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    Striae-Or-Stretch-Marks-Are-Scaring-That-Occur-On-185 Striae-Or-Stretch-Marks-Are-Scaring-That-Occur-On-185 Document Transcript

    • Striae or stretch marks are scaring that occur on theskin due to rapid growth and stretching. Sometimes they are caused by imbalance in hormones during puberty, during the process of building muscle and pregnancy. If without proper attention it may evenmark forever and so to avoid that to happen, beloware given ways to prevent that kind of skin disability.stretch mark cream
    • Efficacious solutions on how to get rid of stretch marks: -Diet andexercise Drinking a lot of water makes the skin to be elastic and firm,daily intake of vitamins C helps in the production of collagen which is aprotein that supports body muscles Exercising regularly helps in makingskin firm and tones up the muscles One should also eat foods rich invitamin A,C,E zinc and proteins which promote the growth of tissues andhelp you build a healthy skin - Lotions and creams Today in the marketthere are so many companies that claim their creams are the best ingetting rid of line marks but these only contain artificial collagen to makethe skin firm but 91% of them are not clinically tested
    • Most of them are ineffective in removing the marks on your skin Adisadvantage over using these creams and lotions is that in the long runthey will harm your skin -Surgical procedures Abdominoplasty is surgicalmethod applied on the stomach to make it sturdy by removing wrinklesfrom the wall of the abdomen
    • This is done to women after stretch mark cream a pregnancy or after avery great weight loss This also helps to get rid of the stretch marks Thissurgical procedure may come with much expense but is deemed safe butalso may come with its complications
    • - Home remedies There are different home remedies to prevent this skindisability to happen which are easily available Vitamin E oil rubbed onthe skin marks has been found to be effective with pregnant womenCocoa butter is also a known remedy which helps in the moisturizing ofthe skin when applied to stretch marks
    • A mixture of jojoba oil, chamomile and lavender is known to be the bestof home remedies Striae can be avoided, with proper skin care orprocedures that may include amount of money But there are also wayswhich is for free
    • Its always a matter of choice to which you really prefer is more effectiveand efficient Just always remember the things behind after on how to getrid of stretch marks
    • stretch mark cream