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TRAVIATA Newspaper: CRM2011 special
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TRAVIATA Newspaper: CRM2011 special


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Travi@ta newspaper with many case stories, info about Travi@ta & our solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Travi@ta newspaper with many case stories, info about Travi@ta & our solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. CRM 2011 SPECIAL Mensura’s contract managers are now making quotes more e ciently thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mensura is the third biggest Workers’ Compensation insurer in the private sector today. Various types of software, which were not integrated and were increasingly old, were hampering the e ectiveness of the commercial teams and the contract managers, especially with regard to making quotes and following up on them. The group decided, therefore, to streamline the quote management process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its xRM development en- vironment have turned out to be the ideal solutions to meet Continued on page 4RMB chooses to work with CRM 2011even before its release date ! Interview with Anaïs Loits plete integration with Outlook and decision. Several features had to be tion of the information they possess. Another trend that RMB will cer- the possibility to easily create charts present in our future tool: definition Therefore any tool that can move in tainly follow concerns Mobile CRM and personalized dashboards. of commercial areas, interface with this direction will be interesting toIn 2010, RMB decided to other databases or applications, explore. Continued on page 7implement Microsoft Dynamics How will you use CRM? emailing platform. One of the deci-CRM and chose to start The CRM will be used primarily sive criteria was the synchronizationimmediately with CRM 2011. for Sales Force Automation: during between CRM and Outlook. Mi-Meanwhile, the beta version was the analysis phase, we focused on crosoft is the best performer in thissuccessfully installed. how to define areas for each sales area. rep, how to automatically attribute In addition, as Dynamics is a Mi-Why CRM 2011, even if it was not Campaign Activities according to crosoft product, it is easier for users Replicate. Migrate. Integrate.even on the market yet? these areas, … Our CRM will also be to adopt, because it’s a familiar in- We hesitated at the beginning of used as an e-mailing platform, and terface. Finally, Microsoft is a guar-the project between implementing will be diverted for the management antee of good quality. Scribe for Dynamics CRM 2011 - Ready wherever you are.Dynamics CRM 4.0 first, or risking to of internal briefings.directly install CRM 2011. We soonrealized that many features that we Why Microsoft and not the Which CRM trends do you spot, how will CRM evolve according Premise. Cloud. Hosted.wanted were standard in version competition? to you? www.scribesoft.com2011 and took the risk. We were We investigated several other Generally, RMB would like toparticularly interested by the com- CRM solutions before making our go further in the strategic exploita- See page 11 for more info. AXA Belgium Keytrade Banking Concentra EFC Hotel Concepts PAGE 2 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 PAGE 9 PAGE 10 “We now have “Travi@ta’s “Monitoring “The integration “With much better approach is marketing of MS CRM with CRM-specialist insight into the pragmatic and campaign respon- our website o ers Travi@ta we had a business and sales structured, and ses is facilitated many a possibility Microsoft-partner activities in the their consultants by automatic of optimising the who knows CRM eld on a daily are very visualizations in service to our like the back of basis...” accessible...” MS CRM...” members...” their hand...”
  • 2. 2 CRM 2011 SPECIALAXA Belgium Increases Quality ofService with Microsoft Dynamics CRM agers receive weekly automated often represent other insurance reports on sales activity, which also companies, which makes relation- assist in monitoring performance ship management even more com- across the company. plex. Previously, AXA Belgium didn’t have a 360-degree view of brokers’ Benefits work or feedback on customer satis- The success of the AXA Belgium faction related MARILYN CRM tool is best judged to the company’s products com- by the increase of visits by business pared to other brands. Through the managers to the network of brokers CRM system, it can support inde- and dealers throughout Belgium. pendent brokers more effectively The solution extends far beyond its with targeted marketing campaigns, original purpose of performance and offer them more opportunities management. It is helping to develop for training and personal develop- marketing and distribution planning ment. and improving communication be- Now there is also regular report- tween brokers and AXA head office. ing into head office, and, as a result, the quality and frequency of com- Quality of Service Increases munication between business man- with CRM Solution agers and brokers has improved. AXA Belgium has improved the Jean-Claude Swalus says: “Through efficiency and quality of its relation- CRM we’ve gained much better in- ships with independent brokers. sight into the work of our independ- The company has the advantage ent brokers and bankers.” of a powerful and up-to-date CRM system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Knowledge Transfer Ensures helping it to plan sales activities and AXA Belgium Manages CRM coordinate marketing and distribu- E ciently tion work. AXA Belgium has forged a strong Jean-Claude Swalus says: “We business partnership with Travi@ta now have much better insight into in managing the ongoing develop-The insurance business of AXA Belgium – the largest non-life insurer in the country and second largest in the business and sales activities in ment of the MARILYN insurance – set an objective to improve the quality of service offered to its 5,000 independent brokers. the field on a daily basis. Informa- While Travi@ta still maintainsThese brokers sell the company’s products in a highly competitive market to hundreds of thousands of tion that resided in several databas- an on-site presence, the number ofclients. The company chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its new customer relationship management es is consolidated into one system, technicians has been reduced bysystem to help business managers support brokers more effectively with targeted marketing campaigns. giving our business managers more half as AXA Belgium handles moreIn addition to a broker portal, AXA introduced processes for marketing, sales, training, service, and time for customer-facing interac- of the operational managementdocument management. Supported by the CRM system, visits to AXA Belgium brokers have increased, and tions. Productivity has improved itself. There are now seven otherthe solution is now under evaluation for adoption by AXA insurance subsidiaries in other countries. with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.” insurance companies in Belgium us- ing the Travi@ta CRM solution forSituation ment (CRM) project called Manage- insurance. AXA Belgium’s insurance busi- ment And Relationships Instrumentness concerns private individuals Linked to Your Needs (MARILYN). AXA Belgium Endorsesand small, medium-sized and large The aim of the project was to help Partner for 2010 Microsoftenterprises. The insurance divi- AXA Belgium business managers Awardssion – which specialises in property, improve their performance and col- Due to the success of MARILYN,casualty, and life insurance – is the laboration with its vast network of Travi@ta was selected as a finalist forlargest non-life insurer in the coun- independent brokers and dealers in the 2010 Microsoft Partner Awardstry and the second biggest in life in- Belgium. in the Microsoft Dynamics Financialsurance. It operates through a work- Jean-Claude Swalus, Business Services Partner of the Year Awardforce of 200 business managers and Solution Manager, AXA Belgium, category. Jean-Claude Swalus says:more than 5,000 professional, inde- says: “We wanted to increase the Travi@ta made the acronym for ourpendent insurance brokers who also service level to our brokers. Previ- CRM project MARILYN – Manage-represent other brands. A second ously, customer information was ment And Relationships Instrumentactivity concerns the distribution of stored in disparate Microsoft Excel Linked to Your Needs – become re-AXA Bank and insurance products spreadsheets and in-house devel- ality.through a network of 940 AXA Bank oped applications. Management had Max Fatouretchi, Dynamics In-agencies. no central view of structured rela- dustry Manager, Financial Services In 2006, AXA Belgium scoped its tionships between the company and Industry, says: “It’s incredible to seefirst customer relationship manage- individual brokers or dealers, or of the level of expertise that our part- feedback from them on sales activi- ners continue to exhibit as they cre- ties. We needed this information to ate and deliver innovative solutions make sure we were delivering the and services to help expand the busi- appropriate solutions.” nesses, meet customer needs, and Requirements for MARILYN ac- cut costs.” celerated after 2006, with AXA Wim Geukens, Managing Part- Belgium needing a complete distri- ner, Travi@ta, adds: “Microsoft Dy- bution relationship management from the mainframe from within Mi- Marketing and Training namics CRM integrates easily with solution. Additional processes have crosoft Office Outlook. Initiatives Aid Broker Microsoft Office Outlook. This func- been added to the CRM system to The success of the Microsoft Dy- Recruitment and Retention tion avoids users having to switch in E. Mommaertslaan 18A b2 cover critical functions necessary namics CRM toolset at AXA Belgium Brokers representing AXA Bel- and out of applications while man- 1831 Diegem • Belgium to optimise processes and perform- – which also includes Microsoft col- gium are not tied to the brand and aging their daily work.” n tel. +32 (0)2 721 88 80 ance. These include activity man- laboration and reporting technology fax +32 (0)2 721 88 81 agement, marketing, sales, event – is such that the solution has won and training management, service an internal prize for excellence at Trends Top 150.000 & Microsoft and document management, and a AXA Belgium in 2010. As a result, broker portal. it has been demonstrated to some Dynamics CRM: an integrated solution other AXA entities abroad, which are Solution now considering whether to acquire Travi@ta developed a performing interface that gives AXA Belgium worked with Micro- the software for their businesses. direct access from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to: soft Gold Certified Partner Travi@ The flexibility of Microsoft Dy- ta, which launched its MARILYN so- namics CRM has speeded up its • all the contact and financial information of the Top 150.000 Belgian enter- lution in 2006 on an earlier version adoption by AXA Belgium business prises of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Since managers and others in operations • an instant analysis of your current client portfolio then, MARILYN has been updated and product development – around • essential commercial and financial webtools easily to the latest release. 600 employees now use CRM every • the geographical scatter of your customers, prospects, suppliers Before deciding to work with day. Ease of integration with AXA Travi@ta and Microsoft, AXA Bel- Belgium’s line-of-business applica- gium considered solutions from tions – principally the broker reposi- other vendors. After a proof of con- tory called Azimut – was another cept lasting 30 days with Travi@ta, consideration in choosing Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics CRM was able Dynamics CRM. The integration ca- M o r e i n fo o n w w w. tr av i ata. b e to display all the broker-related data pability ensures that business man-
  • 3. CRM 2011 SPECIAL 3 sis of the portfolio or a step-by-step plan for a broker. Moreover, in this way, the commercial directors know which account managers make use of our range of services, with which they can bind the brokers to us.” A broker always has two account managers – one who is specialised in life insurance, and a second for in- demnity insurance. Via the CRM so- lution both colleagues can now share up-to-date information, so that they are aware of each other’s activities. This looks much more professional towards the broker. More streamlining At this moment there are 50 us- ers using the CRM software. “In the long term, we also want the peo- ple from the back office working with Dynamics CRM, so that when, for instance, a broker calls with a complaint about the handling of a damage case, that information can also be entered into his CRM file”, Noël Van de Velde explains. “That way the account managers are up- to-date and they can anticipate the situation. We are also planning on storing the e-mail traffic in the CRM, which will enable us to keep track of the history of the communication with brokers and follow it up. In the future it will also be possible to ex- ecute certain actions towards end clients, like direct mailings, for the a solution which allowed us to start Automatic workflows brokers and follow up in the CRM.Mercator’s quickly and which we could adapt Noël Van de Velde: “Because of Apart from that it is also possible to gradually later on. Travi@ta had ex- the automatic workflows in Dynam- link the CRM with the portal site for perience in the insurance sector and ics CRM the account managers can brokers. That portal site serves for also with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. work faster and more efficient. They setting up the policies but also foraccount Their proof of concept – which they can, for instance, enter actions into information about and registrations delivered really quickly – convinced the CRM after which an automatic for campaigns. It would be very in- us. Moreover, Mercator already had e-mail is sent to the commercial teresting to integrate this in the CRM lots of Microsoft technology in- secretariat for requesting an analy- too.”managers gain n house, and the Dynamics CRM links up perfectly to it.” Everything outsourcedtime thanks Mercator itself employs 60 IT specialists, but because they are oc- cupied with the complete overhaul of the back office, the enterprise de-to a good CRM cided to outsource the development and also the future management of the CRM package to Travi@ta. “The objective with the CRMapproach project was to have the first phase operational really quickly”, says Wim Geukens, Managing Partner at Travi@ta. “The groundwork was laid in about 3 to 4 months. The ac- count managers themselves wereMercator offers insurances for private individuals and SMEs in also involved in the project. We haveFlanders. This is done via a network of some 1200 self-employed integrated the Dynamics CRM withbrokers. They receive support and advice from some 30 account the data warehouse. The accountmanagers. This way, the bond between Mercator and the brokers can managers work via a VPN connec-be made stronger. tion with the central running CRM software, but they also have a local In the past, account managers surances”, says Noël Van de Velde, ‘mini version‘ which they can use of-would list their contacts and activi- Manager Distribution Support at fline and synchronise afterwards.”ties in a non-structured way, very Mercator.often locally on their own laptop. The self-employed brokers, Each account manager gainsBecause of this fragmented way of which are not bound to Mercator two hours per weekworking, a lot of time was wasted and as such are also allowed to sell Thanks to the Dynamics CRM,looking for information. products of other companies, receive the account managers can find im- Mercator decided to invest in support from about 30 account man- portant information like the contactMicrosoft Dynamics CRM. The im- agers who help them on a relational, details of the brokers and sales fig-plementation and management of commercial and technical level. ures per office much more efficiently.the new software were completely Each account manager is in charge “Due to this greater efficiency everyoutsourced to CRM partner Travi@ of about 40 brokers, and must keep account manager can achieve a timeta. The account managers now use abreast of the ins and outs of those gain of two hours per week”, saysDynamics CRM as a central archive offices. Noël Van de Velde. “In the past a lotof client information and history. of time was wasted with e-mailingFinding and sharing information Quick start with and searching for information.”has become much simpler. Account flexible solutions The account managers can alsomanagers can work much more ef- “In the past, the account manag- give their brokers better advice. Theyficiently and time is freed up for the ers used various applications, like can help them to get a better view onbrokers to offer even more services. Access and Excel, and files stored on their clients, and support them when Mercator’s account managers their laptop locally in order to store attracting new customers with cam-use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for their information” says Noël Van paigns, prospection and step-by-stepplanning and for following-up of de Velde. “This made it difficult to plans. The planning conversationscontacts with brokers. This results in find and share this information. The with the brokers are also stored instreamlined and professional sales back-up wasn’t ideal either. There the CRM, so that planning and theprocesses. The district managers too was little overview, to such extent results are easier to follow up thancan steer the commercial activities that the two commercial directors before. This allows Mercator to ad-much better and much more effi- could not sufficiently steer the ac- just better and more objectively atciently this way. tivities of the account managers. For management level where needed. “Mercator sells insurances all these reasons it was decided to And because all the important infor-through self-employed brokers. At streamline the sales activities with mation is stored centrally, it doesn’t CRM for Insurance SEMINAR: 22th March 2011the moment, there are about 1200 the help of new software. We looked get lost when an account manager Mo re i nfo : w w w.trav i ata.beoffices in Flanders offering our in- at various possibilities. We wanted leaves the company.
  • 4. 4 CRM 2011 SPECIAL Case story Mensura Continued from page 1the needs of users. After implement-ing a “Proof of Concept” in ten days,CRM partner Travi@ta put in placea new CRM solution. Nowadays, the360° visibility of centralised infor-mation contributes to better deci-sion-making and improves the per-formance of business negotiations.Towards better managementof commercial activities At the end of 2008, MensuraInsurances management asked theInformation & Process Management(IPM) department to study newprocesses which would help them toattain better operational e ective-ness. Frédéric Kekenbosch, BusinessProcess Manager: “While the initialgoal related mainly to quote man-agement, we quickly extended theproject, so that it would also dealwith processes related to supportingsales activities, relationships withbrokers, and the mobility of ourSales team.” ing of the performance of Micro- it would be possible to see these the existing quote management tool Frédéric Kekenbosch: “With aA true xRM tool soft Dynamics CRM when it came when on the move or working re- and improving the visibility of client new module developed in the xRM The IPM department analysis led to a large volume of data: 170,000 motely. and contract information. environment, we wanted to stand-in 2009 to the first version of specifi- client descriptions, 5,000 brokers, Frédéric Kekenbosch: “Com- In the past, contract managers ardise and rationalise our quotecations which would be the basis for 30,000 insurance contracts and al- pared to the alternative, which was had to use di erent pieces of soft- calculation process. The goal wasthe choice of a new standard piece most 200,000 lines of financial data to develop a home-made solution, ware to make a quote, with, as an clearly to save time when makingof software. “A first demo of Micro- to be managed in a single CRM ap- the ‘Proof of Concept’ showed that immediate consequence, redundant a quote. We will measure it after asoft Dynamics CRM by Travi@ta plication. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided data encoding taking place. At the few months of active use. But it isenabled us to realise the possibilities From the beginning, the invol- an additional wealth of functions same time, the business teams didn’t already clear that the integrationthat a true xRM development tool vement of users was a crucial ele- thanks to its user-friendliness and its have a truly centralised tool to check of Microsoft Dynamics CRM withcan o er. A ‘Proof of Concept’, put in ment in the setting up of the test native integration with other o ce information relating to quotes, con- Microsoft Outlook contributes toplace by Travi@ta in barely ten days, environment: ten key users from tools. Recreating this would have tracts, and clients. user-friendliness and e ectiveness.”convinced us that the xRM environ- di erent departments, including been possible, but we would have The o cial date of the launch ofment which accompanies Microsoft members of Management, sales been missing out on what already the first phase of the Microsoft Dy- Help with decisionsDynamics CRM had the potential to representatives and a few mana- existed elsewhere, and with greater namimcs CRM project was Decem- and improved visibilitymeet our needs,” explained Frédéric gers from the Contracts department functionality. ber 1st 2010. In the weeks preceding Microsoft Dynamics CRM isKekenbosch. were able to test the application the launch, Travi@ta and Mensura also a tool which helps the decision and give their opinion on how user- Calculation tool put in place an intensive training making process: based on inputtedProof of Concept friendly it was, its performance, the The journey towards implement- programme for users, allowing six data and parameters and rules put The implementation of a ‘Proof integration of data from other soft- ing the new system started in March half-days of training for each of the in place, the system automaticallyof Concept’ was to enable the test- ware used by Mensura, and whether 2010. The first stage was replacing 40 users. suggests the appropriate rate to put into an o er, which means the con- tract managers don’t have to make manual, Excel-table-based calcula- New CRM 2011 Training Tracks tions. Thanks to this centralisation, the company data are also more visible, for the management as well as for at Travi@ta’s CRM Academy the commercial department. It is now possible for employees to work on the move: they can work remotely – online, or o ine when an internet connection is not available. A 360° view At the end of January 2011, the second phase of the project at Men- sura allowed to make all the finan- cial and technical information on the brokers available for the con- tract managers. This brought added value to their negotiations with the brokers. “Salespeople now have quick ac- cess to the broker’s portfolio and, when he is negotiating or prepar- ing a contract with him, he can see through a single, simple view what the broker’s contracts, covered risks and the client’s premium are. They don’t have to read every file or con- tract anymore. If they are shown only what is useful for them, in the end, they save time,” comments Frédéric Kekenbosch. Travi@ta’s CRM Academy is ready for CRM 2011! While our In conclusion, Frédéric Keken- Dynamics CRM 4.0 courses will still be programmed, brand new bosch explains how the partnership training sessions and course material have been developed for with Travi@ta worked. “Travi@ta Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. stands out for its undeniable exper- tise with regards to the Microsoft These open course sessions come in two separate tracks to meet the Dynamics CRM solution. Integrat- requirements of both new Dynamics CRM users and enterprises already ing our business logics within the working with MS CRM 3.0 or 4.0 (“What’s new”). tool was not easy. It took time, but the partnership between our IT Check out the course calendar on teams and Travi@ta allowed us to obtain the result that was expec- ted by the business. What’s more, What’s new in Dynamics CRM 2011 Training: they were professional in their ap- 2 and 3 March 2011 proach to skills transfer so that our IT team could become truly inde- pendent.” ■
  • 5. CRM 2011 SPECIAL 5 change activities under one roof. In the new CRM package had to reflect with over 100,000 contacts and tar- addition, during the financial crisis the simplicity and flexibility that geted campaigns at regional level. we were able to attract a great many characterised the sales and mar- For this purpose, the company uses new customers who were turning keting processes in the still young a specialised e-mail tool that was their backs on traditional banks.” company. At the same time, the new integrated into Microsoft Dynamics solution however had to be able to CRM by Travi@ta. Individual and personalised evolve to keep pace with the strong Christophe Bernard, Marketing CRM approach is central growth of the company. CRM O cer at Keytrade Bank: “Ba- The marketing strategy of Thibault de Barsy: “Many CRM sed on the extensive information in Keytrade Bank deviates considera- systems are quite complex and re- Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the bly from what is common with tradi- quire the support of a whole CRM information that is recorded during tional banks. Seeing as the company team in larger organisations. We every campaign, a persistent person- does not sell any of its own invest- however wanted it to be managed by alisation of future contact moments ment products, it considers it one a limited number of people.” is made possible. In so doing we also of its core tasks to inform customers Keytrade Bank took a close look have a better idea of the result of regarding financial products that are at a number of CRM packages and every marketing action and we are on the market and in so doing to al- Microsoft Dynamics CRM emerged able to increase the e ectiveness of low customers to make a decision as the winner due to its flexibility any possible follow-up actions still about their investments themselves. and user-friendliness. On the advice further.” “In their marketing approach, of