A Shift In Creative Industry – Expert Survey


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Key findings of Trendbuero's expert survey about the future of the creative industry (focused on Europe and Asia)

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A Shift In Creative Industry – Expert Survey

  1. 1. Trendbüro Asia-Pacific 2007-10-10 A Shift In Creative Industry Expert Survey Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 1
  2. 2. Q1: In the next five years, which countries will be the most important for the CI in a global context? 60% 40% 20% 0% CHINA USA JAPAN GERMANY UNITED KINGDOM INDIA Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 2
  3. 3. Q2: Which factors are responsible for the growing importance of the CI? 43% Fashionisation of Commodities 37% Design Becoming the Next Competitive Advantage 25% Increasing Need for Unique and Customised Products 23% Use Design to Simplify Functions of Complex Products 21% Global Shift Towards an Entertainment Society Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 3
  4. 4. Q3: What are the five most important drivers of change for the CI in Europe? – The growing importance of Intellectual Property Rights and the adoption of industry standards on a global level is causing further internationalisation of the CI. – Increasing competition and the availability of information, finance and resources are making design the USP and giving well-designed products a competitive advantage. – Global network of consumers and a shift towards digital lifestyle requires the CI to get even closer to the individual and get even more interdisciplinary. – Enduring saturation of mass markets and the economic empowerment of developing countries will make niche markets and customised solutions more important. – Decreasing product quality due to rapid development and shorter lifecycles are triggering a counter trend where people desire quality and locally produced goods. Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 4
  5. 5. Q4: What are main impacts of these changes? – Increasing global convergence of culture, concepts and trends require improvement of intercultural competence from companies as well as the their ability to ignite desire for global values and visions. – It is better to be the first with a good-enough solution than the last with a perfection one. To satisfy increasing demands of consumers with limited purchasing power, companies should focus on quality and the basic functionality of products. – Product lifecycles are evolving. To keep pace with increasing consumer demands and rapidly changing product environments, products are continuously tested, improved, and marketed. Beta markets are the new mass markets. – Fields such as biology, technology, social science and artificial intelligence are increasingly important in the development of consumer-oriented solutions in a complex and continuously changing environment. Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 5
  6. 6. Q5: Which brands, products or concepts are pioneering the CI today and in the future? Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 6
  7. 7. Q6: Where will the fertile grounds for innovation in the CI be in the future? 77% Digital Communication 56% Entertainment and Event Marketing 32% Advertisement 21% Biology/Biotechnology 15% Energy and Environment 12% Interface Design Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 7
  8. 8. Q7: Which parts of the CI will grow the most within the next three years? Advertisement Internet Mobile Communication Interface Design Technology Education Visual Arts Video Games Design Architecture Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 8
  9. 9. Q8: What are challenges the CI face today and in the immediate future? 57% Slow Unification of Laws vs. Quick Globalization of Design 43% Disparity Between Purchasing Power and Higher Consumer Demands 38% Lack of Cultural Understanding 24% Open-Source Culture Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 9
  10. 10. Q9: Which fields within the CI are facing the most difficulties? 67% Music and Film Industry 58% Classic Forms of Advertising 38% Print Publishing 23% Fashion 12% Fine Arts Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 10
  11. 11. Q10: Which current examples best illustrate how the CI is changing? – Consumers are more involved in product development, becoming co-producers. www.facebook.com – Classic product lifecycles turn into a continuously evolving process, e.g. American Idol (research, development and promotion are occurring the same time). www.americanidol.com – Design is becoming the crucial competitive advantage. iPod created a new product category where traditional mp3 players cannot compete. www.apple.com/ – Customers promote their favorite brands and products via platforms like YouTube. But these platforms need creative minds providing content that is worth sharing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8H29jU8Wrs Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 11
  12. 12. Research Design – Trend Farm, Beijing: an expert workshop was conducted with 12 experts from the CI with working experience in the EU/USA/Asia attending – Online Expert Survey: 78 experts from the CI in the EU/Asia participated in the survey – Visionairs Studio, Berlin: a one-week workshop during the Creative Industry Conference in Berlin with 10 experts from the CI from the EU/Asia attended Key Findings www.trendbuero.com >> 12
  13. 13. ©2007 Thank you! Trendbüro Asia | Europe Dirk Jehmlich General Manager Asia-Pacific Trendbüro #2108 Xintai Building | 8 Xiaguangli | Chaoyang District | 100016 Beijing | China Email: d.jehmlich@trendbuero.com | http://www.trendbuero.com Contact www.trendbuero.com >> 13