Free assistive technology for academic writing v5


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A list of useful and free assistive technologies to support the process of writing.

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Free assistive technology for academic writing v5

  1. 1. Assistive Technology for academic writing
  2. 2. What is Assistive Technology (AT)?
  3. 3. What is Assistive Technology (AT)? How many people have laptops?
  4. 4. What is Assistive Technology (AT)? How many people have laptops? How many have Smart phones?
  5. 5. What is Assistive Technology (AT)? How many people have laptops? How many have Smart phones? How many have tablet devices?
  6. 6. AT can help with Essays- Here are a few…
  7. 7.  Find the essay assignment  Understanding the essay title  Plan your time  Brainstorming  Research  Gather  Organise  Create  Content  Bibliography  Store  Proof read AT can help with Essays- Here are a few…
  8. 8.  Find the essay title Learn about Webcourses and how to access and view information made available by your lecturers. (Online video) click here to view FIND
  9. 9. The Webcourses app, called ‘Blackboard Learn’, can be downloaded as an app on your phone or tablet device for both the Android and IOS. (Android and IOS App) FIND
  10. 10. Dictionary (Website and App for Android and IOS) Explore and understand what the assignment title is asking you to do. (Website and App for Android and IOS) UNDERSTANDING THE ESSAY TITLE
  11. 11. Plan your timeline when completing your assignment (Website). Type in the date an assignment must be submitted, and it calculates the tasks you need to do each day leading up to the submission date (website) Planning your time
  12. 12. A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. One such Mind map maker is called ‘’. (Web Application) BRAINSTORM
  13. 13. To source academic material, try Sweetsearch, the search engine for Students and Google Scholar, the educational side of googling (Websites) RESEARCH
  14. 14. Also, through Google scholar you can locate ‘Google books’ This has textbooks online that can help your research too. (Website) RESEARCH
  15. 15. Capture your thoughts on the move with Philips Dictation Recorder for Android (Please do not record lectures with out your lecturers permission). (Android and IOS App) GATHER
  16. 16. Organisation Aid. Lino is an online organiser to support you. Access lino from your home or college and post a sticky note online whenever you need. Also good for group work (Web application) ORGANISE
  17. 17. Keeping track of your files and folders can be difficult at times. These tips involve calling your files and folders logical names. Also, file names can change in a simple way for you to keep track of them like ‘AT essay V1’. Version 1 can then become V2, V3 and so on as your essay develops. (website) Naming convention for files and folders ORGANISE
  18. 18. ‘Dropbox’ is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. (google drive too) (app / web application) STORE
  19. 19. Azzapt works on your web browser. It can only be used with Dropbox. It converts your Word files into epub formats as well as converting your written documents into MP3 files. So you can now listen to your written work. This MP3 file can be played on your computer or phone. (Android and IOS App) PROOFREADING
  20. 20. g Student Gmail (Browser). Your Student Gmail account allows you to create Word docs and Presentations (Browser) Creating
  21. 21. Easybib (App and Website). IOS 184?mt=8 Android pps This makes bibliography much easier and faster (Also check out Citethis app) (App and Website) Bibliography
  22. 22. Delicious (Website and App). IOS app/id580295142?mt=8 Android rblom.delicious&hl=en This allows to store your Bookmarks online (App and Website) Research
  23. 23. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It aims to provide you with examples of some of the phraseological "nuts and bolts" of writing (websitee)  Content
  24. 24. Free spelling and grammar proof reading software from Ginger. (software) PROOFREADING
  25. 25. Orato (Software). A straight forward text to speech application. Orato can be downloaded and installed. (software) PROOF READ
  26. 26. Prezi (Browser). A very visually stunning way of making a presentation from a free online website. Also, serch for presentations made by others in the search box. (software)  Presentation
  27. 27. (Android ad IOS App)
  28. 28. Assistive technology Then relax with some music in Sound Cloud - (website and app)
  29. 29. Where and how can I find free Assistive Technology (AT)?
  30. 30. - Websites -Googling -Facebook -Google play - Appstore -Magazines -Word of mouth - AT Officer Where and how can I find free Assistive Technology (AT)?
  31. 31. Assistive technology AT BLOG or just click here
  32. 32. Assistive technology Questions and Answers
  33. 33. Assistive technology The Disability Service ...Bring your documentation... 1. Contact your Learning Support Officeer (LSO) 2. Contact your Assistive Technology Officer (ATO) More information at: