13 Little Known Facts About the U.S.A.


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Wishing you a safe and happy 4th of July!

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13 Little Known Facts About the U.S.A.

  1. 1. July 4th, 2013 little known facts about the U.S.A. 13
  2. 2. Did you know?
  3. 3. The current flag of the U.S.A. was designed by a 17-year-old for a school project. He received a B-. Ouch.
  4. 4. Crack open the cooler this holiday, it’s tradition... the tune of our national anthem comes from an English drinking song and our 16th president was a licensed bartender (that’s right, Honest Abe himself)!
  5. 5. Lady Liberty was a gift from France (and not a cheap one). The seven rays on her crown represent the seven continents, each measuring up to 9 feet in length and weighing as much as 150 pounds.
  6. 6. 4 Cheers to a day off! Once upon a time, we didn’t have an actual July 4th holiday. Although Americans celebrated it informally, it wasn’t an official calendar holiday
  7. 7. The Liberty Bell was last rung on George Washington’s birthday in 1846. It received its fatal crack a few hours later. (Need our engineers to help you fix that, guys?)
  8. 8. About 35 million Americans share DNA with at least 1 of the 102 pilgrims who arrived aboard the Mayflower in 1620. Impressive, given about half of the pilgrims didn’t make it through the first winter.
  9. 9. Of the spelling errors in the Constitution, “Pensylvania” above the signers’ names is probably the most glaring.WHOOPS.
  10. 10. The bald eagle was chosen as the emblem of the U.S.A. on June 20, 1782 because of its long life, great strength, and majestic looks - arguably more majestic than the turkey, the bird Benjamin Franklin nominated.
  11. 11. The shortest inaugural address in U.S. history, given in 1793 by George Washington, was only 135 words. His dentures hurt, and he wanted to get it over with. The shortest address SHOULD have been delivered by William Henry Harrison, who gave his lengthier address in 1841 in the snow without a hat or coat. He died of pneumonia within the month.
  12. 12. Fourth of July fireworks made their debut in July 1776. It is rumored they were used to make a mockery of the tradition of fireworks displays for British royalty. Shhh, don’t tell them.
  13. 13. Strange coincidence? Former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed away on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1826.
  14. 14. You thought YOU had a big nose? The Mount Rushmore Presidents’ noses are each 20 feet long, their mouths are 18 feet wide, and their eyes are about 11 feet across. It took the removal of 800 million pounds of stone to make it happen!
  15. 15. Pioneers on the Oregon Trail raced to reach Wyoming’s Independence Rock by the 4th of July. To make it through the Rockies before winter, and to celebrate America’s birthday in good company. WHY?
  16. 16. Trihydro wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July holiday among good company!
  17. 17. Do your friends and family know the truth about George Washington’s dentures or Honest Abe’s part-time job? Share... Sources: http://www.buzzfeed.com http://list25.com www.wyomingtourism.org www.brainyhistroy.com www.britannica.com