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  • Название Our solution Кружки как на слайде №2 ( и центральный так же )
  • Наименование слайда – Market Шрифт – крупнее Разбить график по годам 60 – 70 % annually growth of the market. Russian Internet auditory of adult users is the biggest in Europe and is 54,5 million the last 9 mont h of 2012 37 000 000 Russian citizens crossed the boarder of Russia Our auditory is 60 % of women and 40 % of men, both single and married, predominantly with higher education, working as managers and having middle level of income Числа к ним определения
  • Наименование слайда – Our business model Шрифт = 18-20 () Фон круга в центре темнее Возможно изменить цвет шрифта
  • Milestones and plans : What is done for today since we’ve started in August 2012: Our project is on its preproduction stage now. Own flights booking engine including direct agreements with more than 300 air companies all over the world; Own hotel booking engine including more than 130 000 hotels across Russia and other countries; Meta-search engine for flights; Social networks integration (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google +, Odnoklassniki); Reviews sharing; Database of more than 3000 cities all over the world, 3 000 sights and more than 40 000 pictures. We are going to launch alfa-version in November 2012. Our plans and main steps we are going to do: mobile app Promotion Filling in the site with a unique content Trip planner Loyalty system development Integration with other social networks like Travel packages development (combining of flight + hotel with a discount; private home + car etc.) International version and promotion of our website in the countries of CIS, Eastern Europe, China, South America
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    1. 1. Alexander Ivchenko COOSergey Gulyan CEO
    2. 2. Existing problems: ` Ideas Communication Services Planner Locals x x x x x Dozens of blogs forums Wikipedia No social integration Separate websites Overpayments Notepad Pieces of paper• Travelers look for ideas, services, information and possibility to share their experienceon dozens of forums, blogs and sites. All information is fragmented.• Service and content providers look for customers, efficient sales channel with the targetaudience.• Find each other in a most natural and useful way is a challenge that requires time,money and nerves.
    3. 3. Our solution Ideas Communication Services Planner Locals• brings together ideas, services, information, possibility to share user’sexperience and organize a trip in a most natural, useful and exciting way.• Service and content providers and users communicate actively and exchange services,experience and advices in a mutually beneficial way.• Planner, price comparison, packages, social integration, online payments, system ofrequest for proposals from dozens of service providers makes our platform unique
    4. 4. Market and auditory 10-11 9 7 5 2 1Billion $ 2010 2011 2012 2013-14 2015 54,5 million - Russian 37 000 000 Russian Internet auditory of citizens crossed the adult users - the boarder of Russia in the biggest in Europe last 9 month of 2012
    5. 5. Our business model:Customers 1. Commission from service providers Payments Air companies Flights Car rental Local service providers Insurance Direct sales Tours discounts Meta-search partners Services Hotels 2. Advertising
    6. 6. Competitors:Features Ideas Communication Trip Complex of Marketplace Places plannin services for locals Information We focus on project, which is one of the most successful projects of this type. Recently was acquired by
    7. 7. Our Team:Alexander Ivchenko Sergey GulyanCOO – co-founder. CEO– co-founder.Since 2011 in travel industry Since 2011 In travel industryAndrew Peregudov Voskvitsov DenisFinancial Director – co-founder. CTO and development - co-founder.More than 10 years of experience in Former YOTA project engineerFinance Elena Chernova – Daria Rudenko - manager of Director of travel services department . travel services department. More than 12 years in travel industry
    8. 8. What makes us different: Smart fascinating content, Ideas and real travel experience; Complex of services which could be booked online directly on our website; Price comparison. Services on request and personal requirements; Social networks integration, advice system and experience share; A full-featured trip planner; Mobile app both for online and offline use; Marketplace for local service providers and travel agencies with the system of automatic placement of services and special offersIn compare to our competitors who is trying to sell travel products only independently, we will also allow our partners sell their products directly, using as a distributional, advertising and online payment platform.
    9. 9. Our nearest plans:What has been done since the start of development in August 2012:  3000 cities in the data base  3000 sights Own hotels search engine  40 000 pictures  ready marketplace for service providers Own meta-search engine Own flights search engine Services, articles and reviews Social networks integration uploading Plans: Mobile app development Content Promotion and traction Loyalty system implementation Travel-planner development Connection of content and service providers
    10. 10. Marketing and sales strategy: Main ways of promotion: Strategic partnership and affiliate program Social networks promotion with help of social networks integration Standard ways of promotion like SEO etc.Our auditory : 70 % of women and 30 % of men in the age of 25-45 years. Higher education. Often work as managers. Have average income.
    11. 11. Investments needs: We are seeking 600 000 $ of investments in exchange for 20 % stake in equity. monthly costs for team of 11 members, taxes and office rent: approximately 20 000 $ monthly cost of the promotion: approximately 28 000 $ mobile app development– single payment: approximately 17 000 $ finishing of all the planned functionality development: approximately 4000 $ 600 000 $ = 12 months of working and promotion the project. 12 months = 225 000 visitors monthly with sustainable growth will be cash flow positive in 12 months after initial investmentsProject is going to be self-sustaining since the beginning of the year 3 after investments. Investments will go to:1 - website promotion and traction increasing (all the time);2 - service development finishing and mobile app development (2 months long);3 – service providers connection (all the time);4 - additional team members hiring (marketing and SMM manager, editor, 2 developers );Exit strategy: Investor’s stake in equity can be sold to the company management; to next round or low risk investors; to other global travel player entering the Russian market or developing on the market.
    12. 12. Thank you!Contacts:+7-911-912 -33-41(Alexander Ivchenko – COO)Facebook: