " Life is a court case ! Hey !" Tummengung : " - Ah ! So wise are our people !" Demang : "- We have to free them !" Tummengung :" - Awake ! Dignity !" Demang : "- Justice !" Tummengung : "- All against poverty ! Demang & Tummengung : "- Uuuuuuuh!"
  58. 58. L4, then Tummengung : " -A shirt for each human !" Demang: "- That is respect ! That is respect !" Tummengung : "-Air conditionning for everyone !" Demang : " That is true health ! That is true ealth !" Tummengung : " - Down with poverty !" Demang & Tummengung :"- Uuuuuuh !" L4, then Demang & Tummengung : " - Hieyyyyy....Uuuuuuh !" Tummengung : " - Lasem ! Is the trap perfect now ?" Lasem : " - Your satisfaction is too visible... If you want our slaves to give their lives for our cause, please awake the spirits of revenge, hypnotize intelligence ! Now, I see that guards are bringing the princess Nanihi up to here... You can leave !" L3, then * VIII
  59. 59. Lasem : " - Nanihi, I love you and I want to protect you. Why do you resist me ?" Nanihi : "- Please, let me find Oriata. Let me escape from this unhappy planet ..." Lasem: " - Nanihi ! it is too late ! Our people are asking for your execution on the altar of Morjine, in order to bless tomorrows fight" Nanihi : " - What is the use of conquering the paradise if it is to transform it into a hell ?" Lasem : "- Avidya is overpopulated .
  60. 60. Santochan is nearly desert. And don't tell me that people there are satisfied ! Our women are prolific. Don't be selfish... If you agree to cooperate, emperor Oteoto will declare us prince and princess of Santochan ! And we shall guide our people..." Nanihi : "- Please love women who go freely to you... Let the one who does not enjoy your palace jail fly away !" Lasem : "- Nanihi, I recognize that I have been wrong. But now it is too late ... If I free you, I shall be accused of treason ! I shall be killed myself on the Morjine's altar ! Nanihi: " No ! Everyone will be astonished by your boldness ! Everyone will think that you are supported by a strong magic... The magic of Love !" And Nanihi dances and sings. Lasem contemplates her, and says : "- Guards ! please seize the princess of Santochan ! Tie her to this tree ! I fear she knows a magical dance... I fear she will succeed in escaping by the sky !" Now the guards in the palace park have chained Nanihi to a tree's trunk . And Lasem is kneeling in front of her : Lasem: "- Nanihi, I love you, and I want to keep you ! Please don't resist me..." Then they listen to the far shouts of emperor Oteoteo himself L5=5th leitmotive = Oteoteo : " - Pu ! Yay! Hia! Hia! Kayen !
  61. 61. Lasem : " -I heard now that our master is coming for a visit ... Please, Nanihi, meditate usefully !" * IX
  62. 62. And now Oteoteo is roaring very strongly, singing and laughing and dancing... Oteoteo : "- Lasem! Lasem!" Lasem : " - I am here, emperor, lawful heir, conquistador of the Universe !" Oteoteo :" - Please, criticize me !" Lasem : " All your actions are perfect ! Go on !" L5, then Oteoteo : "- Potet ! Potet!
  63. 63. Always late, this one ! Potet : "- I am here, emperor, ready to die for he ideal ! Oteoteo : "- Down! Up ! Go right ! Left ! Potet, do you know where is the right, where is the left ? You have to study, to concentrate a lot if you want to fulfill your mission fairly" In fact right side for Potet is left side for Oteoteo. But now Oteoteo has the power, He is deciding of the words meaning.
  64. 64. So Potet answers : "- Sorry, imperator ... I go straight to the meditation corner, and learn ! Sorry ! Mercy !" L5 then Oteoteo : "- Lasem! Are people confident in themselves ?" Lasem : "-At your call, three millions volunteers have engaged themselves for the fight !" Oteoteo : " - Do I sometimes make mistakes ?" Lasem : " - You are our chief , our example, you never make any mistake !" L5, then Oteoteo : " - Ah Lasem... You know that great spiritual perfection is my goal ! Without this mission, how could I accept the empire's burden ? Potet ! Potet ! Potet : " - I am here, great king, ready to die for the ideal !" Oteoteo : " - Down ! Up ! Left ! Right ! Back ! Front ! Potet, you improve quickly ! To the ground ! Under the ground ! " Potet does not know what to do . So he scratches the ground with hi finger-nails, and Oteoteo laughts. But now Potet has learned to go back when his master asks to go front . So Oteoteo is very joyful and satisfied.
  65. 65. L6= Oteoteo :" - MoaaAAAaah !" Oteoteo : " - Potet, I admire your humility !" Potet : "- Mercy, chief !" L5, then Oteoteo : "- What a genial idea that we get this battalion of kamikaze pilots... There we see the strenght of our race which does not fear death ! What a noble suicide that the suicide of these fighters with crystal harts ! Lasem ! Have you baffled all evil plots ?" Lasem : " - Your opponents and their families have been all eradicated !" L5, then Oteoteo : "- Do others planet's chiefs know our plan ?"
  66. 66. Lasem : "- I went to them with smiles and reverences. Avidya dancers were with us, and we have celebrated the greatness of our ancestors ! We have offered some armements and drugs for their wounds !" L6, then Oteoteo : " - Scratche the feeble one ! Honor the powerful one ! Then enemy chiefs will respect us better than their own citizen !"
