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Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business
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Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business



http://www.FreshBuzzTribe.com Here is an internet marketing plan template small business owners can use to develop their own plans.

http://www.FreshBuzzTribe.com Here is an internet marketing plan template small business owners can use to develop their own plans.



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Internet Marketing Plan for Small Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tribal Marketing™Internet Marketing
    Plan Template
    By Leah Burdick
  • 2. Tribal Marketing™ About the Plan
    This internet marketing plan should be written in conjunction with your overall business or marketing plan.
    Knowing your competitive differentiation, unique market positioning and your revenue goals will make this internet plan more meaningful and attainable.
  • 3. Tribal Marketing™ Overarching Online Objectives
    List specific objectives for your online activities here: (examples below)
    • To build my email database to 10,000 people
    • 4. To convert 50% of leads into customers
    • 5. To provide online customer support
    • 6. To describe and differentiate my products and services
    • 7. To establish my expertise in (topic)
  • Tribal Marketing™ Target Market
    Ideal Customer profile (examples below)
    My ideal client base is
    Doctors with growing or successful practices and
    Their staff -- both of whom desire financial independence.
  • 8. Tribal Marketing™ Online Competitive Analysis
    List your top 4 competitors
  • 9. Tribal Marketing™ Online Competitive Analysis -- keywords
    Conduct a Spyfoo.com search
    Find out what keywords your competitors are using but searching for their websites on www.spyfoo.com.
    Spyfoo.com will list their paid and organic keywords. Competitors’ keywords provide insight on their target market, key products and services and how they communicate with their audience. Knowing this can help glean “holes” in the market place and opportunities for competitive differentiation.
  • 10. Tribal Marketing™ Keyword Traffic Analysis
    Google Keyword Tool
    Are people searching for what you are selling? Google’s keyword tool is a free method of gauging interest (via search volume) on particular products and services.
    It also provides insight on keywords to use in your online published articles and blog posts. (see example next page)
  • 11. Tribal Marketing™ Online Competitive Analysis
    List your competitors’ online activities (examples below)
  • 12. Tribal Marketing™ Your Website
    Your Website Strategy. What do you want people to DO when they get to your site?(examples below)
    Buy something
    Call to set up an appointment
    Register for a juicy offer, providing their email via registration boxes
    Take the survey (providing their email/phone)
    Watch the video on what makes our company/offering unique from competitors
  • 13. Tribal Marketing™ What Makes You Unique
    Your Website Should Represent What’s UNIQUE about your business. The copy, the photos, should all flow from your unique positioning.
    One technique for making your site sticky is presenting your unique “methodology” or offer.
    This doesn’t have to be the equivalent of reinventing the wheel. What’s your unique “hook” or “spin” on what you do? What “top of funnel” products can you offer coming from this perspective? (see next 2 slides).
  • 14. Tribal Marketing™ Your Specific Methodology/Hook
    • "How To Predictably Grow Your Dental Practice 25-35% Every Year While Enjoying More Control, Time Off, And Bottom-Line Net Profits!”
    • 15. All About Spelling’s “20 Best Tips for Teaching Spelling”
    • 16. “How to Become a Full Time Coach Working Part Time Hours”
    • 17. “33 Days to Online Profits”
    • 18. “The Scary Times Success Manual”
  • Tribal Marketing™ Internet Marketing Campaign Diagram
    Driving leads to website or landing page
    Capturing leads on the website or landing page
    Following up with the lead to convert to a customer, such as with email marketing
  • 19. Internet Marketing is a quick, low-cost way to drive new leads into the product funnel
    Level One:
    Low to No Risk
    Level Two:
    First Service
    Level Three:
    Mid-level pricing
    Level Four:
    Highest-level pricing
  • 20. Tribal Marketing™ Internet Marketing Methods
