Use twitter ideas for ece teachers in singapore


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Use twitter ideas for ece teachers in singapore

  1. 1. * Dr. Trisha Craig @WheelockSpore Executive Director, Wheelock College Singapore
  2. 2. * What is a Tweet? * 140 characters but stick to 120 to allow ‘re-tweeting’ * May include links to articles, photos or videos OR just a sentence. * Links will use up some of your character allotment * © Trisha Craig 2013 * Communicate with the parents of your students with more frequency * Create and maintain a community of teachers * Establish your own professional identity or brand
  3. 3. * Set up an account at * Pick a name that is professional and descriptive: MissJoansK1 or TeacherDinahsClass * Keep your professional and personal twitter accounts separate * Find sites to follow: @WheelockSpore and @LastBackpack When you follow people, you will get their tweets. When people follow you, they will get your tweets. * © Trisha Craig 2013
  4. 4. * To send a tweet, begin by clicking the compose icon: * You could say, for example: At #ECDA Early Childhood Conference 2013. Inspired by so many fellow teachers! * You would have 62 characters left. * Using a hashtag (#) is a way of tagging your post so that other people can find it by searching on that term. Really popular terms ‘trend’. * © Trisha Craig 2013
  5. 5. * Perhaps you want to add a photo to your tweet. Use the camera icon to upload a picture. This will reduce your remaining characters. * Maybe there is an article that you like and want to tweet the link: brace-right-tech-early-years But that is too long! * © Trisha Craig 2013
  6. 6. * There are websites that will shorten the link for you and you simply copy the new link. * or * Now you can tweet it: or It goes from 68 characters to around 25. * A good tweet would let your followers know what it is and that you think this is worth reading: * Here's an article on technology in the ECE classroom: by @WheelockSpore and @l astbackpack And you still have 27 characters left! * © Trisha Craig 2013
  7. 7. * You’ve seen a tweet you think others would appreciate and you want to send it. It’s the same concept as forwarding an email. * You can use the Retweet button to send it to your followers: * Or if you want to add a comment, copy the tweet and add RT and the original username so people know it’s not your content: * Love these books! RT @PublicLibrarySG Children’s Books by Famous “Adult” Lit Authors * © Trisha Craig 2013 7 Obscure
  8. 8. * Tweet pictures of your classroom to parents before the school year starts so they can show it to children and help them feel familiar: Looking forward to meeting my new N1 students on Monday! * Describe a new module you’re planning and ask for parents’ help: We’re running a restaurant this week! Pls send in photo of your family's favourite dish so we can add it to the menu. * Celebrate an achievement: So proud that everyone is learning to share. #developmentalmilestone * © Trisha Craig 2013
  9. 9. *Remember, Twitter is a public platform. Exercise common sense: * Take photos in such a way that don’t show children’s faces. Show their work or compose the shot to obscure faces * If you are taking the children on a field trip, don’t tweet the location prior to the trip, talk about it afterwards. * Establish Centre practices and community norms. * Don’t criticize children, colleagues or workplace * © Trisha Craig 2013
  10. 10. * In the broader scheme of Singapore, preschool teachers must help raise the profession’s image – Become informed! Comment and tweet about the news and opinion. Look at the Straits Times or Today Online. Stories online have a tweet icon Use this to send a story out to your network * Set up a Google Alert: You will get an email and link to stories that contain the alert such as Singapore preschool. Then you can tweet any stories that you think are of interest. * Use Twitter to find information to help your practice: for example, see what happens when you search twitter for best preschool apps. * © Trisha Craig 2013
  11. 11. * If there is an area you are especially interested in, you can establish yourself and your own brand with that in mind. * * @LisaGuernsey * You establish your credibility and authority by providing an interesting voice and pointing people to worthwhile sites. In essence, you become a curator of information. * © Trisha Craig 2013
  12. 12. * PublicLibrarySG @PublicLibrarySG * MOE Singapore @MOEsg * MSF @MSFSingapore * Lee Hsien Loong @leehsienloong * @preschoolers (US site but lots of interesting links to downloadables) * © Trisha Craig 2013
  13. 13. * * Is there twitter content you would like? * What would be most useful: * Ideas from peers about things they’ve tried * Place you could ask questions * Links to cutting edge research on Early Childhood * Links to classroom resources to download * Tweet us your suggestions using @WheelockSpore in your tweet © Trisha Craig 2013
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