Identity and consumer economics[1]


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Identity and consumer economics[1]

  1. 1.  During these next few slides I will be analyzing and explaining 5 products that I have chosen specifically to show my identity. I will explain; the image and perception connected to the brand, the values associated, the beliefs connected, and how influenced me into buying it.
  2. 2.  Alienware computer pg 4-6  Soccer Ball pg 7-9  Tennis Racket pg 10-12  Blackberry Phone pg 13-15  Golf Clubs pg 16-18
  3. 3.  Fun and Freedom- The Values is freedom and fun. This computer saves time and it’s fun. The product is considered to be very fast and provides very high resolution. It saves time while doing your work and enhance your enjoyment while playing games because the images are in high resolution and gives you the speed.
  4. 4.  The image connected to this product is that gamers use it. People who look like nerds or un-athletic , who stay in their rooms and play games all day use this computer because it is extremely fast and has a high resolution; perfect for game play. Another unique image associated with this product is its usage by businessmen because they need to use fast and powerful computers. Businessmen who usually use this computer are those who works with data and computation. This computer contains a lot of memory and can handle lots and lots of data.
  5. 5.  Of the factors that influence me into buying this computer was my friends, they told me that its high tech and incredibly fast computer. To validate this, I read a little bit of information on the alien ware website, and later found out that it was the fastest computer in the world when fully customized. Another person that influenced me into buying this computer is my grandfather, he told me about the businessmen in his office who use this computer and how much they enjoy it due to its high speed and powerfulness.
  6. 6.  Power-The values associated with this soccer ball (Chelsea) is that the team is a very powerful and skillful soccer team. Since Chelsea is first in their league, they are considered the toughest and strongest team now.
  7. 7.  The image that is connected to this product is that athletic soccer players use it. Athletic soccer players use this product because the brand “Adidas” is very famous for good quality sports equipment. More specially, the soccer players who use this soccer ball are usually fans of the “Chelsea” soccer team because they want to show some support for the team that they love, or they believe that by using this soccer ball they will be as good as the soccer team.
  8. 8.  The thing that influenced me into buying this product is that I am a Chelsea fan therefore I want to support the team by buying their soccer ball. Another thing that may have influenced me into buying this product is the brand that produced this soccer ball; Adidas. Knowing that this soccer ball was produced from Adidas, it made the decision a much easier and comfortable. Adidas is known very well for their sporting equipment.
  9. 9.  Power-The values that are associated with this tennis racket (Federer) is that he/it is amazing at tennis and he has been extremely good at tennis for many years. Also, not only that he has been number one, he maintained that consistency for about 4 years.
  10. 10.  The image and perception that is connected to this tennis racket (Federer) is that mostly athletic tennis players use it. They use it because they are fans Roger Federer or they like the tennis brand “Wilson”. They would choose the “Wilson” brand because it is one of the most popular and high quality tennis racket brands.
  11. 11.  The people who influenced me to buy this product was my friends and family. Since they mostly all use this same tennis racket, I decided to conform and by it as well. I based my decision mostly on suggestion from my peers. In addition I also decided to buy the tennis racket because I knew that the best tennis player in the world “Roger Federer” uses the same type of racket; from “Wilson”.
  12. 12.  This product has the values of fun and freedom because if you have this phone, you are able to type very quickly and are able to chat with your friends for no cost if they are also using a blackberry phone. Since the phone provides a keyboard, and has the application “Blackberry Messenger” you type with your friends both fast and free.
  13. 13.  The most common perception of people using blackberry phones is that they are very social and have a tight group of friends. People use their blackberry to talk with their friends, it starts becoming a habit, eventually leading to addiction. They get hooked on the idea that they can talk to their friends wherever they are and whenever they want. That’s exactly what the “Blackberry” company wants to happen.
  14. 14.  My family and friends influenced me into buying this product because they use it. They would always be talking to their friends using the Blackberry Messenger, making me want to get one as well. Peer pressure made me persuaded me to buy this phone with out much prior knowledge of the phone itself, I based my decision on my peers and how much they enjoy using it.
  15. 15.  Power- The value power is associated with this product because the top golf players in the world use this brand of golf clubs and win many tournaments. Therefore, when you use these golf clubs, you will be at the top of your game every time.
  16. 16.  The image that is connected with these golf clubs are that they are used by golf players that are interested in being a better golfer or are already amazing at it. Professional golf players use these clubs, therefore we all dream to be as skillful as them or at least have the tool that will help guide us into becoming a more successful golfer.
  17. 17.  My father and my golf pro influenced me into buying these golf clubs because they told me that these clubs are good quality and are used by a lot of professional. Knowing that many professional golf players use this brand, it gives me a level of comfort and made the decision to purchase easier and with out concern.