  67. 67. L5, then Oteoteo : " - I see that you have brought here the beautiful princes of Santochan... Princess, if you don't agree to cooperate, you will be slain on Morjine altar tomorrow morning. Potet ! Potet !" Potet : " - I am here, emperor, ready to die for he ideal !" Oteoteo : "- Right ! Left ! Up ! Down ! Front ! Back ! Round !" But Potet is turning on himself. Oteoteo : " - Stupid boy ! trace a round ! Quicker ! slower ! quicker ! slower ! quicker ! slower ! Put some rhythm, bloody boy !" Potet: " - Sorry, great conquistador ! Mercy ! Please, please give only one order at a time ! I am so sorry !" Oteoteo : "-Potet, don't worry... Call me : camrade !" Potet : "- Women from all planets will be seduced by your virility and your wisdom !" L5 then L6 , then Oteoteo : "- Ah Potet ! You put me in a good mood ! Follow me ! And you also, guards, follow me !
  68. 68. L5, then L6, then * X Then Lasem is alone with Nanihi and says : " - Nanihi, soon nobody will be able to protect you. Please cooperate." Nanihi : "-I see the wings of the Paradise Bird which come to deliver me..."
  69. 69. Lasem : "- Where do you see such a thing ? There have been no birds in Avidyas'sky for 10000 years ! " And suddenly , Lasem is paralysed as a statue looking in the sky, with arms up. Oriata, hidden behind a bush, knew very well that he could not vainquish all Avidya army alone ... He was immersing himself in a deep meditation. The song and the colors of the Paradise Bird were resonating in his memory with an invincible force, and his prayer was rising up to the God of he Universe, as a perfume beyond time and space... Now Lasem moves again, slightly, and says : - No birds, no more birds in the Avidya sky for 10000 years !" Then Hamsadea appears suddenly, and falls immediatly on Lasem thrown at the other side of the garden.
  70. 70. Lasem is shouting in a proud despair : " -Who are you ? " Hamsadea : "- Kioo ! I am the bird of Paradise !" Lasem : " - You are an illusion ! The last of the birds of Paradise has given his life and immortality to Morjine, our great priestess, our guide, 10000 years ago ! Hamsadea :
  71. 71. " -Kioo ! I am a dream which fed mankinds' memory from age to age ! Lasem : " - You are an impostor ! Down the mascarade ! Hamsadea : "-Kioo ! I am a symbol which could vainquish your flesh ! Lasem : " - Disappear, fantom !" Then they fight. Lasem is thrown away in he garden by the shock of Hamsadea wings. Lasem : "- If you were really the paradise bird, the Phoenix which was Morjine's teacher, you would not need this fight." Hamsadea : " - Kioo ! Morjine was the student of the Phoenix, long ago ! But she has put the knowledge at the service of her illusions ! " Lasem : " - If that was true, that would be known on every planet !" Hamsadea : " - Kioo ! Men listen only to what they want to listen. They change the meaning of the words as they need ! For this reason, I appear often with a new shape .." Lasem : " If you are really the paradise Bird, so tell me why God is tolerating our power ?"
  72. 72. Hamsadea : "- Your power is only a veil hiding the fear of a lonely heart! " Lasem : " If you are really a paradise Bird, tell me then why Santochan people are running away in front of our first pilots, without your protection ? Hamsadea : "-Kioo ! Paradise is a light in the consciousness. The one who disdains it will loose it for long !" Lasem : "- So if you are a Paradise Bird, please fulfill my love for Nanihi !" Hamsadea : "- Kioo ! Better you Love the woman who is dreaming about your jail, and let free the woman who wants to run away from your palace..." Lasem : "- You are an illusion ! Disappear !" Hamsadea : -Kioo ! Prepare to delete yourself !" And they fight. During the fight, Oriata delivers Nanihi. He kisses her lips, her shoulders. Lasem is again thrown away in the park by the shock of Hamsadea wings. Lasem : "- You have knocked me down. So you are not an illusion. And I feel too proud to ask for help... Fight up to death !"
  73. 73. But again Lasem is thrown away. And now his body is very badly hurt. Lasem : " - Yes, you have vainquished me . And I am dying... But I want to understand !"
  74. 74. The body of Lasem is falling on the ground. And Hamsadea is singing : " - Kioo ! Oriata, Nanihi ! With your palms now send on this man the rays I have entrusted you long ago. May these rays revive Lasem now." Nanihi : "- O bird of Paradise , we have to escape ! The palace is surrounded with guards !" Hamsadea : "- Kioo !
  75. 75. Don't worry ! Your Love is protecting you beyond death. And everyone all around is deeply sleeping" Then they start the ritual. They throw the magic rays from their palms onto Lasem's body. And slowly Lasem comes to life again, and shouts in despairs : " - Help ! Help ! Where am i ? Who am I ? Yes ... I was immersed in a very deep sleep... And in this sleep I had a dream ... I was a young student ... I was living in a huge forest, near an old man called Sobrial .... all his body was built of blue, the colour of the sky...
  76. 76. He was teaching me the science of the Universe, and he often said : "- Be careful... Don't put the science you are learning at the service of your illusions ! Use your knowledge better, purify your mind, your soul and your body ! Then you will recognize the truth of Love !" Lasem : "-But I was impatient, so ignorant, and one morning, I saw Osipeh herself, queen of Love and dance among nixes.
