Why Facebook Advertising Doesn't Work/Facebook Contests


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Why Facebook Advertising Doesn't Work/Facebook Contests

  1. 1. Hate your Commute?  Rent the Millenium This Afternoons Topic: Falcon for the  afternoon. Why Facebook Advertising Does  NOT Work…  But you’re probably  not even seeing this message  because you’re so blown away by  the targeted ads you see to your  Don’t go into the real  world, just Like our  right. stock photography 126,067,690 (ish) instead! No awkward  silences! That’s what she said… Presented by
  2. 2. Michael Hubbard• Founded Media Two Interactive in 1998• Talks a lot once you get him going.• Is passionate about EVERYTHING media• Not particularly fond of Facebook.• Can’t wait to talk about Facebook Advertising.Jon Kenney• Senior Media Strategist.• Does all of the real work. Presented by
  3. 3. Facebook Advertising Does NOT work… Presented by
  4. 4. Presented by
  5. 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDycZH0C A4ICan I be your friend? Presented by
  6. 6. I love numbers… Presented by
  7. 7. eMarketer estimates Facebook’s share of US online display adrevenues will grow to 17.7% in 2011, up from a 12.2% share last year.Facebook is expected to see $978 million in additional displayrevenues in 2011—more than display revenues will growthis year at Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft and Googlecombined. Presented by
  8. 8. Big fancy numbers…I’m not making these up…http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics Presented by
  9. 9. What are your options… Presented by
  10. 10. Do it yourself… Sponsored Ads: “Like” Ads: Presented by
  11. 11. Presented by
  12. 12. PollSampling Video Premium… Event Like Presented by
  13. 13. Know your audience… Presented by
  14. 14. Targeting CapabilitiesLocationLanguage and Demographics Presented by
  15. 15. Education and WorkLikes and Interest Presented by
  16. 16. Connections Presented by
  17. 17. Who’s had success, and how… Presented by
  18. 18. He Really “Likes Me” Goal: Beginning with a fan base of around 480 the goal of the campaign was to generate awareness for the Facebook page and boost the number of likes. Key Steps: Because “like” campaigns automatically insert the Facebook page title into the header, it was necessary to focus on multivariate testing with body copy, image, and targeting. The body copy, images and targeting were monitored and optimized throughout the campaign in order to maximize “likes” and reduce that cost per social action. Outcome: The success of the 2 month campaign was clear. The client experienced a steady increase in new fans through the media placements and saw total number of likes jump from the pre- campaign level of 489 to 3,505 at the end of the campaign. That was a 3,460% lift. Presented by
  19. 19. Two months prior to campaign launch: Presented by
  20. 20. Show me the money Jonny… Goal: The goal of this campaign was to drive sign ups for a free consultation for a laser liposculpture procedure. The campaign had strict geo targeting restrictions to certain areas in Southern California and women 35 – 55. Key Steps: Because Final Inches had very little social presence on Facebook and users were going to be directed to a landing page outside of Facebook, emphasis on A/B testing for messaging, imaging, and advanced targeting were critical. The campaign was monitored and optimized daily, poor performers were dropped, winning parameters were kept and expanded upon. In the end Brand logo as well as clear body copy explaining the offer and a strong call to action made the campaign a success. Outcome: The campaign received great exposure over a 2 month period with over 15 million impressions while adhering to the specific geo targeting parameters. Despite what looks to be a low conversion % the campaign performed excellent coming in 42.21% UNDER our target cost per consultation goal. Campaign Impressions Delivered Clicks CTR Conversion % % Under Goal Final Inches 15,629,831 3,618 .02% 1.22% 42.21% Presented by
  21. 21. Community Advertising… Goal: To raise awareness and participation in UNCG’s Trivia Tuesday and Where am I Wednesday wall posts through the use of the Sponsored Stories Page Post ad. The ad would only be run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and be targeted specifically to fans of UNCG. Key Steps: Because this particular type of ad pulls directly from a paste on the client’s Facebook wall it’s integral that whoever is in control of posting know that the ad is running and that the posted content will then be pulled into the ad. This happens any time the ad is live and a post is updated. Targeting for Sponsored Story ads encompass only fan’s of that particular page with the ability to layer on additional Demo, Interest, Education to that subset. This made the Sponsored Story ad ideal for the purpose of driving fan interaction with the brand. The last step in the process is to come up with content that would make users participate in the discussion. Presented by
  22. 22. Outcome: The overall campaign was a success for both the Trivia Tuesday ad and Where am IWednesday when looking at the traffic numbers. Social Impressions, an impression shown withthe name of a friend that interacted with the ad, are high and almost have a direct correlationwith standard impressions. This means that there was a low amount of impressions wastedbefore users began to interact. In addition the ads had a high frequency per user rangingbetween 30 – 40 which means the fans of UNCG were getting the desired exposure to theSponsored Story and increasing the opportunity for action. Lastly, looking at a graph ofcomments per day over the life of the campaign you will see a spike in comments everyTuesday and Wednesday indicating that the ads resonated with the audience and had thedesired effect. Campaign Impressions Social Impressions Social % Clicks  Reach Frequency UNCG Trivia Tuesday 557,068 547,470 98.28% 322 16,979 33 UNCG Where am I Wednesday 693,780 683,835 98.47% 728 17,157 40 Presented by
  23. 23. One of the oldest ways ofadvertising is promotional… Presented by
  24. 24. Morgan Siem• VP of Social Media at Media Two Interactive• Needs a new professional headshot• Chatty. Very chatty. But in 140- character snippets. Found @mediatwo_social.• Wait, we’re talking about Facebook? I thought they said Google+ was going to replace Facebook… Presented by
  25. 25. Facebook PromotionsLet’s make sure you’re #winning Presented by
  26. 26. #1 Presented by
  27. 27. #1(how could you not?) Presented by
  28. 28. #2 Presented by
  29. 29. #3 Presented by
  30. 30. #4 Presented by
  31. 31. #5 Presented by
  32. 32. Facebook PromotionsFor real this time. Presented by
  33. 33. Facebook PromotionsFor real this time.• Types of Promotions• Facebook’s Rules• Building your app (& tools that can help)• Components of a Successful campaign Presented by
  34. 34. Types of Promotions Presented by
  35. 35. Rules, Rules, Rules… Presented by
  36. 36. Presented by
  37. 37. You cannot run a promotiondirectly through Facebook Presented by
  38. 38. You cannot use Facebook’sfunctionality as a mode of entry Presented by
  39. 39. You cannot condition the entryupon users taking anyFacebook action other than: • Liking your Page • Checking in • Connecting to your app Presented by
  40. 40. You cannot use Facebookfunctionality as a votingmechanism Presented by
  41. 41. You cannot notify winnersthrough Facebook Presented by
  42. 42. More rulesI’ll gloss over them, so your eyes don’t gloss over • Use of trademark • Privacy & disclosure statements • Acknowledge that Facebook is not associated or responsible • For app builders… Presented by
  43. 43. Presented by
  44. 44. Presented by
  45. 45. Building your app… and tools that can help Presented by
  46. 46. Quizzes | Group Deal | Sweepstakes | ContestsFavorite Picks | Coupons | Trivia | Signup FormEssay Contest | Video Contest | Photo Contest Voting | Virtual Gift | Fan Gate Presented by
  47. 47. A few words of caution… Presented by
  48. 48. Setting yourself up to winIncentive to shareTie it back to your product (aka not an iPad) Presented by