Asbestos Awareness Training


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A preview of my Asbestos Awareness Training program offered to schools, hospitals, real estate management firms and other clients in need of asbestos awareness training to satisfy the OSHA requirement for all pre-1978 buildings not determined to be asbestos-free.

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  • thank you. so how many people are here for trng the 1 st time? (show of hands) How many of you have sat through the same prtn 2 or more times. OK, I feel your pain…This is the first time I have presented this trng so forgive me if it’s a bit glitchy but the flipside is at least its fresh and not a rerun! A little about me…? 20/10 I am also on the catechism staff at one of the schools and also one of my daughters goes to an AOD school so I think I have the unique perspective from a teacher and parent also (OK—I know that is a stretch but that is why I want you to frequently interrupt me with q’s and c’s so I can better see things from your perspective so try not to think of this as an another boring trng session—think of this as you were flipping through TV channels and came across the Discovery channel doing a show on asbestos; also we going to try to make it fun and interesting but… I apologize if you…
  • asbestos comes from the Greek for “unquenchable” –the original likely being that in biblical times they wove it into table cloths and they would throw it in the fire to clean it; when Jesus mentions the phrase unquenchable fire in the Gospels its rendered in the Septuagint—the earliest known bible, as asbeston  
  • not to be confused with the large raw fibers in the ore photo tremolite
  • fire resistance is probably its most recognized property as exhibited by this cartoon from the 1940s (read with stereotypical emphasis)
  • this helps support their contention that asbestos-related deaths are epidemic—note it falls between skin cancer and gun shot—most of us know of someone how has died from at least one of those
  • unlike lung cancer, meso is linked almost exclusively to asbestos; this was sort of surprising to me—you figure teacher exposure are pretty passive compared to support staff ( although I think…newly installed-uber fiber release)
  • has anyone ever heard of the city of Asbestos in Canada?—lovely this time of year (early fall) the State Inspector for Wayne Co told me he went there for his 2 nd honeymoon—can’t figure out if he’s that stupid for dragging his wife there or smart for somehow getting a nice “business trip” paid for at taxpayer expense.
  • so are what some of the specific health effects from asbestos? So Alice is in this meeting with a potential buyer of their company… { read and click} ok, so maybe asbestos doesn’t cause a tickle in the throat or lungs, I think Alice was intentionally being sarcastic here—one of the problems with asbestos is that there are no known acute symptoms…in other words--
  • these are the major 4—various other less common I would prefer you not end up like this poor fellow
  • so if you think you have been exposed and might have something how easy it to determine? keep in mind x-rays themselves can cause cancer—one acute exposure less risk than the x-rays required to diagnose also anemia is a possible sign of asb. exp.; as it turns out both Donna and I are anemic—a coincidence? I hope so.
  • so how do we discourage smoking? well by making fun of them…and taxing the heck out of them of course
  • there is another ironic connxn with smoking—they put it in the first cigarette filter {use highlighter pen with mouse} military masks-croc, similar civilian masks used chry: absence of meso among civilians used to defend chry
  • I have had this happen to me a number of times
  • general means of preventing exposure
  • So how is asbestos removal accomplished? Well, let’s ask our resident authority –Dilbert.
  • we definitely discourage students from removing asbestos (as well as Dads’ Clubs!) WE can’t even do any removal or cl III repairs
  • basic elements of PPE—most important by far is respirator, followed by… acoustic guitar is optional (missing gloves-must be too hard to play in latex)
  • however, if you have this type of respirator-you don’t need to worry about these OSHA regs for you geeks out there, here’s a quiz—what type of respirator is this? {something in between PAPR and SCBA}
  • so whats the future?—I know you are only looking 15 min into the future when you can get the heck out of here
  • see you next year or in school
  • Asbestos Awareness Training

    1. 1. Excerpt from the OSHA Two-Hour Asbestos Awareness Training Course Presented by: Joseph Burley Principal Building HygienistTri-Tech Building Hygiene Services
    2. 2. Raw Asbestos Ore  A nice furry rock  Seems harmless enoughασβεστω
    3. 3. …it’s what you can’t see that causes trouble! Microscopic Fibers Seen Through an Electron Microscope serpentineamphibole
    4. 4. “The Flame” of the Fantastic Four c.1940
    5. 5. School ExposuresElementary school teacher was the 8th mostfrequently listed job on mesothelioma deathcertificates.Elementary and secondary schools rankedthird among all workplaces reportingmesothelioma cases.What about SCHOOL MAINTENANCE ANDCUSTODIAL personnel?
    6. 6. Asbestos, Quebec
    7. 7. Health Symptoms
    8. 8. Asbestos Diseases and Symptoms PleuralPlaques/Fibrosis/Asbestosis Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Larynx Cancer
    9. 9. Diagnosing Asbestos Disease Diagnosis includes:  evaluation of lung function  review of history of exposure  clubbing of fingers  X-rays of lungs Cannot be detected by X-ray until about 30% of lung capacity lost. Inability to diagnose by X-ray does not mean that a person does not have the disease. X-rays evaluated by 4 specialists (the worst is discarded and the other 3 are averaged).
    10. 10. Smoking Cessation OSHA encourages employers to promote smoking cessation under the General Industry Standard Any smokers here?
    11. 11. 1954 Kent Asbestos Micronite Cigarette A Kent Micronite cigarette filter showing blue crocidolite fibers protruding from the credits: Asbestorama In the past, crocidolite was similarly used as filter media in hospitals and certain gas-mask canisters.
    12. 12. Asbestos-The Good News…
    13. 13. Asbestos-The Bad News…
    14. 14. Engineering Controls• Restricted Access• Physical barriers/containment• Lockdown/Encapsulation• Process dust control/Wet methods• Ventilation and Air Filtration
    15. 15. Asbestos Removal
    16. 16. Protective gear• respirator• disposable suit/booties• disposable gloves• safety glasses
    17. 17. Most respirators require compliance with OSHA regulations
    18. 18. Status of Future Bans The “Ban Asbestos in America Act of 2007” was reintroduced in the Senate after originally being introduced in 2003. "Ban Asbestos and Prevent Mesothelioma Act“ died in the House of Representatives in 2008 Neither bills introduced yet in Congress in 2010
    19. 19. To Schedule an Asbestos Awareness Class please contact: Joseph Burley Tri-Tech Building Hygiene Services a subsidiary of Freelance Enviro-Tech Services LLC Oak Park, Michigan Phone (248) 721-8574 (office/cell)