  77. 77. Her body was built in aerial waves of transparent water, and she was dancing on the shore of a small lake of the forest. And I wanted to possess her . Si I decided to use my magic studies . I envelopped her with my rays of power, in anger and laughing, and suddenly I was transformed in a cockroach, miserable, captive of its shell, and I was shouting : "Help ! Help !"" Now Lasem is laying down on the ground, in the position of the cockroach, and says :
  78. 78. " - Then I saw Sobrial himself coming towards me " Sobrial, the blue messenger of Grail , approachs. Lasem : " And Sobrial was putting his feet on my shoulders, and he was starting to scratch me ... And I was shouting : "Help ! Help ! Please help me ! Don't destroy me ! I want to live !"... Then I saw Sobrial withdrawing some steps, and he was saying to me : Sobrial : "- Are you so sure that you want to survive in the shell of your mistakes ?"
  79. 79. Lasem : "- And I was shouting : "Help ! Help !"... Then I woke, and I found you. Who am I ? Where Am I ? Hamsadea : " - Kioo ! You were the prime minister of Avidya planet. We vainquished you. Then we reanimated you, so your soul could not fed the vampiric ghosts of the Universe. Then be repentant, and become our ally."
  80. 80. Lasem : "- Now I remember ! You are the paradise bird, and you are Nanihi, and you are Oriata. Now I would like to be born again, as a child . A child wise enough to obey your path, o Bird of Paradise ! But how could I become your ally ? I only got the power to fed myself with the illusions of my people... And then I strenghened my own illusions... O Paradise Bird, I have understood the lesson ! Now, destroy me with your magic ray. Please accept all the strenght of my soul ! With it, please do anything you will feel good !" Hamsadea : " -Kioo ! Nanihi, Oriata, stretch your hands towards this man , and send my magic rays on him again !" And the ritual goes on... Lasem is loosing the control of his body now lying down without breath... Hamsadea : " - Kioo ! Finally Lasem's soul has escaped from his shell !" Nanihi : " - Bird of Paradise, by what way shall we flee ?" Hamsadea : "Kioo ! We shall fly by the sky ! I shall transform you in two very small drops of dew, thinner than grains of sand, and I shall carry you up to Abalyon Planet. There I shall give you back your human shape. You will learn to reign among the lions . And we shall entrust you with a small child born from the soul of this Lasem !
  81. 81. Her * name will be Hoani . She will learn to reign among the lions. Then I shall send her on the planet Earth... She will go there, wandering for he Grail. Now, come up to this tower... From this tower we shall fly... Kioo !" Later the guards discovered the body of Lasem, and decided to stuff it with straw and started to venerate it... * ( "His name" if it is played by a man)
  82. 82. ( for the chapters I to X,please go to the part 1. The chapter XI, on the Abalyon planet, exists only for the moment in the french and spanish versions and in the album with drawings, in the right column In the Key 7 , my students were playing first the chapter XII to XV, then Hoani were telling to the children of the Rainbow the chapters I to X . In the key 10, the students were playing from the chapter I to the chapter X, then from the chapter XII to the chapter XV I shall publish later the videos of Keys 7 and 10 and the chapter XV sung in another Key, ) * HOW TO BECOME A
  83. 83. PARADISE BIRD XII And a long time later, Hoani landed on the planet Earth, also called Gaïa or Urantia. Hoani landed where delegates from all continents were assembled, meditating, discussing peace, development and progressive settlement of so many fights and miseries. Discussing for the establisment of social harmony, and the protection of the beauty of nature on an united planet. And now they had discovered in their hearts the seeds of golden age. And they wanted to bring it down to the earth, to put an end to the great wast of energy, and to tune their love to the Love of the myriads of stars !
  84. 84. Hoani landed with her small blue rocket ship. And on her arrival, she danced in front of the delegates, then said : " Long, long ago, I left the planet called Abalyon on the sky maps... On this planet I reigned among lions. My daily duty was to tame the lions, to guide them down to the peaceful ponds. My name is Hoani. Hoani with the crown of azure. One night I had a dream. I saw a bird of Paradise,
  85. 85. all dressed with his colourful rays, dancing in the Sun and around the Sun. When I woke up from this dream, I saw beside me a small blue rocket ship. I climbed in it. I launched the lights of the starter. I pulled on the handle of the accelerator... Then I set off on this vessel across the icy immense space ! Years after years I was climbing back the time among the ages and I came to the area of your sun and its planets... I am here, near you. Do I have to stop to speak ? Do you prefer I simply go away ?"
  86. 86. At these words, the delegate of Oceania wakes up, dances, and says : "- My name is Oceania. I am called flower of confidence. What is the goal of your travels ? " Hoani: "- I was weary to reign among the lions. I wanted to encounter women and men" Europa says : "-My name is Europa. I am called "Flower of patience"... How far do you want to go ?
  87. 87. Hoani: "- The goal of my travel is the heart of the sun... From here, it seems two or three times smaller than it was when I saw it in my dream. And in the heart of he Sun, the bird of Paradise was dancing around an immense golden cup. And he told me :
  88. 88. Phoenix : " - Kioo ! This cup was long ago called Grail. This cup received the blood of Jesus when he offered it to mankind, showing the way of freedom, the Key of the Divine Felicity ! Look at this blue planet dancing in the sky ! She is called Earth ! As soon as tomorrow comes, go to this planet... When you will wake up from this dream, you will find a rocket ship
  89. 89. which fed itelf with cosmic winds. This vessel is programmed to drive you down to the planet Earth. Then you will land in a place where the delegates of all continents will be assembled, trying for reconciliation between themselves and with the stars. Call them the children of the Rainbow. Tell them that you are on the path of the Grail, and that you have been sent by me nto the heart of the sun where the magic of Love will be revealed ! " The Phoenix has appeared to tell this , and now he is again invisible. Hoani says : "- Have you heard ? Are you the children of the Rainbow ? Oceania: "- Yes. While listening to your story, my heart was expanding. I too want to drink from the cup of Eternity ! "
  90. 90. Asia : " - Yes, I know that the Divine is Love, and I want to learn to love. I have seen so many old people crying. I have heard too much hateful shouting, and such curses asphyxiated new born babies. They were growing, shaky and unhappy. Their hearts were filled with greediness ... Yes, I want to learn to Love !"
