Trina Solar: Environmentally Responsible Approach to Performance


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We at Trina Solar have created value through innovation, quality, accountability, teamwork, and creativity, principles which together comprise the core of our business model. It’s important for us to establish strong relationships with like-minded partners such as the Lotus F1 Team. Together, we are committed to leading sustainable development, whether it’s bringing people clean and reliable energy, or building a greener future for Formula 1 racing.

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Trina Solar: Environmentally Responsible Approach to Performance

  1. 1. An environmentally responsible approach to performance
  2. 2. Welcome to our worldWherever the sun shines on our planet, our missionis to provide people with abundant, clean andreliable energy at an affordable cost.From the company’s establishment in 1997, TrinaSolar has established a set of core values toachieve our mission. Since then we’ve createdvalue through innovation, quality, accountability,teamwork, and creativity, which comprise the coreof our business model. With this, we’ve establishedstrong relationships with like-minded businesses,leaders and partners such as the Lotus F1 Team,with whom we have many synergies.As economic conditions have changed over the last decade, we remain committed to the principles ofsustainable development – a commitment that has become an inseparable part of our business philosophyand one that we proudly share with the Lotus F1 Team. We continue to develop our business with the ultimategoal of creating a favourable environment based on bedrock foundation of strong values shared by everyone.As a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen, our products are designed to benefit people andimprove their quality of life. As such, we have conducted a series of activities to improve the quality of life forour employees by helping their families and the community.These pledges form a major part of the foundation for our long-term success and continuing innovation. Jifan Gao, Trina Solar CEO
  3. 3. “F1 is a team and partnership driven sport. It represents a unique engineering ecosystem that has enabled F1to pioneer the use of high performance materials, remote sensing and energy storage to extract the mostfrom automotive powertrains.“These environmentally beneficial gains have subsequently been scaled to everyday autos. Our teams at Trinadraw inspiration from these F1 examples as we pursue similar goals in order to ensure the solar solutions wecreate with our partners accelerate their ability to replace fossil fuels.“ Mark Kingsley, Trina Solar CCO
  4. 4. Partners of the Lotus F1 TeamWhy the Lotus F1 Team?We proudly share with the Lotus F1 Team the values ofinnovation, technology, quality, efficiency and acommitment to promoting green technologies.What does the partnership mean?While Formula One continues to introduce more efficienttechnologies and regulations driving sustainability, TrinaSolar have joined forces with the Lotus F1 Team to supportthem in their commitment to remain carbon-neutral when itcomes to logistics, car design and production.
  5. 5. Trina Solar and Plant for the Planet Trina Solar will plant 27,000 trees over the next three years to offset the emissions of the Lotus F1 Team’s car    Trina Solar have committed to the Plant-for-the-Planet Childrens Initiative that is committed to the globalreduction of greenhouse gases through the planting of trees.The initiative was inspired by UNEP Billion Tree Campaign that has recently been handed over to theresponsibility of the children. They aim to plant 1,000 billion trees until 2020 to absorb carbon emissions and toempower more than one million children to become active against the climate crisis. Some 100,000 children in 193 countries are the leading lights of this campaign of sustainability for futuregenerations, and Trina Solar’s participation will see 27,000 trees planted over three years in Costa Rica,Ecuador, Congo, Namibia, Malaysia, Brazil and China. The overall reduction in CO2 from this activity is estimated to be more than 220,000 kilograms a year, a figurethat will offset the emissions from the Lotus F1 Team’s cars on track at Grands Prix over the course of fiveseasons.
  6. 6. Trina Solar and Plant for the Planet“We are proud to support the Plant for the PlanetChildren’s Initiative and we look forward to hostingthe children at our headquarters so that we canshare with them the importance of solar energy.Forging and fostering lifelong partnerships is key tohow we operate and we will work very closely withPlant-for-the-Planet and the Lotus F1 Team tocontribute to this cause by offsetting the trackactivities at Grands Prix of the Lotus F1 Team. We arealready involved in initiatives in developingcountries, aimed at providing remote communitieswith electricity and therefore independence, andPlant-for-the-Planet offers us another opportunity topromote and support sustainability and a responsibleapproach to energy consumption.” Mark Kingsley, Trina Solar CCO