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • 21. Search Engine Optimization
    • 22. Email Marketing
    • 23. Online Advertising
    • 24. Affiliate Programs
    • 25. Web 2.0 -- Social Media, Blogging, Article Marketing, Video and Podcast Marketing
  • Tribal Marketing™ Internet Marketing Tools
    • Blog
    • 26. Banner Ads
    • 27. Affiliate Program
    • 28. Google Analytics
    • 29. Adwords
    • 30. Website
    • 31. Landing Pages
    • 32. Domains/Hosting
    • 33. Written Content
    • 34. Videos
    • 35. Podcasts
    • 36. Email Contact Database
  • Tribal Marketing™ Email Marketing
    • You must have the right email marketing database!
    • 37. Avoid spam
    • 38. It’s an “unsubscribe” world
    • 39. Allows you to build relationship with prospects
    • 40. Provide value
    • 41. Automate your follow up
    Watch the
    Systems Leverage video for advice on which email marketing system to purchase
  • 42. What about the 90 who didn’t buy?
    Tribal Marketing™ Email Marketing
    Power of Automated Follow Up
    $40 product example
    Campaign sent to 1000 people
    10% opt-in to an event = 100
    10% purchase
    10 x $40 = $400
  • 43. $1,000 Extra
    Tribal Marketing™ Email Marketing
    Power of Automated Follow Up
    $40 product example
    5x automated e-mail follow up
    5 more people purchase each time
    Campaign sent to 1000 people
    10% opt-in to an event = 100
    5 x $40
    5 x $40
    5 x $40
    5 x $40
    5 x $40
    10% purchase
    10 x $40 = $400
  • 44. Tribal Marketing™ Web 2.0 Examples
    • Web-based communities
    • 45. Social-networking sites
    • 46. Video-sharing sites
    • 47. Podcast sites
    • 48. Wikis
    • 49. Blogs
    • 50. Forums
    A Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content
  • 51. Tribal Marketing™ Social Networking Sites
    Household Names:
    • Twitter
    • 52. Facebook
    • 53. LinkedIn
    • 54. Plaxo
    Specialty by Industry:
    • ActiveRain - real estate agents
    • 55. Gaia.com - environmentalists
    • 56. Kaboodle - people who like to shop
    • 57. Ravelry - a knit and crochet community
  • Tribal Marketing™ Video & Podcast Marketing
    • YouTube
    • 58. Viddler
    • 59. DimDim
    • 60. Blip.tv
    • 61. DailyMotion
    • 62. Odeo
    • 63. Blinx
    • 64. Expo.tv (video opinions)
    • Itunes
    • 65. Podcast Alley
    • 66. Vimeo
    • 67. Ustream - create your own broadcast
    • 68. Google Video
    • 69. MySpace Video
    Big Hint:TubeMogul is a free service that provides a single point for deploying uploads to the top video sharing sites, and powerful analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed.
  • 70. Tribal Marketing™ Content Sharing & Article Marketing Sites
    • HubPages
    • 71. Squidoo
    • 72. EzineArticles
    • 73. PRWeb
    • 74. Webwire
    • 75. Slideshare
    • 76. GoArticles
    Unlike video, you SHOULD NOT post duplicate written content on content sharing sites
  • 77. Tribal Marketing™ Affiliates – A Virtual Sales Team
    • Need the right system: 1ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft
    • 78. Need ability to register affiliates, track sales
    and know how much to pay them
    • 80/20 applies, but builds more exposure
    • 79. Make it easy: provide banner ads,
    landing pages, emails
    • How much is the payout? They
    need to be motivated. Look at other
    similar programs for details.
    • Fresh Buzz Tribe has an affiliate link in
    our bottom navigation bar.
  • 80. Tribal Marketing™ Internet Strategy at a Glance
    Other Social Networks
    Paid Webinars
    Squidoo & Hubpages
    Speaking Engagements
    Live Events
    Email Marketing
    Facebook Ads
    Paid Advertising
    Landing Page 1
    Landing Page 3
    Landing Page 2
    Main Company Site
    PR Web
    Ezine Articles
    Other video sites
    Press Releases
    Web & Landing Page
    All items drive to landing pages or main company site with opt-in offer
    Online PR
    Social Media
  • 81. Tribal Marketing™ Website Sticky Activities
    What “sticky”/juicy offer items will you offer on your website to drive leads into your funnel? (examples below)
  • 82. Tribal Marketing™ Driving Leads
    What activities will you do to drive leads? (examples below)
  • 83. Tribal Marketing™ Create Your Own Internet Strategy at a Glance
    Main Company Site
    Web & Landing Page
    All items drive to landing pages or main company site with opt-in offer
    Online PR
    Social Media