  91. 91. Antartica : "- I have heard about Jesus with the soul of Christ. I know that he has been crucified long ago on our planet. I want to know what really happened ... America: "-We are the lovers of the dawn" Europa : "All of us we want to drink from the cup of Eternity" Africa : "And contemplate this Grail which received the meaningful blood of Jesus !"
  92. 92. Hoani: "-I am happy to have met you. But now , please tell me : "-Who are you ?"
  93. 93. Africa : "-Me, Africa, I am the princess of a land of gazelles. I own mines of diamonds and precious metals. I have seen the raising of the great pyramids. Today the desert is devoring the forest. My people without memory are hungry."
  94. 94. Asia: "-Me, Asia, I own the secret of the creation, and I protect it. I also know how the stars are born. Obedient to me are the ascetics who tame tiger with their eyes. But so many are devored by tigers. And I am devastated by the rapacious and the jackals !"
  95. 95. Oceania: "- Me, Oceania, I own an infinitude of waves. I own groves sowed with all the seeds of the earth. I own the coral and the multicolor fishes. Dreamers from the farest horizon obey me." America : "-Me, America, I own totems and satellites, bisons herds and sky-scrappers !"
  96. 96. Antartica: "-Me, Antartica, I own an immense continent of ice. There are blowing violent winds. Among these winds from millenials, I am praying on the crests."
  97. 97. Europa : "- Me, Europa, I own the knowledge of laws and treatises which pacify mankind. Wounded people from all over the earth are asking me for help. And I have not enough arms to heal them all. So, too often, hate is blowing on my hopes, and my eyes are heavy with great tiredness..." Hoani: "- I see that you own plenty. But listen to what the Phoenix said to me :
  98. 98. Phoenix: " No one has succeed to drink from the cup of immortaliy without being able to satisfy only with Love"
  99. 99. Hoani : "- Have you listened ? Those who are greedy for more than Love can renounce to come with me to encounter the Grail in the Sun. Because their eyes will be not prepared to see the light falling already down on their shoulders !" All are shouting in disorder: "- For the Grail of Love we can renounce to everything else... We pledge that ! We swear that ! We vow that !"
  100. 100. Hoani : "- Now I have to prepare myself in a great desert. I am so thirsty for peace , with silence. And it is in the peace that I always find the deepest strenght to go on my path. Who wants to follow me on my rocket ship up to the desert ?" The children of the Rainbow have lost their enthusiasm. Thet say, in disorder : " -Bu...We are not ready ! Later ! Yes, later ! Not yet !" Hoani: "-Then, perhaps, you will be here when I shall come back ... May my absence seem to you only a instant long, and not an Eternity of despair !"
  101. 101. * XIII Now, Hoani has gone without them. Antartica says : " -My friends, we should have followed Hoani.
  102. 102. Who knows now what evil will try to take over our destiny ?" Europa : "- I suggest that we remain all assembled . I suggest that we follow her with our prayers. " Asia : "- Let us heal the suffering of the world. By that we follow her with our prayers." Asia : "- Let us heal the suffering of the world. By that we shall heal our own suffering" Then they hear a far and long cry : " - AAAAAAAAAH !" Oceania: I am hearing a child cry. Let us help him..." And they listen again to this long complaint : "- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" America : "- I see one of her feet red with blood. This child is chained up to a very big stone that she drags groaning ..." Then the child appears - in fact a very glamorous girl, and her tears and cries deeply move the hearts of the Rainbow children. Antartica : "We are the united nations. We want to deliver you. What do we have to do ? ?"
  103. 103. This child in fact is a disguise of Morjine herself, the great evil priestess of Avidya planet, and she answers : "-Oh my friends ! How lucky I am to have met you ! I Bless you for your generous attention." Europa : "- Who has chained you with so much cruelty ?" Morjine : "-My friends, the bloody creature which is the cause of my slavery
  104. 104. bears the name of Hoani ! She is a foreigner on our planet, and she is foreign to all that is just and kind !" Africa : "-We are surprised, poor friend. We have also met Hoani and she has invited us for the quest of the marvelous grail, without forcing us to follow her" Morjine: "-You are naïve ! Because already long ago, I myself found the Grail with miraculous water ! And I have hidden it, waiting for you..." Asia: "-My friends, we can't believe what this miserable creature is telling. Certainly she has been mistaken by an evil which has taken the appearance of Hoani... But our mission is to heal the suffering on this earth... Let us free this poor sister from misfortune! What we have to do,sister?"
  105. 105. Morjine: "-I shall fold myself on this big stone, and all you hands will throw rays of light, and all these rays will converge on my flesh. Then the spell will be destroyed, and I shall be free from this magic chain !" Now the children of the Rainbow are taking position, stretching their arms towards Morjine who is folded down on her stone. T hey are singing for the ceremony. And suddenly, as the chain is melted, Morjine appears in the aspect of her evil nature !
  106. 106. Her teeths have become enormous with long wild canins. Her tongue is very long now, and covered with small mirrors! Her hair is stretched up all around her head. She has now a very fat belly, and she jumps around strongly. Her fingers are throwing thunder flashes which burn some trees. She is shouting and laughing with great satisfaction, and Antartica says : " -We have been cheated ! Let us destroy this monster !"
  107. 107. And all the children of the rainbow are attacking her now. With the electric thunder spread by her fingers, she throws back all assaillants in the air, and they fall down one after another. And they try again to fight Morjine with the same results. Morjine is dancing, shouting and laughing. When all are lying on the ground, she says : "-Quiet! Quiet I am only your old mother ! I want only the best for you ! If I have first appeared to you in the shape of a poor young woman, it is because I wanted to have an idea of your generosity. Now, are you able to love me as I am ?" The children of the rainbow are hypnotised and say : "-Morjine, we are ready to follow you. What have we to do ?"
  108. 108. Morjine : "-Simple ! So simple ! To laught, to drink, to eat. To laught without any worry ! And the second secret : never to fear death ! Fear is the mother of death ! This is the device that taught me the bird of paradise... I was the first disciple. " Antartica : "-Ifeel that you are speaking the truth. But how do you vainquish fear and death ?"
  109. 109. Morjine: "-Simple!Very simple! Let us organize tournaments ! The one who will be victorious will be allowed to drink at the cup of immortality!" Europa : "-Yes , we are immortals, as God himself. Who wants to fight with me ?" Africa : "-Let my people , who are so numerous, invade your fertile meadows, dear neighbour !" And they both fight, and Morjine jumps, very excitedly. Finally Africa bent Europa on the ground with her magic force . Morjine: "- You have understood! Pour a little of your blood, and you will become immortals ! Tchoupak! Tchoupak! My faithfull servant ! Tchoupak! Come and bring the true cup of the Grail !" Tchoupak is a small evil which obviously eats too much, and he moves very quickly near the ground, enjoying his special dance.
  110. 110. Tchoupak appears in a jump from behind a great bush, with his shout : "-UUUUUU... Here is the cup, great priestess ! Take it from my hands. Is this exactly the cup you wanted ?" Morjine: :"Tchoupak, soon it will be the time for my siesta. You will fan me while I shall sleep! O my children ! Let us train now !" And they start the war. The big stone where Morjine was chained appears to be a smashed box with toys and tools. And Tchoupak distributes them. So the children of Rainbow are first taking some very little cars, and they play with them on the ground with their hands.
  111. 111. But it seems that they are always pushed to collisions by an invisible force. The children are crying a lot, insulting each other. Everyone is attacking everyone in all directions. They fight now with fists, and they cry. Then they go to take sticks in the box. Then they find toys which are transforming in their hands into big cars. And they scratch against each other. Morjine jumps, laughts and shouts among them : -MoAAAAAAAAH !Adioooooooo!
  112. 112. She is breathing loudly the energy of pride, anger , passion, until she falls down, too drunk with these emanations. And Tchoupak fans her gently in a corner where she sleeps as the fight goes on ! Then the children find missiles. And one by one they start to fall down on the ground. At the end, only Antartica remains awake ! Antartica : "-The cup of the Grail will be mine ! Of course, for thousands years I was training, concentrating in the icey loneliness... I have proven that I am the best !" Tchoupak comes with the false cup of the Grail, and says : "- We declare Antarica winner of the holy cup of the true Grail ! May all your wishes be fulfilled !" Now Antartica is drinking to the false cup of the Grail. And soon she feels dizzy and drunk, and finally she falls down
  113. 113. in the arms of sleeping Morjine. In her sleep, Morjine is jubilating a lot, laughing and shaking her hips towards the sky : "- MoaaaaAAAAH ! AYOOOOOOOOO!" And darkness comes. * XIV
  114. 114. Later Hoani comes back from the desert, and she finds all the delegates inanimated, and says : "-Children of the Rainbow ! Do you hear me ? Children of the Rainbow !" Then she sees Tchoupak, the only one to be awake, a little afraid , a little joyful, like a dog, and asks : "-Who are you ?" Tchoupak : "-I am only a poor evil. Please forgive me, beautiful princess. To prove my allegiance I shall go immediatly to chain my former boss Morjine." Hoani: "-Children of the Rainbow, awake! Children of the Rainbow, do you hear me?" Tchoupak: "-All right! Morjine is again chained. I have done the work! And you, children, wake up!" He is knocking at the bums of the children with his feet, and they are waking up slowly.
  115. 115. Hoani: " Children of the Rainbow! A gigantic comet is now proceeding towards your planet, and perhaps will destroy us soon! Children of the Rainbow ! You better entrust me with your energies now! Please turn ourself towards the comet, and strech your arms towards her, and turn your thoughts towards your mistakes!" They are all up arms stretched towards the comet, and Hoani is dancing and singing towards the comet .
  116. 116. Hoani: "- Comet Justice, please give a new chance to mankind... comet justice, please give us the time to reach the immortal Grail... Comet justice, be pityful again towards mankind ! Ah ! At last the comet has changed her trajectory... And now, do you see ? Do you see???? This rising rainbow.... Go ahead, Oceania. Dance lightly in the sky... And see up, in the blue crystal palace, the guardian of the Grail, Sobrial himself, upright on his transparent trone ! Listen to him!" Sobrial: "-Take this basket of fruits! It has been brought to me for my thousandth birthday by those on the earth who still remember me. Take these fruits, and share them with those in need, those who want to receive them. But eat only a little of them. If you do not heed this precaution, you will loose the power of dancing lightly in the air." And Oceania dances, and receives the invisible fruits in her heart, and shares them with all people present.
  117. 117. Hoani: "Now , go ahead, America. Strench your palm towards the sky, and receive this violet light coming from the infinite. Go ahead, purify your walking and your breath..." Antartica: "-And me, Antartica, I see this indigo flower which has just been born in front of me, like an echo of the Rainbow... Pretty small flower, I know that I am rich now.
  118. 118. Because your seeds, small flower, do not fear death, and your perfume seduces the most beautiful butterflies..." Hoani: "-It is your turn,Europa ! See this yellow dragonfly coming from her native colour in the Rainbow. Listen to her : Naomeli: "-Open your chest to me, and I shall come there to sing. If you ignore me, I shall be more than tiny, quite invisible. But if you need joy or enthusiasm, surround yourself with my colour up to the infinite. Sing and dance without fearing anyone seeing you. He is always joyful, the one who takes time to play with me !" And Europa dances.
  119. 119. Then Africa jumps and says : "-I see this red ray coming from the Rainbow. And I feel my blood in a slow rhythm in my body. I am this knight who spreads magic seeds in the desert. Then the desert is transformed into a wonderful garden !" Asia: " -I now feel surrounded by horizons of green. And all this green is a sign of God's Generosity. We were tired about the great din of illusions, and we have met on our road a sight
  120. 120. which has come from another planet. And Hoani tells us : "Now, let us turn towards the sun. First we close our eye-lids because we fear to be blinded. On our eye lids, light is orange... Brother sun, you light us in the night where the damned shadows jostle ! Brother sun, without you, we would not even be able to breath. Let us take you as an example of radiant Love!" The delegates from all continents have taken their hands in each other hands, and they face the sun, eyes closed, singing without words.
  121. 121. Hoani: "-Now, we shall dispose ourselves as a rainbow on this earth. Open your eyes." They move and dispose themselves in a half-circle. Hoani : "I have to warn you : to handle the Grail is a difficult task. Many have tried, many have failed, we have to prepare ourselves. If we are cowards, we have to become courageous! "
  122. 122. Oceania: "-If we are greedy, we have to be moderate!" America : "-If we are conceited, we have to become humble!" Antartica : "- If we are insensible, we have to become in Love !" Europa: "- If we are anxious, we have to become enthusiastic !" Africa : "-If we are lazy, we have to become studious" Hoani: "Then, also, if we want to drink one day of the Grail cup, remember... all of us , dolphins , flowers, corals ,colibris ,trees and stones, angels, spirits of the nature, women, men... all of us we are only one people in the Universe, sustained by the Divine Love" At these words, Morjine wakes up a little from her sleep, and she roars, sitting, with her hands chained, and says : "-You fairy for children ! You mascarade fairy ! But I shall create nations until they fight hard and spread their precious blood... So I shall find new strenght, by breathing such emanations, and I shall conduct mankind towards the true Grail !!!" And Morjine , after a long shout, falls loudly again on the ground, unconscious.
  123. 123. Oceania : " We shall remember ! We all belong to the soul of the Universe !" America : "-We are the people of the forests!" Antartica: "-We are the people of the Ice !" Europa : "We are the people of the shining stars, the milkyway people !" Africa : "-We are the people of colibris and ibis !" Asia : "-We are the people of dolphins !" Oceania : "- Hoani, how can we reach the Grail now ? We want to drink the cup of Eternity, the cup of Eternal Love!"
  124. 124. * XV THE SONGS OF THE PHOENIX lyrics about the 27 colours offered by the Phoenix ,for a meditation about the virtues man and women has to realised if their want to understand the possibility of Paradise on the planet Earth) Hoani: "- Look at the sky ! Look at he sky! Do you see ? The paradise bird is dancing around the sun ! And now he is plundging in the sun himself, and he comes again in the sky, and dances, and spread colours everywhere !" Now the children of the Rainbow are singing along with Hoani towards the Phoenix :
  125. 125. " - O teach us, teach us the royal dance, the song which holds meaning, and dance, the secret of the transparence which opens the doors of the sun of the suns, and unveil for ever the cup of Grail The fountain of rebirth !" And the Phoenix was plundging in the Sun, in the cup of the Grail Then the Phoenix was dancing and singing in the sky the alphabet of creation and each child was hearing his song in his language, as much as possible And first the clear blue colour ... ( 1-A lungs/A-sol*) * this refering to the mystic meditation taught by Franz Bardon . The colours of thetitles charaxters in this blog are approximative, according the tools we have) ...starts to fill the Universe and the Phoenix was dancing in the sky and singing : "-First, purify yourself in the sky and the wind. Contemplate the secret of equilibrium. Balance of stars. Feed your memory with the light breast of the Light. You, invincible, but feeble, Be pityful towards planets thrown in the flood ... Vagabond of the Sky, contemplate the bones of your old lives ! Fed yourself with the blue from the sky the blue so quiet
  126. 126. it calms tempests, or helps them As he can see life on all planets. Fill your chest with the breeze on the open sea. Delete wounds from your soul. Dance beyond your body Rub out yourself in the blue of the Divine Blue" ° L7 = Leitmotive 7( to sing between each colour song) : And now the children of the Rainbow were dancing and singing towards the Phoenix : " - O teach us, teach us the royal dance the song which thinks and dances the secret of the transparence which opens the door of the sun of suns And unveils for ever the cup of the Grail The fountain of Love and rebirth in eternal happiness" And the Phoenix was plunging in the sun and the Phoenix was dancing in the sky And he was singing towards men and women and he was spreading everywhere up to the infinite rays and fountains of ... ° ...clear violet water (2-E right eye/T-la) Secondly, be the violet water Bring it up to your eyes And your right eye to revive it. And now you are a rock, a rock in the clearness. Life tatooed with light and shade and light still clearer from the time your eye lids are opening.