Microsoft, Keytrade Bank called traditional banks start out from a on CRM partner Travi@ta to steer Knowledge transfer in a static socioeconomic market seg- the implementation in the right di- trusted work environment mentation based on age, gender, in- rection. In order to allow the knowledge come etc. Keytrade Bank’s approach transfer to go as smoothly as pos-Microsoft Dynamics is totally di erent: we strive for a segmentation on an individual level, according to the individual invest- A to Z follow-up of leads The green light for the imple- mentation was given in May 2009. sible, Keytrade Bank chose to have two employees thoroughly trained via the Travi@ta Academy. TheseCRM provides ment profile and the risk strategy that the customer indicates him or Keytrade Bank provided a thorough breakdown of the various work proc- two people are now responsible for the knowledge transfer to the usersproactive follow-up herself based on a range of contact esses in the marketing and sales de- of the system. moments”, explains Thibault de partments, which was subsequently Christophe Bernard: “Today 20 Barsy. translated into a technical analysis Keytrade Bank employees use Mi-of leads at Integrated CRM approach necessary by Travi@ta. The heart of the new CRM sys- tem reflects the unique commercial crosoft Dynamics CRM. The solution is striking for its user-friendliness and as an extension of Outlook itKeytrade Bank The number of Keytrade Bank customers doubled in the past 3 years to reach 135,000, both through approach of Keytrade Bank, which is strongly directed towards an in- dividualised and personalised ap- connects perfectly with the trusted work environment of our employ- ees.” takeovers and organic growth. As a proach for customers and prospects.The marketing strategy of Keytrade Bank stands out through an result of this, Keytrade Bank found Leads from a variety of channels Collaboration with Travi@taindividual and personalised approach for every customer or prospect, itself facing a major challenge: the – telephone, website, information The next phase of the Keytradein contrast to the classic market segmentation found in traditional monitoring of smooth access to con- sessions, trade shows, etc. – are sys- Bank CRM project is the introduc-banks. For this reason, Keytrade Bank needed a centralised CRM tact information for all employees tematically registered via Microsoft tion of Microsoft Dynamics CRMsystem and chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which it implemented whilst retaining integrity and secu- Dynamics CRM and are followed up in the coordination of helpdesk ac-with CRM partner Travi@ta. The rst and most important phase – the rity in this regard. from A to Z by the sales team. tivities and the coupling with theoptimisation of the marketing and sales paths – is now complete. A collection of isolated applica- For example, someone who re- telephone exchange. NaturallyThe system sees to it that leads, originating from various sources tions and manual processes in the quests a brochure via the website Travi@ta will also be called on to(spontaneous registrations via the website, events, e-mail campaigns, company therefore had to make way must fill in his or her details online help.etc.), are followed up from A to Z in a proactive manner and that for an integrated CRM system: this to do so; this information is auto- “Travi@ta works pragmaticallymarketing campaigns can be strongly personalised based on correct was to allow leads originating from matically recorded in Microsoft Dy- and in a well-structured way andcontact information. a variety of channels to be registered namics CRM, and after this Keytrade their consultants are highly acces- and followed up on an individual Bank employees are able to carry sible. Many IT companies with a basis from start to finish. In a second out the further follow-up of the lead broader service o er try to take ad- In 1998, the first Belgian online Bank. Today Keytrade Bank is part phase, Keytrade Bank also wanted to themselves. vantage by always promoting extrainvestment site was set up under the of the Crédit Agricole Group, one integrate the helpdesk activities us- products or services. Travi@ta sticksname VMS-Keytrade, an initiative of the largest banking groups in Eu- ing the same CRM system. E-mail campaigns: to the project for which it was con-that immediately strived for suc- rope. integration with tacted and do a very professional jobcess on an enormous scale. In 2002, Thibault de Barsy, Sales & Mar- The quest for a simple yet Microsoft Dynamics CRM for that matter”, concludes ThibaultVMS-Keytrade acquired bank status keting Manager: “What makes powerful CRM system Keytrade Bank carries out a very de Barsy. ■through the takeover of RealBank Keytrade Bank unique is the com- Keytrade Bank had clear objec- large number of e-mail campaigns,and changed its name to Keytrade bination of banking and stock ex- tives in mind as regards ease of use: both aimed at broad target groups Customer Centric Banking with Travi@ta’s “CRM for Banking” Solution As a CRM for Financial Services collected on a single page. Sales Force Automation “Sales Force Automation” shows All data is available in one ap- specialist, Travi@ta o ers With the customer interaction Account managers can antici- the number of visits made, number plication, so the call center agent a Banking CRM Solution, history module, all customer in- pate changes in each client’s life of proposals given and the total doesn’t have to learn to work with based on Microsoft Dynamics teraction history such as internet cycle and the market to make ap- number of products. multiple applications (loan man- CRM, that allows Banks to banking usage, branch visits, e- propriate o erings, resulting in re- It is possible to manage all cus- agement, credit card, cheque im- attract new customers, retain mail sent and received, and SMS duced time and increased profits of tomer interactions and planned aging application,…) and doesn’t existing customers, improve messages is replicated to MS CRM. their portfolio. activities within a single business have to switch from one screen to operational e ciency and deal platform. another. with a continuously evolving regulatory environment. Customer Feedback Lead generation and This solution aims towards (complaints and customer campaign management a customer centric banking satisfaction) With Campaign management, it experience, making customer There are 3 types of customer is possible to define the campaigns, information more accessible, feedback: inquiries, suggestions associate them with target lists, enhancing quality of customer and complaints. prepare the call scripts, distribute communication, increasing Whatever the type, the simple calls to a team and monitor cam- customer satisfaction and goal should be that the customer paign execution. service consistency and tells the story only once. Lead Capture allows to capture improving e ectiveness and They receive an SMS thank- leads on the internet and assign measurability of campaign ing them for their feedback (with them. activities. tracking number). Feedback is then assigned to queues for operations, Customer Retention A Single view of the for example Card ops / Cash ops / The tool enables Relation- customer IT / Admin / Branch queues. SLA’s ship building using Social Media Customer profiles that allow are defined on segments and priori- (Facebook / LinkedIn): send out agents and relationship managers ties of feedback type. Friend invitations, store Facebook to capture client information at attributes in CRM (personal data), every contact point, help them to Customer Call Center publish campaigns on Facebook build strategic customer knowledge automation and access LinkedIn access from and insight over time. Agents get real-time access to CRM (professional data). ■ With “Single View of the Cus- customer history, accounts, activi- tomer”, all customer demograph- CRM for Banking SEMINAR: 21th february 2011 ties, and interaction information, ics, assets, liabilities, product us- Mo re info : w w w.t rav iat a .be regardless of the customer’s point age, open cases and complaints are of contact with the bank.
