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Taddy Blecher talks about alternative models of tertiary education at Making CSI Matter 2012.

Taddy Blecher talks about alternative models of tertiary education at Making CSI Matter 2012.

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  • 1. !"##$%&()*%+&,&+$-.)/0,0."1#0%)233"4&-5"% 6"$7)289&4- :&"%009&%;)70 <=900)>095-9()?+$4-5"%@)A",0#0%
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  • 3. Over 5 million youth are unemployed
  • 4. In South Africa 49% of people live on < $2 per day Solution: education + entrepreneurship Brighter = EconomicCurrent Future for SA
  • 5. >411%&,-$?&0(0%/3$<)()3421)&,$@++46/A4&$B>5?5<5@5CD$/$&4&2*4E,$4*./&F/A4&$G,7$/$HIJK)/*,*/6L$*)64*0$4;$+%66)++5$23)1&"%0093)"8)70)8900)$%&,093&(H0+$4-5"%)#",0#0%)&%)6"$7)289&4-B)70233"4&-5"%)8"$%+0+)!*/2)!&()!-#1$3B)M9-%3"%)647"".B)A-7-9&37&)*%35$0B)*%,&%4&E.0)N$3"$94&%;O)P-3&%,".,0+)Q&7)70)?.+093)Q&7)6&9)R&47-9+)M9-%3"%B)*%%",-5"%>"Q%)S:90#&09)*%%",-5"%)2Q-9+3)&%)62T
  • 6. Track record in the last 10 yrs: Community Individual Development Association
  • 7. Community & Individual Development Association 1979 - 2010A-7-9&37&)*%35$0)U"7-%%03E$9;=900H095-9()-44033)*%35$5"%B)8"$%+0+)VGGW
  • 8. Every Human Being is a Genius Waiting to Happen Unemployed, unskilled people Employed people Improper housing Proper housing Sickness and HIV/AIDS Better Health Substance abuse Educated children Crime, violence, women abuse Safer societyEmployed graduates will earn R6.5 million in life-time earnings
  • 9. 2- year Foundation Programme before Business Degree Bridging unemployable youth into education & entrepreneurship• Open days: 800+ students pitch up• Extensive testing on English and Maths• Out of 100, only 1 tests at Grade 9 level• Remaining 99 students between Grades 5 - 7
  • 10. 21st Century Learning Labs !"#$%&()*Bridging unemployable youth into education & entrepreneurship In-depth study at the Institute: Class A: vs Class B: Excellent math teacher Same teacher + computer-based maths Average score = 23% Average score = 80%
  • 11. >70)A-7-9&37&)*%35$0)U"7-%%03E$9;Pioneering a new ‘accessible tertiary education’ modelBridging unemployable youth into a foundation programme &BBA degreeCurriculum:• 2-year foundation ‘bridging programme’ 14 certificates - 25 essential life skills including: maths, English, digital literacy, leadership & self- development, etc.• 3-year BBA degree (internationally accredited, locally recognized)• ‘Learn & Earn’ bursary programme to make the Institute Self-FundingWhere we are today: 300 students currentlyGoal: 1,800 students within 2 years The Maharishi Institute wins Global Education Award in Bahrain Bahrain EDB Brings Global Summit to a Close Published: Sunday, 10 Oct 2010 | 11:56 AM ET The Maharishi Institute won the Global Education “Seedlings of Success” award on 10 October 2010 in Bahrain. The global award recognizes new educational models that have the potential to improve education outcomes significantly through an innovative, scalable and replicable business model that can work in different countries and regions. The judging was conducted by National Ministers of Education from 10 countries and 500 educators from 48 countries around the world.
  • 12. Maharishi Institute Supporters include:
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  • 14. Maharishi Institute has started a call center to combine practical experience with business degree. www.invincibleoutsourcing.comGOAL: Students earn & stay in school; Funds recycle; Institute becomes sustainable
  • 15. LEARN & EARN 2’nd Year Studies: Sustainable $1,500 + $500 student support Education bursary loan Loan Fund 3’rd Year: Business Degree + Call center work starts 1’st-Yr Foundation: MI provides bursary loanStudent Enters 3’rd & 4th year: Student GraduatesNext student enters Student repays bursary loan
  • 16. SustainableEducationLoan Fund M$&.+&%;)-)6$3-&%-E.0)?+$4-5"%)Y"-%)=$%+ • !$990%.()70)&%35$0)8$%+3)-..)3$+0%3O • >70)%0Q)E$93-9&03)901.-40)347".-937&13)-%+)0,09( 3$+0%)&3)9031"%3&E.0)8"9)70&9)"Q%)E$93-9(O • 6$+0%3)<Y0-9%)Z)?-9%@)")901-()E$93-9( • R01-(#0%3)E()-)3$+0%)-90)$30+)")8$%+)-)%0Q 3$+0%)7$3)[001&%;)70)19";9-#);"&%; • >7&3)-&+3)70);9"Q7)"8)70)&%35$0)-3)70)4-1&-. #-()E0)$30+)")901.&4-0)7&3)#"+0.)-49"33)289&4-)-%+ 70)Q"9.+O
  • 17. Economic Value of Education in South Africa RWVBGGG)109](9)MM2)3-.-9( Graduate RF^^BGGG)109](9)AM2)3-.-9( R_O`#).&80)0-9%&%;3 b c X"0)Q&7"$)0+$4-5"%B)0I104)")0-9%)G)a)R`GBGGG)-%%$-.)3-.-9( Y&805#0)-,09-;0)-%%$-.)3-.-9()"8)R`_BGGGO):",09()4(4.0)4"%5%$03 VGG)3$+0%3)a)Q7090)Q0)-90)%"Q2D09);9-+$-5"%)RF_)#)&%)3-95%;)-%%$-.)3-.-9&03 R)F)E%).&80)a5#0)0-9%&%;3
  • 18. d0.1)$3)M90-[)70):Ne?R>f)!(4.0* Relevant Education * Entrepreneurship * Full Human Development RF)E&..&"%)4"#E&%0+)3-.-9(FGBGGG);9-+$-03)a)Q&..)47-%;0)FGGBGGG).&,03) R_`)E&..&"%).&80)0-9%&%;3 EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD - NELSON MANDELA
  • 19. Ezemvelo Nature Reserve 11,000 Acres, 1,500+ animals Donated by the Oppenheimer Family to The Maharishi InstituteEzemvelo eco-campus will train young peoplefor careers in conservation, guiding, eco-tourism management, organic agriculture andalternative energy skills that are in increasingdemand both in South Africa andinternationally. Students will be involved inthe conservation of their own natural andcultural heritage and learn how to create jobsand wealth that is local, clean and green.Over the last 3 years, more than 4,000 youthhave already taken short training courses atEzemvelo.
  • 20. WE NEED YOUR HELP!IT: computers, network & electrical points, server, softwareInfrastructure: Learning Labs: desks, chairs, glass, building renovationsStudent Support: food, clothing, transportationFunding: Financial support for student loansWin-Win Partnerships: Excellent PR & Branding in our building & on websites (We can offer 6 out of 7 points on the BEE score card) Some of our current supporters include: