5 Things I Learned as a TREW Intern


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5 Things I Learned as a TREW Intern

  1. 1. Hollie’s Year In Review with TREW Marketing!
  2. 2. Define target audience:!Think of subject Social ! Research:!line for:! Email ! advertising! QR! codes! Campaign! Review new job:! Marketing! BLOG! Smart BLOG! Specialist! Marketing! BLOG! Flyer, banner, landing page, email, social media, is it done yet?! Brainstorm! Due Monday!! Schedule! Video! WALL Social ! Ideas! STREET! Media! JOURNAL!
  3. 3. Email Campaigns !Make your point in 40 characters (including spaces)! Project: The first project with TREW was to research potential clients, then create, implement, and analyze an email campaign targeted to small and large biotech and T&M businesses. ! ! What I learned:! •  Other than a new found respect for email marketing…TREW takes the time to revise and revise and revise…!
  4. 4. Blogging !My other grad school writing class!Of the 16 total blog entries, these Social Ad Showdown:3 were my favorite to write:! Facebook v. LinkedIn!   By far, this blog post took me the longest to write. I used my knowledge of TREW’s culture andQ&A with TREW Crewers my experience with social media toIrene and Morgan: Career, create this post about theSuccess, and Passion ! differences in Facebook and It was a great way to LinkedIn’s advertising features.! ! learn more about the QR Codes: Overview and 9 Best TREW Crewers on their Practices! hobbies, expertise, and Previous to this, I didn’t know personal life. ! much about QR codes. I used this opportunity to soak up as much knowledge about them, so I could write an educational and practical post.!  
  5. 5. QR Codes! Marketing Zero or Hero?! Project: TREW Principal, Rebecca had me research how we can implement QR codes for a client’sTREW  Spotlight  Blog   advertising. After many hours on the phone discussing our research findings, we decided to go ahead with inserting the QR code for the print ad.! The result: total of 83 scans that immediately linked to more technical content on the Geotest website.!  
  6. 6. Social Advertising!Exploring new advertising vehicles!Project: In the spring,Rebecca and Wendy receivedtrial offers for Facebookand LinkedIn advertising.They had me set upaccounts on each site totest both social sites out. The result:!We ran it like an experiment, •  LinkedIn was on track to producekeeping constant the budget 3.5X more weekly ad impressions overand content, then tracked Facebook with a 60% higher click-the ad performance week to thru-rate!week. ! What we learned:! •  Both are still budding ad mediums, as neither site met the industry standard for banner ads, which is .1%!
  7. 7. Smart Marketing for Engineers! Marketing our marketing book ! Email blast! Download our smart marketing guide to learn how to make every dollar and hour Flyers passed out of your marketing investment count. In this 6-part smart marketing guide: Smart MARKETING Part 1: Position and Plan - Start Here for Best Results at NI Week! In this part we describe the TREW Approach, and help guide you to define your business goals, the desired timeframe to achieve them, and an investment strategy. for ENGINEERS Part 2: Your Website - Where Engineers Go First There is arguably no more significant marketing investment you can make than your website. We layout 5 components that will take you from designing to measuring your dream website. Part 3: Content Is King We identify 4 key content investments your company can make that will increase trust, A Practical Guide to Grow strengthen perceived value and brand loyalty, gain a higher click-through rate for content placed on your website, and demonstrate your technical expertise. Part 4: Search Marketing - Get Googlized Awareness and Generate This part puts an important focus on driving visitors to your site through search engine marketing, using a combination of search engine optimization and pay-per-click Demand in Technical Markets advertising. Part 5: Direct Marketing - Convert Your Sales to Leads We explain how to use direct marketing to keep your database informed, drive prospects to your website, and demonstrate your technical expertise. Part 6: What About Twitter? One growing area that receives much hype, but is often misunderstood is social media. Just like paid media and earned media, social media has its own set of rules, best practices, and costs. To Download, Go To: TREWMARKETING.COM/SMARTMARKETING Landing Page! Banner ad on home page! Promotional video! Wired news release!The freedownloadable guide“Smart Marketing forEngineers” launched Collective efforts leading to…!at NI Week 2011!
  8. 8. National Award for Promotional campaign ! •  600% increase in web lead growth during book launch! •  217 news release postings! •  47 media views of the news release by journalists within the first 2 hours! •  4505 Twitter users reached! •  60% of traffic from LinkedIn to trewmarketing.com during launch! •  65 YouTube views of the video!
  9. 9. Video! I have an idea…! TREW Stories! Project: It all started with an idea of how to promote the guide, “Smart Marketing for Engineers.” Videos were taken during NI Week, asking engineers on the show floor “What is the greatest challenge when marketing to engineers?” The answers are documented in a 3 min. video, which can be viewed on trewmarketing.com! Smart Marketing for Engineers!Project: At NI Week, we asked ourclients questions about TREW and theCrewers. The video shows the clients’ andour personalities, making a great culturepiece for TREW. It can be viewed ontrewmarketing.com!
  10. 10. Social Media!Rising to the challenge!Project: In the summer, I wasgiven a challenge to doubleTREW’s Twitter followers by theend of August. Loving a goodchallenge, I went to work andcreated a scheduler of socialmedia topics and monitored weeklyprogress.! The result: 220% growth in first month, and 385% growth in three months for Twitter followers.! •  Twitter is now one of our highest source referrers to trewmarketing.com! •  Became influential on topics of: Small business, Marketing, Engineering, Wall Street Journal, and Social media!
  11. 11. Wall Street Journal!It’s a long shot, but…! Project: It was the Friday before the Monday deadline, when Rebecca saw a competition for small businesses, hosted by the Wall Street Journal. She gave me a call, and asked if I had time to help with writing the submission. We both said, “It’s a long shot, and a tight deadline, but let’s go for it!”!The result: TREW Marketing co-founders,Wendy Covey and Rebecca Geier, were named1 of 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs! Thestory of how TREW Marketing survived andthrived through the recession was featuredonline and in print. !
  12. 12. When Preparation Meets Opportunity! Starting in January of 2012, IReview new job:! will be an official TREWMarketing! Crewer as a Marketing Specialist. I’m very honoredSpecialist! and looking forward to all the new projects and opportunities to come! ! ! Thank You!!