  7. 7. Sustainable LeadershipTrina Solar are setting the standard of solar panel technologyand sustainable energy performance.We have achieved a World record for multicrystalline poweroutput1 confirmed by TUV Rheinland for the performance of oursolar panels, and are dedicated to continually developing ourtechnological expertise through our partnerships with the LotusF1 Team and leading universities worldwide.Our solar panels contribute to the global sustainable energyreserves and provide communities in the most remote areas withelectricity, but we are also committed to cutting the pollutioncaused by panel production. Ranked #18 in the Fortune 2011 “Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies”   1 As of September 2011
  8. 8. Sustainable LeadershipCommitted to a carbon-footprint reductionprogram at the factory •  Certified ISO 14001 (environmental management) •  Reducing electricity consumption in all workshops •  Shortening cycle time for selected machines •  Running various recycling programs (water, slurry, etc.) •  Economies of scale & maximizing space utilization •  PV park & vertical integration: reduce logistic pollution •  Member of PV Cycle to handle recycling of our panels MODULE FAB. ELECTRICITY 800.7 CONSUMPTION (IN MWH/MW) R&D & technology partnerships with leading universities to 568.8 develop the next generation of PV cells 359.6 281.8 2008 2009 2010 2011 1 capacity of 8,000 tons /day and 2,500 tons per day for organic water and in-organic water respectively
  9. 9. Sustainable LeadershipWe are dramatically reducing our electricity and water consumption by:•  Recovering and reusing residual heat with cooling water. This alone saves about 3,100 MWh/year•  Selective use of refrigeration units and air-cooled heat pumps•  Collecting and reusing reverse osmosis concentrated water•  Reducing compressed dry air (CDA) system regeneration time•  Shortening machine production and cycle times•  Maximizing the use of recycled water and used water ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION (IN MWH/MW) 1122.2 916.6 791.9 800.7 753.6 703.1 2008 580.1 579.6 579.6 568.8 2009 387.7 408.8 379.4 359.6 2010 306.8 292.1 265.3 285.1 263.9 281.8 2011 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Average
  10. 10. Sustainable Leadership CENTER  FOR  EXCELLENCE  Over 30 in-house tests, allows internal testing in accordance with IEC standards and those of internationally-trusted testing bodies Long-term Strategic Partnership with TUV Rheinland Group, Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) and China General Certification Centre (CGC). Material & Electrical testing to increase panel durability and product life Allows Trina Solar to confidently offer our customers product and manufacturing warranties
  11. 11. Lotus F1 Team and the EnvironmentTrina Solar is currently working actively to incorporate solar technology into both the team’s dailyoperations and their headquarters at Enstone, UK whilst supporting with a programme of carbon offsetting:•  The Lotus F1 Team are the only team to have a solar system installed in their motorhome•  At Enstone, the team’s simulator building is solar powered, contributing to its status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest•  Trina Solar have committed to the carbon offsetting with the Plant-for-the-Planet campaign
  12. 12. Lotus F1 Team and the Environment“Formula 1 has a long history of providing technologicaldevelopment that has much wider implications than simplymaking fast racing cars. The trickle down of usefultechnology has, however, been incidental to the aims ofthe sport. In recent years by contrast, the sport has taken aconscious decision to structure its regulations to ensure thatthe technology it delivers is of immediate and directrelevance to the future improvement of road car efficiency.Lotus F1 Team has played, and continues to play aconstructive role in the creation of these regulations. Back inour factory, we have delivered many smaller scale initiativesto ensure that our direct activities have a reduced carbonfootprint. So, whether on the small stage of our operations atEnstone or on the wider stage of the strategic direction forFormula 1, Lotus F1 Team is committed to promoting andsupporting initiatives that ensure that our activitiescontribute to a greener future for society.” Eric Bouiller, Lotus F1 Team Principal
  13. 13. F1 and the EnvironmentFormula One is taking steps towards becoming ever more sustainable with regulation changesto drive energy efficiency.The current generation of Formula One cars has already embraced hybrid technology with KERS(Kinetic Energy Recovery System), and the sport is poised for a raft of technical changes for the2014 season to reduce fuel consumption.These regulations will see the capacity of the engines reduced from 2.4litres to just 1.6litres, butperformance will be maintained by permitting much larger hybrid systems that are also able togenerate energy from the exhaust heat
  14. 14. THANK YOU CHINA JAPAN CONTACTS U.S.A. Trina Solar Jerome Mazet GERMANY Marketing Communication Director ITALY Prism Tom Tremayne SPAIN ttremayne@prismteam.comSWITZERLAND AUSTRALIA SINGAPORE U.A.E.