Tcn how to buy gold online for syndication


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Did you know that most of the people on the TV or in the shopping mall are ripping you off? Seriously. They’re paying you 50% less than what your gold is worth. Some of these scam artists will do the same thing if you go to buy gold in person or online. You’ve got to know a few things before you buy.

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Tcn how to buy gold online for syndication

  1. 1. 2011 How can I Purchase Gold Online Travis Grier 3/29/2011
  2. 2. How can I Purchase Gold Online?Did you know that most of the people on the TV or in the shopping mall are ripping youoff? Seriously. They’re paying you 50% less than what your gold is worth. Some of thesescam artists will do the same thing if you go to buy gold in person or online. You’ve gotto know a few things before you buy.We’ve entered a worldwide crisis and in a crisis gold and silver do very well; they holdtheir purchasing power when paper money fails, so it pays to learn as much as possibleabout gold and silver investing. Let me rephrase that; you should have learned about it 10years ago, now you have to learn about it immediately because paper money is going tozero.Gold in your hand, physical gold could be 24k, .9999, bullion, or pure gold, but it maynot be. It could be a coin that is only .9 or it could be jewellery which is only 18k or aforeign gold coin with brass or copper in it that’s only .750.24k is .999 or higher22k is .91621k is .87520k is .83318k is .75015k is .62514k is .58510k is .4179k is .3758k is .3331k is .042You’re probably wondering what the heck this all means, right? It relates to jewellery andscrap gold and, if you deal in buying and selling jewellery and scrap gold, you areentering a much more advanced game than a beginner should – at least if they want tosave and make money!
  3. 3. Buy and sell .9999 gold coins and you will have much less hassle. Bars can be a problemwhen prices get very high, because buyers may not trust that the bar is pure.Bullion coins like U.S. Buffalos and Canadian Maples are .9999 and recognized aroundthe world; you could reasonably buy or sell anywhere and the ‘premium’ is low. What’spremium? Premium is the percentage the dealer charges. Gold dealers charge premiumevery time they buy or sell. This is how they earn money. If they smell a chance to crankup the premium and rip you off, some will. The people buying jewellery on the T.V. andat the shopping mall are ripping you off as much as anyone can.So who can I trust? Me, I’ve bought and sold to dealers in many places and I haveexperienced most rip-offs at the smallest level. I don’t deal with small operators muchanymore, unless I’ve known them for a while. I deal with and I buy online. Why? I do it, because they charge the lowest premium.Basically, you can expect to pay very close to the international spot price. A small-timermay tell you some kind of story about ‘fees’ that he is incurring at the mint or that thereis a shortage, and use these stories to add 5-15% premium. They’re just lying, straight displays the exact price for which they are buying or selling gold andsilver, at any given moment, 24/7. So does is a difference between these two quality services and I use them is an online bullion bank. You open an account and transfer cash intothe account. You can then use that cash to buy gold, silver, platinum, or palladium anytime you wish and it’s stored in a vault of your choice in Hong Kong, the ChannelIslands, or Zurich Switzerland. You can sell you gold any time or trade it for silver andvice versa. You can have ship your gold to you at any time too. It’s anoutstanding service.Kitco started as a scrap buyer because the founder was originally involved with dentistry– gold teeth and fillings. They evolved into the largest online gold business, period. Theybuy and sell all precious metals. Beyond this, Kitco publishes hoards of information onthe precious metals markets as well as other financial markets, politics and the miningindustry. It’s probably the most popular site, worldwide, for precious metals information.I have dealt with both and and have enjoyed 100%satisfaction as a customer.I don’t think buying gold and silver from large banks who take down all of yourinformation is a wise thing to do. This may be the greatest single risk to your wealth, thesharing of information between huge banks and government, regarding precious metalpurchases. You have much better choices as far as service, security and conveniencedealing online with and, no question.Further, it’s wise to buy gold and hold it at a foreign location like a summer home or arelative’s home abroad, or in a privately run vault with a solid reputation for security,
  4. 4. service and privacy. This helps hedge the political risk by having part of your goldholding in a variety of different makes this very easy. For example, you could deposit say $10000 inyour new account, wait for a pull back in the gold price and then buy 1ounce of gold in each Hong Kong, Zurich, and the Channel Islands, spending $4200. Youcould then spend $3000 on silver and deposit in each of the three and hold the remaining$2800 in Swiss francs or Canadian dollars or some other ‘solid’ paper currency, from apolitical jurisdiction which hasn’t monetized it’s debt in the form of paper currency, orone that enjoys great natural resource wealth like Norway. You could change thisallocation as often as you like with Now you have hedged your politicalrisk in numerous ways.Shopping online is sensible to begin with, if you value privacy. Purchase Gold Online is ano-brainer, it’s very prudent.