The big story (BIG DATA)


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2.7 Zeta bytes data exists in today’s digital universe. Where does it come from?

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The big story (BIG DATA)

  1. 1. The Big Story
  2. 2. In 1980's 10MB Hard Disk - $3398 *Source:
  3. 3. In 2000 Storage costs touched $20/GB was born in 1990’s *Source:
  4. 4. 2014..... 1TB costs $80 or less *Source:
  5. 5. But the technological per-capita capacity to store information has doubled every 40 months since the 1980’s. *Source:
  6. 6. Fall of mega size personal computers *Source:
  7. 7. Rise of new Digital Universe! *Source:
  8. 8. The storage costs reduced but the data accumulation tremendously increased and lead to Network Overload *Source:
  9. 9. Cloud to the rescue!!! Application Platform infrastructure Software *Source:
  10. 10. And....... *Source:
  11. 11. # The Bigger Picture Storage capacity demands 40-60% rise every year. 5 out of 6 organizations plan to implement cloud storage for their future operations. Cloud Storage 46% 38% 16% Organizations Already Use Organizations Plan to Use Organizations Don’t Use *Source:
  12. 12. # Disaster Recovery (DR) 1 out of 4 organizations depend on cloud storage as their DR strategy. 1 out of 10 organizations depend only on cloud storage for their backup. Cloud Storage for DR 47% 33% 27% Don't Use Use Both Traditional & Cloud Depend totally on Cloud *Source:
  13. 13. A vast quantity of data started to become “UNSTRUCTURED” *Source:
  14. 14. The concept of “BIG DATA” emerges!! *Source:
  15. 15. What’s the big deal about BIG DATA? *Source:
  16. 16. # big data A large quantity of COMPLEX data, which we can now capture, store and analyze in Real-Time. Big data comes from.. 57% Emails 88% Transactions 38% Audio 34% Video and Photos *Source:
  17. 17. # why is it so important now? 570 new websites are created every minute of the day. 72 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute. 30+ billion pieces of data is added to Facebook every month. 400 million tweets are created by active users each day. It is impossible to capture, store, manage and analyze huge data without “BIG DATA” *Source:
  18. 18. 2.7 Zeta bytes data exists in today’s digital universe. In 2012, 90% of entire data existed in past had been created in previous 2 years. 50X The data in 2020 will be larger compared to today *Source:
  19. 19. # The future has arrived By 2015, -68% of data is expected to be created by consumers. -Big data is expected to create 4.4 million IT Jobs globally. -3 Billion people are expected to be online to push and share the data of 8 Zeta bytes. $32.1 Billion dollars is expected to be spent on big data in 2014 *Source:
  20. 20. Big Data has Big Future.... *Source:
  21. 21. Thank you Partnering with Success Tricon Infotech @triconInfotech
  22. 22. Credits - Source: Image: