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TrekPlan nycsw TrekPlan nycsw Presentation Transcript

  • Problem
    • It is too hard to plan a trip!
  • What it is
    • Plan Travel
    • Collaborate
    • Share Itineraries
    • Provide Feedback
  • DEMO
  • Revenue Streams
    • Advertising
    • Paid Premium Service
    • Commission : Sales tool for tour guides
    • Collaboration with Visitor Bureaus
  • Next Steps
    • Project Plan
    • Draft a Business Plan
    • Grow the Team
    • Develop the Alpha Version
  • Ask
    • Developers
    • Graphics Designer
    • Legal Advice
    • Mentor
  • Background Slides
  • Traffic Drivers
    • Advertising eg. Google AdWords
    • Signup-Alerts to friends
    • Distribute Coupons for Airlines, Hotels-Chains etc.
    • Dissemination via travel forums on, v acation barter sites, etc.
    • Cooperation with travel site eg. Expedia: free "pay service” for their customers in exchange for promotion
    • Scavenger hunts in major cities
  • Revenue Streams
    • Advertising
    • Itinerary monitoring and travel alerts - pay feature
    • Pay-per-Use: Travel-Planning-Tool for groups ie. members vote on proposed attractions thus adapting the itinerary
    • Subscription: Travel-Planning-Tool for tour guides where he can manage multiple group-tours.
    • Commission: Sales tool for tour guides
    • Selling user data to Selling customized Newsletter-Lists to tourist marketing companies eg. Visitor bureaus, travel companies, equipment providers etc.
  • Potential Customers
    • Non-conventional Discoverer*
    • Young Fun- and Adventure-Seeker*
    • Culture Traveler*
    • = 288 million worldwide (35%)
    • *Users of Internet for trip planning and want to have personalized itineraries.
  • Competitors
    • create itineraries and view users itineraries.
    • create itineraries from booking confirmations + paid service for travel alerts (eg. flight changes)
    • Yahoo Trips upload itineraries and view and copy other trips.
    • Google maps enter in locations and plot them on a map
  • Differentiation and USP
    • = editorial driven + only available for select markets
    • TripIt does = itinerary functionality is nearly un-usable.
    • Yahoo Trips = does not allow to combine items from different itineraries and does not provide customized targeted itineraries
    • Google = does not provide itineraries of other travelers
    • TrekPlan entirely user driven, allows people to leverage other trips and customize own itnerary, provide feedback
  • Problem
    • Travel Planning is cumbersome
    • Itinerary planning for groups is even more cumbersome
    • No good tool available that helps with itinerary planning
    • No good tool available that allows to utilize other travelers experience
    “ ... holidaymakers set aside guide books and travel companies suggestions to lean on the opinions of fellow travelers ... (they) have a tendency to put more faith in direct forms of interaction ...” P resentation on W orld Travel Market Trade-Show London Nov. 2009
  • What it is
    • Create customized itineraries
    • Share itineraries with friends
    • Collaborate on group trip-planning
    • Enter ratings and comments after the trip
    • Publish itineraries
    • Rate itineraries and attractions of others
    • Combine elements of published itineraries to create new ones