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Who Is A Chartered Accountant And His Role
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Who Is A Chartered Accountant And His Role


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. Who Is A Chartered Accountant And His Role The chartered accountant is mainly responsible for carrying out the duties of an accountant either in an organization or as an independent. In order to become a certified chartered, the candidate has to clear the examination that is conducted by the Association of the Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). ACCA is one of the premier bodies in the world that offers this qualification to the students world wide. It is based in the UK and has a presence in over 170 countries as well as 131,500 member’s world wide and around 362,000 affiliates. The designation of the chartered was awarded to the institute by her majesty the Queen. A chartered accountant is the person who is responsible for preparing the financial reports of the organization, analyze the reports as well as present them to the higher management of the organization. The degree of chartered accountant enables the individual to practice accountancy at the highest level. Once the qualification of the chartered accountant has been obtained the individual can look forward to a career among the various fields of accountancy like the financial accountancy, the management accountancy, the cost accountancy, the tax accountancy, and the latest and the most sought after field of accountancy, called the forensic accountancy. The chartered accountant is the person who is responsible for managing the finances of the organization. The salary of the chartered accountant is very high even while they are beginning their careers. As the experience of the practitioner grows the remuneration also increases. After say about 4 years, the CA can hope to earn a five figure monthly income easily. A chartered accountant might work with an organization as their in-house accountant, or he might work as an independent while serving various clients at the same time. Accountancy, in the present times when the whole world is transforming into a global society and increasingly becoming business oriented, is only going to further increase with time. For more information regarding: Accountant Services, Chartered Accountant, and Find an Accountant. Please visit: