Best Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress


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Best content marketing plugins for WordPress.

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Best Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

  1. 1. Best Content Marketing Tools for WordPress Gary Fox Best Content Marketing Tools for WordPress If you want to improve engagement with your audience then you need to use the best content marketing tools for WordPress. The question though is with limited time and budget how do you get the best results? BtoB and BtoC OBJECTIVES FOR CONTENT MARKETING. No matter whether your are business to consumer (content marketing report pdf) or business to business (content marketing report pdf) content marketing can play a major role in your marketing mix. Clearly both BtoC and BtoB businesses want to gain exposure to new customers and generate business: BtoB – lead generation, BtoC – customer acquisition. The content marketing institute reports demonstrate that many small businesses are struggling with content marketing. CURATING CONTENT With platforms like, and others you can curate content but the problem is it is these sites that get the traffic. What you really want is to curate content on your own website. There are three options: 1. produce your own orginal content 2. curate content
  2. 2. 3. hybrid post – part curation and part original content Hybrid curation is a mix of pulling in good quality content and overlaying your own thoughts, expertise and building a story or narrative. This way you add value to your audience and save time. WHY USE CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS First of all let’s remember the objective for producing content. 1. The number one reason is to win new business – to fuel growth 2. The second is to build a community around your business – in other words: repeat visitors to your website build your email list so you can regularly contact existing and potential new customers people that will regularly share your content increasing brand awareness get back links to your content therefore improving your SEO 3. Demonstrate expertise and authority to build trust with your audience 4. To establish your brand personality, your difference vs competitors As a small businesses you need to take control of your brand online and WordPress provides a good backbone for your online marketing. Content is the fuel for social media Your website is your conversion point; where you turn anonymous visitors into followers on social media, email subscribers and customers who buy from you. Part of this process is producing relevant content for both search engines (so you are found) and your audience (so they engage with your business and share your content socially). There are two types of WordPress plugins/tools to help you achieve this: Content optimization tools (SEO based)
  3. 3. Content curation (source and curate content) To be effective with content marketing in WordPress you need to have a good workflow and use the best content marketing tools. In terms of WordPress these should help you optimise your content for your target audience and help you save time and produce content easily. Curating quality content for your niche can be a great way to build your WordPress content. The great thing about WordPress is that it is versatile. WordPress plugins offer you the ability to customize your website and provide a ready made tool kit to promote your business. Since blog posts rank high as a method for content marketing in the reports mentioned earlier, it makes sense to use the best content marketing tools so that your blog posts stand out from the crowd and produce results. BEST CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS FOR WORDPRESS Blogging is an experiment. You have to try different approaches and tactics, be creative with your content marketing and measure your results and use what worked and ditch what doesn’t. Whilst you can read about best practice blogging you need to test it. Content marketing tools though do help in the first instance by taking away some of the guess work and help with researching keywords, identifying opportunities and even prompting you with quality content you can use in your blog posts. Scribe SEOPressor Curation Suite ExpressCurate WHAT THE BEST CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS CAN DO FOR YOU Optimise your SEO so you blog post will rank better Suggested content to help your write your blog post Suggested images to help visually engage your audience Suggested social content to embed in your blog
  4. 4. #1 – Scribe SEO Scribe is a content marketing tool that guides you to create content that on your WordPress site that is relevant to your audience and optimised for SEO. KEY FEATURES Scribe SEO has four main functions to do this: Keyword research – provides keyword suggestion based popularity column and competitiveness. The ideal keywords you then choose have a high popularity but are relatively low in competition. Scribe compares your site to other sites already ranking for the keyword and gives you a score (from 0 to 100). The lower your score, the easier it is for you to rank for the keyword/term. Lastly you can see how your chosen keyphrase is trending on social media and in Google trends. Content optimizer – this scores your page or post from 0 to 100. The page score is a check as to how well you have completed essentials on your post/page e.g. include the keyword in the url…The Site Score is specific to your website and compares the keywords in relation to your overall site. The more niche and relevant it is to the rest of your site the higher the score. According to Scribe a score of over 50 is good for a site score. Link builder – the link building tool helps you find and build your internal link structure. It identifies other posts or pages that you can internally link to improve the site score and generally your internal linking structure. Site connections – This part of Scribe is found in the main dashboard area of WordPress. For your chosen keyword phrase it will how hard it is for you to rank on that keyword/phrase. It also provides a list of sites for you to either guest post on (generate backlink) or comment on and create back link Site connections also researches relevant social media people and discussions that you can engage in to promote your post. SCRIBE SEO – SCREENSHOTS Keywords Keywords Trends Content Optimizer Link Builder Post Score
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  6. 6. PRICING Scribe starts at $99 per month. There is a 30 day trial period but you need to pay upfront and if you’re unhappy you ask for your money back. As an all-in-one tool Scribe is a great tool for optimising your content. #2 – SEOPRESSOR Seopressor is being used on over 128,000 websites. Seopressor Plugin is gives you recommendations on how to improve your content for SEO (search engine optimization). KEY FEATURES On-Page Keyword Analysis – helps you optimize your post or page based on selected keywords – your page is scored and suggestions made to improve optimization. Rich Snippet Enabled – add rich snippet meta data to your post so that it improves search results. Social SEO (OpenGraph Tags) – this feature allows you to optimize your post for how it appears on Twitter and Facebook (including Facebook meta data) Smart Linking – this feature helps to build the internal link structure in your website or blog. Once you’ve set your keywords Seopressor will automatically create a link to a relevant post. Pricing SeoPressor is priced at $47 for a single website or an optional $5 per month for multiple sites. #3 – CURATIONSUITE The CurationSuite plugin is one of the best content marketing tools you can use. It makes curating quality content easy and quick so you can engage your target audience and become a GO TO source of information. KEY FEATURES Single or Multiple Sources – you can source from multiple of single sources Multimedia curation – curate images, text, videos and content from social networks Content Layout – flexible styling of content
  7. 7. Tag management – tag discovery and saved tags module Link discovery – finds all links within each source you load into the visual editor so that you can find more relevant content to curate. AN OVERVIEW OF CURATIONSUITE FOR WORDPRESS. PRICING Curationsuite costs $147 #4 – EXPRESSCURATE ExpressCurate is a WordPress plugin that helps you to easily curate content in seconds. It provides a streamline process and makes creating content for your niche market easy. Tap into news, social networks and blogs to pull together latest news and topics that will help you engage your audience and demonstrate your expertise. KEY FEATURES Content Preloading – specify the target URL of an article that you want to curate, and ExpressCurate will auto-populate the content into your post. Images – pick up images from the original post, making it easy to add a graphical element to your curated content. Multisource – curate content from multiple sources and web pages in a single article. Keywords Summary – gives you a content-effectiveness summary for the keywords you are targeting, including how often they show up in your titles. SEO Control Center – enter all SEO-related information for your new post on the same page you are composing/editing your curated post.. EXPRESSCURATE – SCREENSHOTS Settings Settings Inserting Content Keyword Summary Keyword Dashboard Shortcut
  8. 8. Overall ExpressCurate gives you an easy tool and a good set of features to start curating content. What makes ExpressCurate one of the best content marketing tools is that is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. PRICING Expresscurate is FREE SUMMARY OF BEST CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS FOR WORDPRESS Optimizing blog posts for SEO is only one half of the battle when producing content. Ultimately your content has to be targeted, relevant and of value to your audience. Small businesses often struggle with time to produce original content so curating content can be a valuable way of improving how you meet the demands of producing content regularly. The best content marketing tools for WordPress represent different options that you can try on your blog. Summary Article Name Best Content Marketing Tools for WordPress Author Gary Fox Description These are some of the best content marketing tools to use to improve how you build brand awareness, engage your audience and improve shares.