  • 6. 6 CRM 2011 SPECIALConcentra achieves more results from customercontact and campaigns thanks to central CRM systemConcentra is the community media group in Belgium. Concentranewspapers (including Het Belang van Limburg, Gazet van Antwerpenand Metro), magazines, TV channels, radio stations and websitesare central in regional or demographic communities. The group as awhole has around 1,100 employees. Previously, Concentra used a Thorough preparationself-developed sales force applicati- with blueprinton. The system had been in use since To increase the chance of suc-2004 but was only used by the B2B cess, Concentra first wanted to tho-sales teams in the regional markets. roughly analyse the CRM needs andGradually the need grew for a more make a blueprint. “We spoke to se-extensive system with more possibi- veral consultancy firms and lookedlities and the necessary flexibility. at their approach”, recalls Benny We could not carry on extending Menten. “Travi@ta - just as we didthe old system”, explains Benny Men- - had a broader perception of CRMten, Manager Customer & Marketing than purely as an application. InServices at Concentra. “Customer addition they have a lot of in-houseknowledge is nonetheless becoming knowledge in the area of CRM asincreasingly important but we could well as a clear vision on ROI andno longer follow the changes in the they were able to present referencesmarket by integrating new possibili- in the media sector. Their Microsoftties in the existing application. The Gold Certified Partner label inspiredtool was above all focused on inter- confidence, and they anticipated ournal processing procedures and too demand for knowledge transfer. Forlittle on customers and markets.” this reason, we decided to choose An extra source of motivation Travi@ta as partner in the elabora-for the CRM project was the outda- tion of the blueprint.”ted customer database. “Without The blueprint was a very tho-a postal address we were unable to rough preparation and became theregister a customer in the database”, basis for the Concentra CRM pro-explains Benny Menten. “As a result ject. “We interviewed every mana- regarding CRM products and sup- into much more than just a soft- ledge and bring about additionalseparate ‘mini islands’ emerged with ger and also a large number of end pliers.” ware tool. “For us, CRM is an atti- sales.”contact details, such as for online ac- users – around 50 people in total - on tude”, states Benny Menten. “Inves- Only after the blueprint wastions for example. The CRM project the subject of CRM business needs”, CRM as an attitude ting in software is pointless if not complete did Concentra focus on thewas therefore also the ideal oppor- explains Benny Menten. “We star- By working that thoroughly, everyone cooperates in sharing and budget, approach and project orga-tunity to thoroughly tackle the issue ted out from these business needs, Concentra wanted to ensure that applying their customer knowledgeof the customer database.” without already making a decision the new CRM system would grow so as to broaden customer know- Continued on page 11Marketing department and sales representativesCorelio Advertising work more goal-orientedthanks to well-organised client informationCorelio Advertising wanted a Making people available of the new CRM system and whatnew CRM system as a support Corelio looked at various pos- was important to them? Most offor the advertisement sale. sible CRM software packages and the answers were in line with eachThe marketing department opted for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. other. Because the individual CRMwanted a more goal-oriented Corelio: “Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects for Passe-Partout and VUMcommunication with their has very recognisable screens and were at an advanced stage already,target groups and sales people offers what we were expecting. there was not that much more workhad to be able to work more Some packages offered even more at the drawing table. We did have toefficiently by having more possibilities, but we didn’t need adapt parts because our clients seeclient information. Corelio these. They looked too difficult to multiple sales representatives, eachimplemented Microsoft implement and less user-friendly for with their own product. As stand-Dynamics CRM together with the end user. Of all the partners we ard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM worksTravi@ta, expert in the field. met, Travi@ta inspired confidence. with one sales representative per Travi@ta was able to show us they client, called ‘owner’. We also had With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, had lots of experience having done to build in a separate safety for thesales people obtained a well-organ- so many implementations at other quotes: we want to share all the in-ised history of every client. After large companies. We are very satis- formation with all the departments,every client visit, they enter the rel- fied with our cooperation: Travi@ta apart from the quotes. It is very im-evant information. Through integra- seems to have made a realistic esti- portant to make people availabletion with other company software, mation of the time the implementa- within the company and allocatesales people see at a single glance tion would take. Nonetheless, our them to the project. Travi@ta’s pacewhich turnover the client is achiev- CRM system as support for adver- sponsible for the internal direction project was not that simple: tuning was very high and more than onceing or which adverts he is placing in tisement sales. The marketing de- and organises the sale of themed ad- five departments to one another, all they suddenly needed lots of inputthe Corelio group’s publications. The partment wanted to be able to com- vertising in newspapers of the Core- with their own back office and with from us. At moments like that, it’smarketing department now has one municate more goal-oriented with lio group. Spotter sells advertising different CRM applications.” good to have people available to dolarge database from which they can target groups and sales people had columns in our papers and free local The internal IT department en- this. Four of our people looked afterselect to conduct marketing cam- to be able to work more efficiently by papers, Jobat sells job vacancies, Pas- sured that the back office system the project, together with a group ofpaigns. Starting up marketing activi- having more client information. At se-Partout sells regional advertising was synchronised with Microsoft key users who now have to developties, sending out mailings, ensuring that moment, the Passe-Partout de- space and Passe-Partout Regie sells Dynamics CRM. Although the VUM the CRM further from their practicaltheir follow-up; it is much smoother partment was starting up a similar national advertising space. These as well as Passe-Partout had both experience.”because everything is contained in CRM project. Independently of each departments worked with various opted for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Within a few months, everyoneone package. Administration also other, both departments decided to CRM applications before, written they first wanted to be sure whether at Corelio was working with Micro-gets access to Microsoft Dynamics go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So themselves or not. A few didn’t even the package would also be suitable soft Dynamics CRM. Fifteen salesCRM. Order processors are able to it’s only logical that Corelio Advertis- have a CRM and kept client informa- for a larger organisation like Corelio people within Corelio Connect start-consult their orders there. Calling to ing opts for Microsoft as its supplier tion in Access or Excel. Lots of infor- Advertising. “That’s why we drafted ed with it initially, the rest followedand fro with sales people looking for for its new CRM application. mation was only stored in the mail- a first plan together with Travi@ later. Passe-Partout had to transferaddresses or details of contact per- “First of all, CRM must support boxes of about three hundred sales ta in February 2007”, explains the data from a different CRM system tosons is no longer necessary. the sales & marketing department people in total. In order to be able to Research & BI Manager. “We sat Microsoft Dynamics CRM in an au- Right before media group Core- at Corelio Advertising. It consists of cooperate better and work in a more down and talked to the various di- tomated way.lio came into existence, predecessor five divisions who previously worked integrated way, we wanted to have visions, people in charge as well asVUM chalked the plans for a new separately: Corelio Connect is re- just one shared CRM system.” sales people. What did they expect Continued on next page
  • 7. CRM 2011 SPECIAL 7 Case story Corelio Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps RMBOpen company culture Sales people add all sorts of in-formation after a client visit: which to optimize sales and customer contactsclient and when they visited, whichresults this had, what was said, you Régie Media Belge (RMB) customers and the reporting also Travi@ta proposed to work ac-name it. Via action management, is active in the commercial held no water. You can find the right cording to the SureStep methodol-they build a client history, which exploitation of media products. contacts in a jiffy nowadays and send ogy. This means that all project ac-simplifies follow-up. Sales people It imagines media and marketing them a personal e-mail from CRM, tivities are carried out in six phasescan also see in a single glance in Mi- solutions for advertisers and in case of promotion campaigns for whereby the risks are limited and ancrosoft Dynamics CRM which turno- sells advertising space for mainly example. on-time and on-budget delivery isver the client is achieving, as the ac- audiovisual media (television ensured. “We very consciously optedcounts are linked to the system too. and radio), but also “new” media Conscious choice for for Microsoft CRM as our users areThey can click to see which adverts (internet). RMB is the second the latest version familiar with the look and feel,” saysthe client placed in which publica- largest player in its category in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Anaïs Loits. “We were staggered bytions of the Corelio group. If the cli- French-speaking Belgium. is not even on the market yet, so why Travi@ta’s technical knowledgeent wants to see his last advert, the did RMB consciously take up Travi@ and approach. They made us a well-sales person will be able to find it in RMB must know every detail ta’s proposal to start with a beta ver- structured proposal, that was verya few clicks of the mouse. Previous- of the advertising chain in order to sion as early as autumn 2010? “First- coherent and to the point. Theirly, he had to involve administration work as efficiently as possible inter- ly, CRM 2011 offers about 500 new proposal contained 17 pages whilstfor this. Sales people can also see nally and to provide optimal assist- functions compared to the previous that of their competitor was 80 pag-which mailings the client received. ance to its clients. RMB wanted to version,” says Wim Geukens, manag- es long. Travi@ta was also the onlyThis gives them an overall picture of improve the entire process both for ing partner of Travi@ta. “The differ- one that took the trouble to get tothe client, which will help them with its employees and its clients in order ence between Microsoft Dynamics know our business and properly un-the sales talk and when they under- to strengthen relations with adver- CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 is also great- derstand exactly what we wanted totake further action. “That is very tisers, media agencies and adver- the CRM system, the bookkeeping er than between all other versions. An achieve with CRM. With clients suchimportant. Corelio has coordinating tising agencies. A new CRM system system and the central planning da- audit trail that can save all changes as Concentra and Corelio, they areproducts and offers advertisement with an unerring link to Outlook be- tabase together in the new CRM ap- per field is standard from now on and also very familiar with the mediapackages: clients can combine ad- came necessary. plication. This was necessary in or- you will benefit from several advan- world. They also have always beenvertisements for newspapers, free CRM-partner Travi@ta installed der to get an overview per file based tages that already existed in Outlook, open as to the possible risks that thelocal papers and the internet. As a beta version of Microsoft Dynamics on all the figures. These details were such as record preview, flagging for choice for a beta version entails.”a sales person, you really need to CRM 2011 to replace the existing cli- previously spread over various da- follow-up and quite a few person-have an insight into the back office ent database and the previous CRM, tabases. Travi@ta used Scribe, a alization features via drag-and-drop One step ahead ofsystems which are all connected to which is also linked to Outlook and special application for automatically menus. But moreover, CRM 2011 the competitionthis.” Mediavillage, a web information migrating and integrating the exist- guarantees optimal synchronization The installation of CRM was the With one common CRM data- platform for customers. Integration ing CRM application into Microsoft with Microsoft Outlook, which was first phase of a larger whole. In abase, sales people from the various was also set up with their account- Dynamics CRM. very important for RMB.” second phase, Business Objects willdivisions know from each other ing system Microsoft Dynamics “In order to display all relevant Travi@ta has already been work- be linked to CRM. RMB also wisheswhether they visited a certain client, NAV and the planning application information on a client as quickly ing with the beta version of Micro- to get into segmentation marketingallowing them to allude to that if Maya (for reservation of advertising and conveniently as possible, each soft CRM 2011 since 2009. Four and may in the future install Share-need be. Corelio has an open compa- space). Users now have a faster, spe- user now has a dashboard with de- people followed everything about Point for document managementny culture and wants to leave all the cific view of the relevant figures via tails relevant for him,” says Bruno CRM 2011 closely via courses and and better cooperation.information visible to all the sales a conveniently arranged, personal Romain. “That was impossible with detailed reading and all Travi@ta “The transversal structure en-people: addresses, contacts, a short dashboard. Users can look up, add the previous CRM system, although employees have meanwhile been sures more openness to the advertis-report of a sales talk, the results of and correct relevant information it is very useful: whoever makes an trained on this version. ers. If one of us is busy with a radioit, and so on. Only quotes are partly more efficiently with Microsoft Dy- appointment with a client must have spot for a certain client, the personshielded. Even though Corelio is one namics CRM 2011. all the figures. Via their dashboard, Listening to the people responsible for TV will also be in-group today, the divisions are partly The RMB employees hardly used sales staff can now keep a constant on site formed of this. This synergy enablescompetition to each other. Thanks their CRM application to manage eye on turnover and easily see their RMB learned from the past that us to provide a better service forto the integration with the media clients and contacts. There was af- portfolio developing up to a very de- the users must be entirely behind our clients and also work more ef-database CIM, Corelio has an overall ter all another client database as tailed level. But there’s more: CRM an application in order to suc- fectively internally: information ispicture of the publicity expenses per well as CRM and the synchroniza- automatically sends such informa- ceed. “Right from the start of the exchanged between departmentsadvertiser, including the figures of tion between CRM and Microsoft tion to the right person. If, for ex- project, we got employees involved much more effectively. We are con-the competition. Outlook was poor; appointments ample, there is a problem with the who know the area through and vinced that this puts us a step ahead made in CRM were not always sent budget, the seller will be informed of through,” says Anaïs Loits, Database of the competition. We now have aMore than a sales tool to Outlook. Data were copied from this. The users can also request such Coordinator and CRM Project Leader very complete database from which The marketing department too CRM and pasted into Outlook. RMB information themselves but they do at RMB. “They ask us objective ques- we can reap the benefits for our-enjoys the shared CRM database: therefore decided to switch to