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    People-That-Have-Recently-Grown-Very-Quickly-Or-Pu27 People-That-Have-Recently-Grown-Very-Quickly-Or-Pu27 Document Transcript

    • People that have recently grown very quickly or put on a lot of weight can often find stretch marksdeveloping on their bodies. This commonly happens to women who are pregnant, teenagers in a pubescent growth spurt, body builders in theprocess of bulking up and people who are becoming obese through eating a poor diet.best stretch mark cream
    • These kinds of people best stretch mark cream can see stretch marks onlegs, abdomen, buttocks and the upper torso begin to appear Some ofthe more noticeable of these scars are stretch marks on legs but thereare a lot of treatments that can be used to get rid of them 1 DropWeight, Shed Stretch Marks Ladies who have given birth recently willoften find that a good solution for getting rid of stretch marks on legs,abdomen and buttocks is to lose any extra weight that they put on duringtheir pregnancy
    • This can easily be done by eating a nutritious diet that is low in caloriesand exercising on a regular basis People who have stretch marks frombeing obese can also follow these tips 2 Better Skin Diets An importantholistic treatment for stretch marks or any skin condition is to eat ahealthy and nutritious diet
    • The body needs a lot of fatty acids and antioxidants from food so that theskin can defend itself against damage from toxins and free radicalmolecules Good foods that provide the nutrients that the skin needs inorder to protect and repair itself are things like fresh fruits andvegetables, cold water fish and products made from whole grains 3
    • Supplements Taking a nutritional supplement on a daily basis will makesure that the skin has all of the minerals, nutrients and vitamins that itneeds to stay healthy 4 Staying Hydrated Drinking a lot of water everyday is important because it will keep the skin well hydrated so that it issupple and flexible
    • 5 Routine Exercises Scar tissue in stretch marks can be broken downby using light stretching exercise Exercise will also improve blood flow sothat more nutrients are delivered to the skin and will also burn offunwanted weight while toning and firming muscles
    • 6 Massage Massage can aid in minimizing and eliminating stretchmark scars in a couple of ways The masseuse exerts pressure on theskin and that helps to break up stretch mark scar tissue so it can beeliminated
    • The massage action stimulates the circulation and blood flow and thatincreases the amount of beneficial nutrients reaching the skin 7Exfoliation Exfoliating the skin to remove a thin layer of the surface willreduce built up scar tissue in stretch marks and will, over time, removethem altogether
    • Doing this also cleans all of the detritus and dead skin cells from the skinso that it can breathe better and is more flexible and supple in texture 8Creams There are a lot of holistic lotions, creams and essential oilsavailable that are well proven ways to get rid of stretch marks in a safe,inexpensive and efficient manner
    • They work well on stretch marks anywhere on the body including thelegs These natural lotions can help to exfoliate the skin, rejuvenate itwith natural body proteins and increase flexibility and elasticity in the skinby lubricating and moisturizing
    • best stretch mark cream