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Cultural Information Science program at the University of Amsterdam: training information museum professionals

Cultural Information Science program at the University of Amsterdam: training information museum professionals



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Navarrete ictop2012 Navarrete ictop2012 Presentation Transcript

  • ICTOP 2012Bridges and Boundaries: Reframing Professional Education for Museums and HeritageReinwardt Academy - September 13th-15th, 2012CIW-AW at the UvAA cross sector approachTrilce Navarrete
  • CIW at UvACultural Information Science  Current situation   The market for information   Use of Cultural Heritage content  The program   CIW program   Staff and expertise  Student work   Museums online CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 2 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation  The Market of Information   The user expects access to content (for reuse)   Ideally here and now, for free, personalized   The source of the information ceases to be relevant  The information seeker   Information needs depend on context (gender, age, interests, needs, social role, available technology) CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 3 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation Producers Users Adapted from Mackenzie Owen Market for information CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 4 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation  Use of cultural heritage content   It is no longer only on-site   It is not only found in museums   It does not have to be perceived as ‘cultural heritage’ but can be information available for use   It is not only about ‘images’ and ‘facts’ but also about stories (context) CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 5 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation Page 2: Google images After wiki, wall paper, art posters…‘Vermeer the Milkmaid’ CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 6 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation Face recognition software applied to collection (open data projects) Rijksmuseum app ‘Faces of the Rijksmuseum’ CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 7 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation Contextualization of objects, linking to Amsterdam city archive collectionAccesssories Web Special Rijksmuseum CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 8 Trilce Navarrete
  • Current situation  Museum workers need information skills   Understand the information value in objects   Understand information technology   Strategically position information in the market (e.g. so that it is found by Google)   Communicate with multiple constituents (i.e. users, IT, content producers)   Collaborate across sectors CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 9 Trilce Navarrete
  • The programAccesssories Web Special Rijksmuseum CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 10 Trilce Navarrete
  • The program  Cultural information science   We train information professionals   Information ABOUT and FROM heritage institutions   Students learn to serve as link between constituents   Content is found in all sectors (museums, libraries, archives, archeology / monuments)   Balance theory and practice –for informed decision making   Broad application (e.g. technology, content, user, sectors, statistics, law…) CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 11 Trilce Navarrete
  • The program  CIW: BA (3 years) and MA (1 year)  AW: MA (1.5 years) •  Inleiding studies (6EC) •  Information Retrieval (12EC) • Informatie en Cultureel Geheugen (6EC) • Evaluatie informatievoorziening (12EC) • Onderzoek en schrijfvaardigheden (12EC) • Integratieproject (6EC) • Informatie bronnen (6EC) • Masterscriptie CIW (18EC) • Informatiewetenschap concepten (12EC) • Keuzevak (12EC) • Representatie en retrieval (12EC) • Erfgoed 2.0 (6EC) •  Methoden en Tecnieken (6EC) • Informatietechnologieen en systemen (12EC) • Capita selecta –geschiedenis van digitaliseren (12EC) •  Archiveringsystemen (18EC) • Informatie economie (6EC) • Information Regrieval (12EC) • Juridische en organisatorische aspecten (12EC) • Duale Periode Archiefwetenschap (30EC) • Keuzevak (12EC) • Scriptie Archiefwetenschap (18EC) • Vergelijkende archiefwetenschap (12EC) •  Wetenschapsfilosofie (12EC) • Keuzevan (18EC + 12EC) • Bachelorscriptie + onderzoeksgroep (6EC + 12EC) CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 12 Trilce Navarrete
  • The program Robin Boast (head) Tjeerd SchiphofArcheology – technologies of knowledge Lawyer – legal aspects of digitization Henk Voorbij Jaap Kamps Performance measurements Information Retrieval Staff with complementary expertise Frank Huysmans Trilce Navarrete Libraries (public libraries) Museums – economic aspects of digitization Theo Thomassen Charles Jeurgens Archives – Business functions Archives – appraisal and selection CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 13 Trilce Navarrete
  • Student work  Group project MA (6 students)  Research questions   What do museums offer about their collections online?   How is that conceptualized, organized and presented?   What results have been achieved by Dutch museums presenting their collections online?   What best practice can be identified for the digitization of museum collections in the Netherlands? CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 14 Trilce Navarrete
  • Student work  Results   Museums depend on the government for subsidies, so digitization takes place with limited budgets (project base) missing an economic sustainable plan.   41% of collections is image based so access to collections online requires digitization (not only registration).   Digitizations goal: to increase access to collections. However, museums lack goals of use (how much use, what type, by who).   Presentation (incl. participation and search options) could be improved. CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 15 Trilce Navarrete
  • Student work  Results   On/off-line compete, instead they should collaborate.   Digitization is still seen as additional and optional activity.   Digitization should instead be seen to give continuity and quality to the museum service: the preservation and presentation of heritage information. CIW-AW 2012 ICTOP 16 Trilce Navarrete
  • Thank you ! Questions ? CIW-AW 2012 ICTOPThe end 17 Trilce Navarrete