  127. 127. Heavy the ice, and scintillate the sun. Words of Love are multiplying. May your wound be healed Man of fire, woman of ice, woman of ice, man of ice, man of ice, woman of fire woman of fire, man of fire ° ...Red vermillon (36F stomach/F-A-réTs) Dance at the top of the mountain ! Let sprout from your head the Grail's spring ! Dressed with red tiger skin May you be rebourn, smashed, swallowed, digested ! Air is light in the sight... Divine Life, I breath you. Waterfalls and bells are cleaning all fears, wounds and mistakes. Dance on the top of the mountain ! May your dream swallow the folly , swallow the heavy appearance ! May our flesh be fertilized by the Sun ! May the stone be fertilized ! And creatures, question the one which never die ! Dance around this Sun ! Even you, unmoving flower, dance for eternal rebirth in the Divine Heart ! ° ...Dark blue (4-right ear/F,do,expansion)
  128. 128. Listen , and see everywhere the blue skinned shepherd ! Receive his love at all corners of the Universe, at the confines of the immense and the tiny! The legs blue dark. The right ear tatooed with deep blue . Tame the thought ! Clear the mind ! You, soul of the world, rhythm love with your sight ! The star of your forehead multiply or subtract so it will be abundance and joy ! So bad fate will be removed from the fallen constellations ! ° ...Dark violet (5-Fspine/Ak-ré) In the infinitude of the soul, Stars of inside, The violet shadow release from the thirst of dream. Beyond time and space listen to the song of presence ! All souls found before birth ! Vanish the walls ! The flesh is reborn ! Handle the violet song ! Create your face ! The dark violet fire imbues every head crossing the entire universe and the lively column of the temple of the infinite dances with myriads of works !
  129. 129. Everything present, I am present free from weight, from past, from future without the illusion of distance ! There all kingdoms of nature sing : Shivering leaves in the breeze, sand brought by the waters, foam's echo which is also yourself, dancing feet stamping the ground ! May the pure dream be incarnated in the burst of ectasy ! May the stone's knots be resolved ! Spread myself , invisible, o dance ! And be present in flesh, in bones When eyes are clear with true desire ! ° .....Clear green (6-E left hand/T-fa and half) Balance of jade ! Balance of jade ! Eyes in water ! Left hand hanging the jade balance. Heavy your jade body ! Yes, I want, i want ! I feel the equilibrium of stars. I think of the balance of fire of stone, water, air in the Divine Infinite ! This magnet holds me and unties the knots of the stone ! °
  130. 130. ...Green grass (7-T left eye/E-fa) Green fields of Divine Pity for the animal reconciliated with women and men of peace ! Deep calm of prophetic groves May your happiness be blessed when waters are crossing the sun ! May your joy radiate ! Run in the meadows, jump, leap ! Dance without wound ! Put yourself on the green bank ! See all these fruits Offered by the rainbow. They are rising from stones ! ° ...Clear silver violet (8-E right arm/F-la,hot breeze-a little dark) Violet silver with siver gleams. Light shade of eparse clouds. May my rigth arm stand up And command destiny ! May a warm breath invade the sky ! Lets sing the alphabet of creation ! Waves of strenght, dance to my sight ! Divine Wisdom will provide luck in spite of injustice with evil crown and wounds are healed by the Grail only ! Symbols of flesh and stones unveil yourself to your eyes ...
  131. 131. To see , to see, to see beyond the walls ! And may the pure prayer bring about union and take over the life... May that happen in all kingdoms of nature and in the invisible worlds ! Angels, settle in our dance ! ° ...Clear etheric violet (9-AK left leg/E- ré and half-chr) When your suns are resonating up to the infinite put your left foot ahead in the direction of the moon! And violet waterfalls stream on your body for purification. Clear is the dew, clear are the ears... Jump in the pure astral with the rhythm of 9 ! Listen to all languages of the Univere... Decode communion signals... While you are counting 9 slaughted birds are slowly revived. Rain, suspend yourself for the celebration on the grass... And you, wonderful vessel saving from the floods raise your sail and dance among the clouds! May tempests calm down ! ° ...Clear opale (10,left kidney T/T,sol)
  132. 132. each seed at any second freeyourself or chain yourself and is carving your face ! Remember the praying of the wind on the beach... It still lights your sight... Bring back memory . Gauge your breath. Lift up the stone kit. No false step. Lift up the Universe, your body. Suspend yourself to the white stars, to their red gleams, blue gleams, green gleams, violet gleams. ° ...Darker opale (11-Tdiaphragm/E-sol and half) Yo a yia ! Yio a o! Oya ! Yo ! Opal found in the stone Lift your lungs at each breath. Palace of ice in your belly Pure love for all things. Ectasy, love. Love, presence. Magic desire, will. Fairies, angels flying to you and nightingale on your shoulder. And the tiger with his breath warms up the feet of the new-born.
