LBS Goes Indoors Maps, Apps, And Positioning


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Indoor micro location, indoor maps, indoor LBS, indoor navigation

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LBS Goes Indoors Maps, Apps, And Positioning

  1. 1. Tristian Lacroix IndoorLBS, LLC
  2. 2. Talking PointsMarket Indoor Maps & AppsIndoor Location • Point Inside WiFi Location Services: • Micello • Skyhook • Navteq • Navizon • FastMall • Google • Apple • Verizon Wireless Interoperability Bluetooth: • Fragmentation • WirelessWERX • No “plug-and-play” RFID: • Middleware “Indoor LBS” • Ubisense platform • Ekahau • Standards (IndoorML) • AeroScout
  3. 3. MarketLBS market $12.7B by 2014 (ABI)70% of cellular calls and 80% of data connectionsoriginating from indoors (Strategy Analytics)39% users said they use location-basedservicesAlternative GPS positioning technologies togenerate over $2.5B by 2015 (ABI)
  4. 4. Retail / Consumer67% of customers say they would takeadvantage of mobile technologies if madeavailable in the stores they shop83% of consumers have trouble finding adesired item in stores89% of consumers plan to use location-basedservices for holidays24% of retailers’ revenue is lost due tocustomers not finding what they came to buy.79% shoppers use Web to get producthelp/info before actually making an in-storepurchaseMarketers to spend $1.8B on LBS advertisingby 2015, micro location essential enabler
  5. 5. Indoor LBS Apps FastMall – user required to Point Inside – Micello - overlays (i.e. enter origin manually and automatic location via geo-referenced) on topdestination and click through (absolute) WiFi of Google Maps each step triangulation
  6. 6. Indoor LBS Apps Nokia World Navigator – 30cm accuracy!aisle411– locates the product in an aisle
  7. 7. Indoor LBS Apps My Gate Maps – Insiteo –
  8. 8. Indoor Maps – early pioneer NearSpace - Founded in 1999 by Autodesk executives. Unfortunately, the company was pre-mature in its endeavors
  9. 9. Indoor LocationLocation Technologies• WiFi• Bluetooth• RFID• NFC• TV-GPS• Motion SensorsMicro location essential for indoor LBSDrivers for indoor positioning include:• E911 potential FCC mandated levels ofindoor testing towards compliance (i.e., moreconsistently accurate location acrossenvironments); Target 50m or betteraccuracies.• Mobile Shopping, Advertising
  10. 10. Indoor MapsSources for indoor maps: • Mall management companies or mall developers • Maps that are already available online or copy ones posted on mall directories (sometimes by taking photographs of them or by encouraging their users do so) • Scanning/digitizing and or extracting information from floor plans and CAD files • In almost all cases, there is a need to customize the maps to fit a standard size and font and to fill in any missing information
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