Jolt Values and Culture

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Jolt Values and Culture

  • Jolts values are: We Exceed Expectations; We Build Trust in Every Relationship; We Prove Ourselves Everyday; We Take Pride on our Work; We Deliver (i.e., we get it done) Are we rewarding and promoting those that embody these values?

  • Jolt needs to focus and improve our communication. This slide summarizes it nicely. It starts with "Listening well, instead of reacting fast, so you can better understand". Successful communication begins and ends with people willing to listen and understand. Remove emotion, remove ego, remove jealousy. Treat each other with respect and try to understand. Anger reduces your IQ by 30 points. Maintain poise in stressful situations.

  • This is embodied in our value of building trust in every relationship. Many issues we face can be immediately resolved with honest, open communication. We cannot be afraid to speak honestly to each other.

  • This is a great test for us to determine which employees we want at Jolt and which we do not. If we are not going to fight for an employee who is leaving, we should immediately begin to find somebody to replace that person. We only want superstars on our team who are committed to Jolt's success. Adequate, or "fine" is not a luxury we have within such a small organization.

  • One employee's success should NEVER be seen as a threat to another. Jolt's success is defined by ALL employee's doing their jobs spectacularly well. We have to root for each others' individual success. If we are NOT, let's discuss why not and how we can change.

  • This may seem like an odd or even harsh message. The idea is that loyalty for the sake of loyalty is not the end goal. We Prove Ourselves Every Day. If we are no longer proving ourselves, mere loyalty is not enough - nor should be enough.

  • We Exceed Expectations. We measure value in accomplishments and results. Trying really hard and repeatedly coming up short is of no value.

  • I love the last three here and especially the last one. To paraphrase a favorite line of mine: "A Jolt employee who waits to be told what to do is a slothful and not a wise employee. Jolt employees should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, for the power is in them. But a Jolt employee who does nothting until he is asked will lose his reward."

  • Micro managing is tedious. Hiring capable, responsible people and letting them self-direct is essential. If we don't feel comfortable letting a specific employee operate with a lot of freedom, that is a signal.

  • Jolt does not have a vacation policy. We accommodate vacation requests gladly. We assume and believe employees will be responsible to ensure all of their duties are covered while they are away. We trust each other to each get our jobs done and manage their own vacatoin schedules intelligently.

  • I really like this idea as a guiding principle: "Act in Jolt's best interest".

  • The next few slides focus on how to manage. This slide indicates it's not just important to give people orders and instructions but instead to have them catch a glimpse of WHY what they are doing is important.

  • How is Jolt doing at inspiring and motivating our employees based on the context of HOW what they do IMPACTS Jolt? Inspiring employees to WANT to work hard, to WANT to be successful and to WANT to accomplish great things should be the Manager's primary concern.

  • Do our employees understand our strategy? Our metrics? Our objectives? Are their roles clearly defined? Do they understand why what they do is important?

  • Our motto is to be the first choice in food delivery. Our goal is to provide our customers (the restaurants) and their customers (the people ordering food) with service that Exceeds Their Expectations. Everything we do should be geared towards providing excellent service. I really love how this slide talks about the Level of Precision needed for certain tasks. Some demand ZERO errors, others don't. Jolt can improve by defining success more clearly and identifying our key metrics.

  • These next few slides talk about managing by context. Is Jolt doing a good enough job in giving employees the context they need to be successful?

  • How does this apply to managing Salespeople? Or Dispatchers? Or Contractors?

  • Jolt needs to reset expectations of our employees. We need superstars. We should expect employees to be superstars. "Fine" and "Adequate" are not motivating.

  • Jolt does not have the responsibility to provide career management for our employees. We DO have the responsibility to give them opportunities to shine and give them challenging work to do surrounded by superstar employees.

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