  133. 133. Child sowed on those morning, incarnate Divine virtues ! Blessed may be the union of sexes in the sparklings of the water ! ° ...Silver blue (12-F+A left ear/F-si-explosion-Vishnu) Explode fire ! Blow light wind ! Hang your left hear ! Listen to the Divine power ! Healed women and men. Courage, you will live and triumph every obstacle ! Patience, all treasures are here... Slip yourself in the siver blue furnace ! ° ...Dark green (13-A spleen/A-fa) Green dark forest. There queen olive. moving from chest to splean spreading aerial nectar everywhere. Present in all places ! To know, to be able, to love. To know what mount to climb, wht mount to be avoided. Balance the fire, the stone, the water, the air and the infinite Divine
  134. 134. until you are invisible immortal newborn for ever ! Sing, sing the nectar ! It flows in your throat. It was a dream. It feeds you now ! ° ...Blue green (14-E abdomen, not the guts/E,re,grrr) Waterfalls rumble ! Blue-green lake ! And the labyrinth disappears ! Love attracts nixes from ocean, rivers and rains... transparent love of ondines, providing softness and strengh to life and dreams ! Moon , raise the ocean ! Fruit, roll on the bank ! Planet around your star ! ° ...Red dark (15-F liver/E,re) The red bee buzzes in your skull offering fire to bless the liver... Beyond all human madness Joy everywhere beyond senses , beyond thoughts, beyond dreams !
  135. 135. Such is the Grail's key by surrendering . Untie the fate trying to catch your mind. Don't fear the wound, wake up and dance invincible! In all travels, in all actions, be drunk with the red ice up to the infinite. ° ...Ultramarine blue (16-F pharynx/T-do) Waves burning at the sea horizon. Open you throat to the fire of Justice Legs in the stone. Pain is the desert for those who dream of the labyrinth pain is palace for those who dream of the forest ! Receive the great offering ! Question it. Wake up ! This beggar is a king. This other king, a poor devil without light. Spare the innocent, be content. You will reign in the softness of days without obstacles. ° ...Dark grey (17-T right nose/T-si) Dark grey clouds
  136. 136. inside the stone. At your right their perfumed waves. Prostrate in front of the Divine soul. May she imbue you from head to foot ! Don't fear anything... Infinite is her name ! Help the tortured beast. Answer with friendship to those whom love you. Transform your enemy into a friend ! Learn the path of joy, the path of correctness... Even the huge stones are protecting you ! ° ...Golden colour (18- Ak+E left nose/F+T-DO) Shining rays of pure gold in fusion down tothe water icily and impassive! And at your left their perfumed waves... The head in fire ! And you will be the weight of the world. So how to catch you ? Be free ! Try to understand the Divine Light. Surrender to such luck, be logical. Learn everyday a joyful rebirth. Study, construct the boat which saves from the deluge. Question the heart of the celestial ransparent angels and become for ever their reliable disciple. so inthe tempest where you have been born there will always be this gold and these suns
  137. 137. even in the heart of stones ... a headlight, a seed for anyone shipwrecked ! And you are the ray of sense in the matter ! ° ... Purple colour (19-F bile/F-sol and half) Whistle the purple power of the cosmic fire ! Penetrate in everybeing moving or unmoving ! You who think, master the strenght of the luminous flash ! See further than your eyes ! Awaken your sight to the future, to the past, to the tiger dream, to the rose dream, to the horseman shout, to the silence of the tree ! Settle in the fire spirit supporting everyforce . Be radiant where you will choose to be ! ° ...red flamme colour (20,F brain/F-do -iss) High pitched the central fire ! The illuminated germ before spreading ... before wrapping you in his light ! Receive this vision . Be present.
  138. 138. Ectasis. This fire transforms your shape down to the deppth of the stone, down to your feet and your brain ! Open your life around the feast of the fire ! In the zenith tree whisper the flames of memery ! ° ...dark brown colour ! (21 ,T right kidney/F-fa- explosion) Explosion in the head ! Everywhere explosion of the heavy brown asteroïd in the Universe ! Always a sound to be sung . Unveiled the rule at each moment. Memory of the Universe. Rules of natural kingdoms, and Divine rules. Dreams to be driven . So without greediness met salamanders and all beings in quest of immortality ! ° ...Black colour (22-AK+T pancreas/AK -si -all penetrating) Ebony rays penetrating space ! Rays in emptiness ! Source of your breath which sustains pancreation, and heals. Black rays in each leg in the dark !
  139. 139. Absolute night in the heart of the stone ! Knots unravelled of past follies ... New squeal on the path. Science of transmutation. Jump sudenly out of the bodies flesh towards other levels of the Universe ! Trance and travel, and long apprenticeship. So that even the etheric soul of the stones obey the obscure flash of the black night ! ° ...lilac colour (23-Ak+A from duodenum to rectum/E-sol) Lilac rays Breath and voice so sweet Down to the wise belly. Bathe in the icily water of the sanctum. Union of souls to the infinite Love. And deep rest, sight unmoving. Temple everywhere of the world soul. Sing further than this flesh ! Receive the signals from far spheres... Prostrate yourelf in front of the supreme wave ! Rub out yourself , and hold her echo ... Multiply the lighting of the ice ! ° .... pink colour (24-F heart /Ak earth,do and half) Head in fire.
  140. 140. Path of rose stones. Valley up to the mountain heart. Infinite wrapping the stone, penetrating the stone at his wigs rythm. Thus is flyiing an exhausted child beyond death and hitory, magnetized by perfection. Listen to the voice of Love which guides you... Be confident ! See the time of miracles ! Invisible Receive that rose ray in your bones ! ° Yellow colour (25-A heart/A- sol-whistle) Whistle the light yellow wind ! Remember the times of learning. All these treasures are her now. Tresures of science and messages in the air, tenacious and quiet awakening joy. Sing and dance for the Eternal feast ! Innocence, laugher of the heart which multiply you yellow wings ! ° ...Ochre colour (26-T anus/T- do) Offering of eternal life in flesh, mystery of death, sands of muladhara,