Robert louis balfour stevenson

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  • 1. Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson
    By Kushagra
  • 2. Where is the author from?
    Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 13th November 1850
    When he was born, he had certain
    illnesses and he was left with them
    for his entire life. He became very thin
    due to these illnesses.
  • 3. Books he has written?
    He has written many books, some of them include, treasure island, the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the black arrow etc.
    He was very deeply admired
    by many authors. One of the
    the authors said about him
    “He seemed to pick the right
    words up on the tip of his
  • 4. Good things
    In the late 1873s , on a visit to England, he made 2 really good friends. Sidney Colvin and Frances Jane Sitwell. They helped him out in the writing process. He got to meet new authors through them.
    When he departed for the Pacific
    ocean in 1888, his illness was cured
    a little. He felt better and more
    cheerful and in a mood to write a
  • 5. Bad things
    From the very instant he was born, he was stuck with a permanent illness. It was very hard for him to sleep because he used to cough a lot in the night.
    When he went to the university of Edinburgh, university he paid no attention in the lessons, and tried his best to avoid them.
  • 6. Connections!
    In 1888, Robert boarded the Casco and went to a tour around the Pacific ocean. He used to stop at Hawaiian islands for a long time. This gave him the idea to write Treasure island.
    In 1874, he met a patient, William
    Henry, William Henry had 1 leg. This
    gave him the idea to create Long
    John Silver
  • 7. Why did he become an author?
    From his early childhood, he wanted to be an author. His nurse used to read him religious bedtime stories. This also encouraged him. He was a very good story teller himself.
    When he went to the Edinburgh University, he would spend most of his time learning write.
  • 8. Question, Comments, Concerns