Digital Trends for 2014


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Media Frontier, Geneva's creative digital agency predict what's going to be hot in 2014.

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Digital Trends for 2014

  1. DIGITAL TRENDS 2014 At Media Frontier, Geneva’s creative digital agency, we’ve been looking at what’s going to be hot in 2014.! ! !
  2. Creative ! Intelligence Video It may seem like everyone you know is on! Facebook – but according to Cisco, by 2017 ! your video content strategy is going to be just! as important as your social media strategy. Estimates are that we are going to see 1.4! zettabytes of global end-user IP traffic in 2017, because! of this exponential rise in on-line video consumption. This is officially the first time Media Frontier has! used the word zettabytes.
  3. Creative ! Intelligence Mobile friendly content 2013 was a year of responsiveness. ! Fact: 95% of websites we were asked to produce ! in 2013 were fully responsive. This giant leap forward in web design capability has! enabled web pages to fully adapt for mobile, tablet! and desktop. In 2014 we predict that you will need to pay some ! real attention to the detail of your mobile content. ! It’s definitely not a case of one shoe fits all.
  4. Creative ! Intelligence Retargeting You are already being retargeted.! But what does it mean?! ! Retargeting works when a website remembers a! visitors profile and then displays targeted ads when they! travel to other sites on-line. The psychology of repeatedly presenting a brand! generates greater online sales by reinforcing! brand messages and by bringing customers back! when they're ready to buy.
  5. Creative ! Intelligence Personal Data The US National Security Agency is reported ! to have cracked the security codes which ! protect data on iPhones, Blackberries and ! Android devices, but thanks to Mr Snowden, ! we now all know about it. Unfortunately for the NSA, Angela Merkel wasn’t so! keen on the idea when she found out that her phone! had been tapped since 2002. Expect more backlash from this, and a lot more! support of data privacy from the online community.! That’s worth keeping your close eye on.
  6. Creative ! Intelligence Second Screen Second Screen is the use of an additional monitor ! - a tablet, laptop or smartphone - while watching television. ! It allows the audience to interact with what they’re! consuming whether that's a TV show, video game or! movie. Marketeers and digital designers like us, are using second ! screen technology to maximise brand value from this trend.
  7. Creative ! Intelligence The internet of things What does this really mean?! Well, it’s all about connectivity. Not just computers -! but ‘things’. Whether that’s a coffee machine, fridge,! alarm clock or car. Things are becoming connected. Cisco predicts some 25 billion devices will be! connected by 2015, and 50 billion by 2020. Will your 2014 alarm clock be speaking to the! coffee machine for that early morning hit?
  8. Creative ! Intelligence Predictive analytics Predictive analytics is being embraced at an! increasing rate by companies and organisations. Businesses are trying to gain actionable and! forward-looking insight from their data. Why? Companies realise that simply looking in the! rearview mirror to obtain insight and make decisions! is not enough to remain competitive. Companies! want to better understand what actions their! customers might take in the future, not in the past.