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  • 1. Online Growth Through Use of SEOtool
  • 2.
    • Founded In 2006
    • Over 50 Years Executive Experience In SEO
    • 200 + Clients Currently
    • 2010 INC 500 Magazine as the 247th fastest growing private company in America,
      • #31 Advertising &Marketing Business and
      • #1 in the Carolinas
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    • As Publishers you have the opportunity to be legitimately relevant for thousands and thousands of searched phrases- and all related searches.
    • Examples:
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    • More Examples:
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    • After Making Changes to the site that SEOtool and the consulting team suggest, the search engines are able to get through the site easier, and our clients are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of keywords.
    • Examples:
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    • Architecture – Site Architecture is it Sound
    • Backlinks –Internal and External Backlinks are they helping or hurting your site
    • Content- Original And Unique Content is great – but is it being served up to the engines Correctly?
    • Ensure all of your content is indexed and found relevant for what you want to target
  • 8.
    • “ I'm honored to offer a recommendation for Triangle Direct Media and SEOtool. The organization is populated by the smartest search engine algorithm resources I've come across in 12+ years of developing websites. Our arrangement with them includes use of their unique "SEO Success" diagnostic tool (called SEOTool). You cannot possibly go wrong choosing them!”
    • Director of Marketing, National B2B IT Services Company
    • “ Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your insight. By the way, I know I've said this before, but SEOtool is truly amazing. It has uncovered so many issues it's shocking. I've never seen anything quite like it.”
    • Web Marketing Director, Online Retailer
    • “ SEOtool is very helpful…we’ve made some significant changes so far, and a lot more in the pipeline.” SEO Manager, Online Retailer
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