Time Warner Cable Business Class Partner Program Online Presentation


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Learn more about how partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class can elevate your business to the top.
By becoming a TWCBC partner, you can:
- Diversify your product portfolio with reliable data, voice, and Ethernet services that
give your customers a valuable alternative solution to traditional LEC providers.
- Increase profitability by participating in our lucrative performance-based
compensation program that offers excellent earning and profit potential.
- Boost productivity with best-in-class online self-service tools that drive efficiency
and fast results.
- Grow your business with confidence because you will have powerful ties to a
fortune 500 company with financial stability and an outstanding track record of
customer service.

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Time Warner Cable Business Class Partner Program Online Presentation

  1. 1. TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS Partner Program Sales Partner Overview
  2. 2. With a vast network of support, Time Warner Cable Business Class can help elevate your business to the top. 2
  3. 3. WE’LL ASSIST IN THE HEAVY LIFTING. Our Partner Program can allow you to provide your customers with the innovative telecom products they need to thrive in today‟s economy.
  4. 4. BENEFIT FROM EXCELLENT SERVICE & SUPPORT Enhanced training initiatives Award winning 24/7 Customer Support Co-marketing opportunities Experienced Channel Sales support Feature-rich order mgmt platform Help Desk for pre-qualifying opportunities
  5. 5. YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BENEFIT FROM OUR VAST NETWORK OF SERVICES. Internet Access Phone & Voice PRI Business Class Cable TV Ethernet Solutions My Account
  6. 6. TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS  Business-to-Business arm of Time Warner Cable, providing commercial service since 1998  Part of a $21.4B, financially stable company  Headquartered in New York, New York – 51,000 employees companywide dedicated to serving commercial & residential  A facilities-based service provider with miles of fiber optic infrastructure within our metro markets  Full suite of advanced services backed by strong technical support – Advanced Ethernet, Internet, Phone, and Cable TV – Scalable business solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of business – Dedicated Partner Channel support structure with local field sales support and service teams
  7. 7. BENEFIT FROM THE STRENGTHS OF A LEADING PROVIDER.  We operate a national network with strong local service  Wholly-owned and operated network, including “last mile” access using carrier-grade ring topology  Strong fiber and hybrid fiber coax network infrastructure that is carrier-class and completely bypasses the ILEC and CLEC infrastructure  Competitively priced, technologically advanced telecommunication solutions tailored to meet complex customer needs
  9. 9. INTERNET ACCESS Always-on Internet access is essential to achieving business goals. But you also require speed, reliability and security. Most importantly, your customer needs an Internet plan that can adapt to the needs of their growing business.
  10. 10. HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS  Internet service tiers available to fit any business  The ability to scale with growing bandwidth needs, allowing increased efficiency for data transmissions  Not distance sensitive like DSL High-Speed Internet Access Tiers * 7 Mbps X 768 Kbps 10 Mbps X 1 Mbps 10 Mbps X 1.5 Mbps 15 Mbps X 2 Mbps * Speeds and pricing vary by market Features: – Always-on Internet access – Ability to customize transmission speed based on business requirements – Power several workstations with a single Internet connection – Large capacity for instant downloads and transmissions
  11. 11. WIDEBAND  Similar service to current High-Speed Internet offering, only greater speeds  Higher Internet speeds offered using DOCSIS 3.0 Typical Wideband Internet Access service tiers include: – 35 Mbps x 5 Mbps * – 50 Mbps x 5 Mbps * * Pricing varies by market 11
  12. 12. DEDICATED INTERNET ACCESS (DIA) DIA provides connectivity on a high-capacity fiber network that can deliver a dedicated and continuous link between your LAN and the Internet. Features: • High-bandwidth, symmetrical, dedicated Internet access link delivered over our private fiber network – • Customizable and flexible bandwidth adaptable to your changing business needs Runs over the Time Warner Cable Business Class fiber network – • Service Level Agreements ensure high performance and availability for your mission critical applications Based on the same Ethernet protocol used for LAN connectivity • Bandwidth Scalability – Bandwidth speeds are dynamically scalable from 5 Mbps up to 1 Gbps to meet your evolving business needs 12
  13. 13. CLOUD SERVICES Hosted Exchange 2010 – Full email, calendar, contact, and task management – Four mailbox options – Mobility support via ActiveSync (included) – BlackBerry Enterprise Server (additional charge) – Servers are on the TWC network and fully managed by TWC Advanced Email Services – Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus (included) – Archiving (additional charge) – Encryption and Privacy (additional charge) SharePoint 2010 – Optional service – Allows for creation of shared sites, internal or external – Supports information sharing and document collaboration 13
  14. 14. Value-Added Services Static IP • Provides an IP address designation that always remains the same Email • Standard POP3 Email (we assign your domain name) Managed Security • Fully managed perimeter of services that includes management, configuration, implementation and 24/7 support. IP VPN • Enable the end-end-to-end secure exchange of information. • Managed VPN option provides enhanced SLAs, robust monitoring and ensures optimal performance. Personal Security Suite • Combat viruses, spyware, and malware to enhance your company‟s network security Wireless Internet Access • Enable multiple devices to access the Internet at your place of business Online Backup • Back up computer files, server applications and other critical business data. • Allows from 10Gb to 1.5Tb of storage. 14
  15. 15. PHONE & VOICE PRI Your secure communication needs are in trusted hands with our reliable, customizable phone services. Flexible plans are tailored to fit your unique business. Your customers can also keep their existing business phone numbers and telephone equipment.
  16. 16. BUSINESS CLASS PHONE  Digital voice service – Replacement for POTS – Analog handoff to customer  1-30 lines (minimum of 2 lines if not bundled with Internet)  Bundled discounts with Internet  All inclusive local & long-distance rate plan – U.S. & Canada, U.S. Territories, etc. Business Rich Features: – – – – – – Three-Way Call Transfer Account Codes (non-verified) Hunting (Sequential & Uniform) Inbound Call Blocking Competitive International Rates Directory Listings Other Features: – – – – – Call Forwarding, Call Waiting Caller ID Outbound Call Restrictions Voice Manager Online Portal Additional Add-ons: – – – – – Voice Mail Business Class Toll Free Remote Call Forward Auto- Attendant Group Voice Mail
  17. 17. BUSINESS CLASS PRI Business Class PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is an IP-enabled voice trunk service that provides flexible and affordable solutions delivered over our scalable fiber rich network. PRI supports the needs of both large and small businesses thanks to its standard and customized PRI configurations. Benefits of Business Class PRI:  IP-enabled voice solution  Gives customers a true alternative to their local phone company  Allows customers to keep current telephone numbers and existing equipment  On-Demand Analysis Reports  Long Distance (LD) Minutes of Use (MOU) packages help businesses seeking to control costs or lower their monthly long distance costs Business Rich Features: – – – – Standard 23 voice channels Fractional options of 8, 12, and 16 “B” voice channels Supports simultaneous voice calls using PRI T-1. Caller ID for inbound calls Other Features: – – – – – – – Unlimited local calling plan Direct inward & outward dialing Call forwarding MOU packages of 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 line call detail Calling Name and Number Delivery for Outbound Calls Inbound/Outbound call block options
  18. 18. VOICE MANAGER With Voice Manager our Business Class Administrative Features: Phone service becomes even more powerful. – Auto Attendant – Hunt Groups Voice Manager puts the control and – Business Voicemail customization of managing a company‟s – Group & Shared Voicemail Boxes phone features at your customers fingertips. – Group Speed Dial A customer can quickly change or update – Account Codes & Call Forwarding their business's phone features, anytime they – DID Distinctive Ringing want, from anywhere securely from the web. Other User Features: Benefits of Voice Manager:  Easy to use – Simply log onto our online portal  Easy to manage – Easily add or remove features to any phone line  Enhance productivity – Help employees be more productive with Voice Manager‟s advanced features  On-demand Access – Update features in real-time from any Internet connection – – – – – – – Caller ID via AIM Online Access to Voicemail Extension Dialing Call Park & Retrieve Call Forward/Cancel Call Forward Directed Call Pick-Up Call Hold
  19. 19. BUSINESS CLASS CABLE TV Offering news and entertainment to customers gives your organization the opportunity to provide an important service. We can tailor video and music programming to enhance your customers‟ business environment and vitalize their guest experience.
  20. 20. BUSINESS CLASS CABLE TV  Informed & Engaged – Gives your customers & employees around the clock access to news and entertainment Features: – Around-the-clock access to news and entertainment will keep your customers informed and engaged. – Increase customer satisfaction with a wide variety of programming options. – Improve customer experience with scalable programming customized to meet your specific business needs.  Quick Installation – Provide your customers entertainment with just one phone call  24/7 Support – Reliable and knowledgeable support representatives working to solve all issues and questions  Superior Quality – Enjoy clear digital or HD service options
  21. 21. CABLE TV VERTICAL LINEUPS Time Warner Cable Business Class offers five core channel line-up‟s to choose from so that you can start building a custom Cable TV package* that works for you. Whether you want to enhance your waiting room environment or entertain patrons at your restaurant, we have a line-up that will fit your needs and the needs of your customers. Features: – – Line-ups to choose from: Healthcare TV Bars and Restaurants TV Prime Cable TV Digital News Tier Business Advantage TV Channel lineups and packages vary by TWC market * Vertical tier packages only available in TWC East Region markets All video packages include Basic Cable, featuring local network affiliates (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC) Select news and shopping networks, local and government access programming and more.
  22. 22. ETHERNET SOLUTIONS Connect multiple business locations with a secure networking solution. As a cost-effective alternative to legacy technologies, our Ethernet Solutions help ensure business productivity by providing ubiquitous connectivity between multiple business locations.
  23. 23. ETHERNET SOLUTIONS  Scalable – Scalable bandwidth speeds to meet your customers‟ changing business needs, from sub-T1 to 10 Gbps  Strong Reach – Our dense infrastructure offers quick sales which leverage our „lit‟ on-net buildings  Reliable – High performance network is maintained by using advanced monitoring tools – Rigorous SLAs, employed to maintain a high level of network performance  Versatile – Bandwidth versatility enables multiple circuit configurations and options Features: – Layer 2 point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint configurations – Metro & Regional P2P transport – With or without Internet Access – Scalable at port speeds of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Mbps up to 10 Gig – SLAs available – MEF Certified Carrier
  24. 24. Why Time Warner Cable Business Class Telecom and IT Partners are increasingly turning to Time Warner Cable for: Revenue opportunities – earn commissions for your sales and provide a total solution for your customers. Reliability — Partner with a network diverse, facilities-based service provider that has a name your customers know and trust Reach — dense TWC infrastructure offers quick sales which leverage the base of „lit‟ on-net buildings Scalability — offer customers faster Internet throughput speeds with high-capacity alternatives to traditional copper-based services like DSL or T1s.
  25. 25. LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING AN AGENT TODAY. Call 1.866.543.5445 or visit twcbc.com/partner Questions? Email us at partnersupport@twcbc.com