Micro- appreciate us supplying it for them.” tions, consult with their department selves. We were immediately able to“We now have one large B2B data- soft Dynamics CRM. CRM specialist CRM is now also used to make and provide feedback. They will also deliver the necessary details and fig-base where we can manage contacts Travi@ta installed a beta version of specific market proposals to targeted help their colleagues during the fi- ures for a recent objective researchand addresses centrally. This is of the brand-new CRM 2011, which customers and prospects. There was nal implementation: the “train the within the sector,” concludes a clear-course an enormous advantage be- comes onto the market in 2011. The previously hardly any history on the trainer” concept.” ly proud Bruno Romain. ncause we now have a much wider scope: replace the current CRM soft-database to select from to conduct ware and the existing client data-our marketing campaigns. Starting base with Microsoft Dynamics CRM,up marketing activities, sending out ensure unerring synchronization be-mailings, ensuring their follow-up; tween Outlook and CRM, integrate Interview with Anaïs Loitsit all happens much smoother be- CRM into the web platform Medi-cause everything is contained in one avillage, integrate the details from Continued from page 1package. Through the integration the bookkeeping and the planningwith Microsoft Office Outlook, we tool and ensure that e-mail market- and its use on smartphones, Ipad,…can now also register e-mails in Mi- ing and sales actions can be control- On the other hand, we will continuecrosoft Dynamics CRM. We can then led from CRM. to follow everything concerning theimmediately link them to a quote “Appointments made by our em- personalization of our CRM tool.and file them there.” ployees in CRM were not or only part- Administration also has access ly visible in Outlook and vice versa. What is your CRM strategy?to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Or- Working with two databases is not CRM should be the central tool,der processors are able to consult optimal either: you will have dou- the reference tool for all RMB col-their orders there. Calling to and ble the work if you have to change, laborators, the centre of informationfro with sales people looking for ad- delete or add your contact details. for everything affecting the usersdresses or details of contact persons So something had to change,” says directly. We have several databases,is no longer necessary: everything Bruno Romain, General Secretary several business applications andis neatly entered in Microsoft Dy- of RMB. “We wanted an application also Business Objects for the sta-namics CRM. Management is able to which we could entrust all our in- tistics. The idea is to link Dynamicsto follow up sales much more easily formation and with which the users CRM with all these sources of in- “Travi@ta uses the SureStep methodology”.by quickly gaining a view of which enjoyed working. This also had to be formation in order to have a singlecampaigns have taken place, map linked to Mediavillage, our online point of entry for the user. collaborate with each other. The former CRM didn’t allow us to sharethe results and gather which visits application where our advertisers Another major idea of this project will to have a coherent information information efficiently. Dynamicslead to orders. “That is a nice extra, can consult figures or optimize their is to continue the reflection which system will be further strengthened will provide much better communi-but that was not the reason why we advertising plan. They must first reg- led to the reorganization of our com- by implementing SharePoint, inte- cation between departments, as wellimplemented CRM. We do have the ister for this. This registration is now pany and transpose it into our infor- grated with Dynamics. as a better synergy of sales strategy.intention of building business in- linked to CRM 2011. New contacts mation system.telligence on top of CRM later on. are included directly in the database Being a collaborative tool for in- What will be the impact of What would be your adviceThat will enable us to make simple and after logging in, CRM checks formation sharing, Dynamics CRM your CRM implementation on to new customers beforeclient segmentations, map which what information the user can ac- should contribute to this transver- productivity, turnover, … implementing CRM ?campaigns work and which do not, cess depending on his identity.” sality effort. Moreover, thanks to the One year ago, we changed the To implement a system as com-you name it. Allowing us to use our briefing tool that is being developed, structure of the company for a full plex as a CRM tool, we would strong-information in a really structured All necessary information on Dynamics will not only be a com- transversality. However the infor- ly recommend to follow the Sure-way. But for now, that’s still in the one screen mercial tool: other departments will mation system had not really fol- Step methodology, like Travi@tafuture.” n Travi@ta brought the data from also use CRM to communicate and lowed this reorganization. The did. n
  • 8. 8 CRM 2011 SPECIALMicrosoft Dynamics CRM energizes the EuropeanWind Energy Association (EWEA) and its members tion between departments internally Structured the end users. This had to do with and with external stakeholders. implementation plan their involvement right from the In the past, ICT systems could From the start of the analysis start, and of course with the look not support those activities effec- phase of the new CRM system in and feel of Microsoft Dynamics tively. The main reason was that March 2010, EWEA and Travi@ta CRM, which is very similar to Micro- EWEA ended up with about 30 dif- decided to actively involve end users soft Outlook.” ferent data sources, ranging from in the project by giving key users a tailor-made database applications demonstration of the functionalities Events and mailings and Microsoft Excel to a standard of Microsoft Dynamics CRM right EWEA annually sends out mil- CRM application called Efficy. from the start. lions of e-mailings. Efficiently man- Simeon Holdship, IT Manager at This user involvement remained aging contact information, prospects EWEA: “When I joined EWEA in Sep- during the first phase of the project and distribution lists was a primary tember 2009, it immediately became - the business analysis. Travi@ta requirement for the new CRM sys- clear that our CRM system, Efficy, gathered all the requirements from tem. Being able to analyse reading was not doing the job and was run- people in the different departments and click through behavior on e- ning behind regarding user friendli- at EWEA: administration, finance, mails now enables EWEA to initiate ness and system performance. This sales, communications, events, more efficient campaigns, and even was causing a decentralized and memberships and the policy depart- to adjust ongoing campaigns. scattered platform that lead to mis- ment. Based on this input, Travi@ta A great deal of attention also communication and errors towards presented a business analysis docu- went to event management, as members which might harm these ment which was again submitted EWEA organizes numerous confer- valuable relationships.” for feedback by the different depart- ences, exhibitions, launches, semi- ments. nars and workshops each year. In Search for a new CRM The next phase was a technical order to address the specific needs solution analysis, resulting in a document of EWEA, like sponsor engagementThe European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is the voice of the EWEA realized that looking for a which was also reviewed by the and the possibility to assign boothswind industry, actively promoting the utilization of wind power in brand new centralized CRM system various stakeholders at EWEA. After of different sizes, Travi@ta tunedEurope and worldwide. The organization has over 650 members from was the only solution. The associa- that, Travi@ta could start with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to thesenearly 60 countries, including manufacturers with a 90% share of tion addressed various CRM solu- configurations and customizations. needs. Today, Microsoft Dynamicsthe global wind power market, plus component suppliers, research tions, including SAP CRM, Siebel, Finally, with the testing phase, the CRM has also become a valuableinstitutes, national associations, contractors, electricity providers Salesforce and Microsoft Dynam- end users were given a demonstra- instrument for post-event metricsand finance and insurance companies. EWEA analyses, formulates ics CRM. It appeared that this last tion of the customized solution by regarding event participation ratesand establishes policy positions for the wind industry on key issues, solution offered the best value for Travi@ta. and evaluations.cooperating with industry and research institutions on a number of EWEA. The new system went live on Julymarket development and technology research projects. “We were attracted by the famil- 29th 2010, less than 6 months after Association management iar look and feel of Microsoft Dy- the official kick-off of the project. Another important element in EWEA also organizes numerous wind energy, the previous edition of namics CRM and how user friendly it Two employees from EWEA were EWEA business needs was associa-events throughout the year: confer- which attracted 4,850 participants was compared to all the other prod- trained through the Travi@ta Acad- tion management.ences, exhibitions, launches, semi- and 260 exhibiting companies. ucts we evaluated. We immediately emy and then assigned to train the Simeon Holdship: “Managingnars and workshops. They contrib- felt confident with our CRM Partner key users within EWEA. By its own over 650 members means we neededute to the exchange of international Numerous data sources Travi@ta to coordinate the analysis initiative, EWEA continues to organ- a user friendly and reliable tool forexperience on policy, finance and Managing memberships and and implementation who impressed ize several follow-up internal train- managing prospects, but also mem-technical developments, and show- marketing activities, mailings and us with their professional attitude. ing sessions, which are highly appre- ber contracts and annual fees. Travi@case the latest technologies. Another events in an association like EWEA They were also able to answer all ciated by the employees. ta understood our needs and wasmajor EWEA event is its conference inevitably leads to complex process- our questions without any problem”, Simeon Holdship: “The new able to translate those requirementsand exhibition dedicated to offshore es, involving an intense collabora- says Simeon Holdship. CRM system was easily accepted by into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.” Return on investment EWEA had to merge around 30 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: different data sources into one sys- tem, and was able to achieve this in only a few months with the help Power your business productivity of Travi@ta. But the most impor- tant challenge was to make sure the employees also used the system on a daily basis. One by one and with the help of Travi@ta, the association Combine familiar Microsoft powerful CRM software delivered merge and Microsoft Excel export/ tional formatting rules and power- managed to solve all the issues. Office applications with as a cloud service from Microsoft, import, 360-degree customer view, ful reporting features. Simeon Holdship: “We are proud powerful CRM software enabling instant-on anywhere ac- role-based forms and personal to say we have a CRM system that is to improve marketing cess and predictable pay as you go views, drag-and-drop customiza- Connected: An really accepted by the employees. effectiveness, boost sales, pricing. tion and intuitive developer tools. Organization that is This is the basis for a great return and enrich customer service Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Collaborative and United on investment in the coming months interactions through a delivers “The Power of Productiv- Intelligent: Information Integrated document manage- and years.” familiar Microsoft Outlook ity” through familiar, intelligent that is insightful and ment and versioning, team record “This CRM project has been es- experience which helps ensure and connected experiences: actionable ownership, comprehensive queues, sential to the success of EWEA as an rapid user adoption and fast Out-of-the box or configurable and real-time communication association. That’s why the manage- results. Familiar: CRM that is real-time dashboards and powerful tools, Social Connector and robust ment has actively supported it from Natural and Personal inline data visualization, guided portal solutions. start to end”, adds Bruce Douglas, And with Microsoft Dynam- Native Microsoft Outlook dialogs and flexible workflows, in- Chief Operating Officer at EWEA. ics CRM Online, you get the same client, key Office features like mail tuitive segmentation tools, condi- Looking towards tomorrow EWEA is now already initializing new projects together with Travi@ ta: the company started working on an integration of Microsoft Dynam- ics CRM with Winbooks, the finan- cial system, to streamline invoicing and payment processes for member- ships and event participations. Another future initiative will consist in making CRM data avail- able online through self-service ap- plications, allowing people to access their membership details online, register for events, order publica- tions, etc. Simeon Holdship summarizes what he values in the long-term relationship with Travi@ta: “Both parties value this as a partnership, a relation of trust which continues to get stronger through the regular “Opportunities & pipeline in Outlook”. “Real-time personalized Dashboards”. CRM steering committees we have together.” n
  • 9. CRM 2011 SPECIAL 9 Gonzague Huybrechts: “The integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the website offers many a possibility of optimising the service to the members and at the same time make the internal administration much more efficient.” In the short term, an extra mod- ule from Travi@ta will be installed which will also manage access rights and passwords for external mem- bers. Every member will automati- cally receive a user name and pass- word which will allow him to gain access to specific details from the CRM system from the website. “Every member will be able to view and amend his own profile in- formation, but will also be able to register online for events. The ad- vantage of the web integration is that all the access rights and the details entered via the website will be regis- tered directly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which will decrease the ad- ministrative burden and the margin of error considerably”, Gonzague Huybrechts states. Apart from that, Travi@ta is working on integra- tion with Microsoft SharePoint and MS Dynamics CRM in order to offer members of EFC an online collabora- tion platform allowing them to work together for specific projects. Return on investment in the short and long term Looking back on the successful CRM implementation, Gonzague Huybrechts really appreciated the professional cooperation withEuropean Foundation Centre uses Travi@ta: “The Travi@ta consult- ants were able to ‘translate’ our wishes immediately into concreteMicrosoft Dynamics CRM for efficient actions and paid a lot of attention to the knowledge transfer after the im- plementation. Other IT companiesmember and event management often speak fine words, but that’s it.” The return on investment of the CRM implementation is situated on various levels. On the level of the database, the details are, due to theInternational organisations the system.”, Gonzague Huybrechts is being deployed actively for the of participants, to filing information centralisation, much better protect-and federations encounter lots states. follow up of payment of the mem- about the speakers which speak at ed in case of calamities. The confi-of obstacles when they want Luckily, as a non-profit organisa- bership fees: on the contact file the the events. Here too, Travi@ta pro- dentiality of the information is alsoto operate outside their own tion EFC could count on the financial staff member of EFC can see straight vided EFC with a link to the online guaranteed much better, due to ancountry’s borders. The lack of a support from a certain number of away whether or not the financial Ogone payment system so that also efficient management of the accessuniform international legal and foundations, like the C.S. Mott foun- contribution was paid. that part of the information ends up rights of the users.fiscal framework is very often an dation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM in CRM. With day-to-day activities, likeimpediment. Gold Partner Travi@ta was able to Event management organising events, EFC is already convince EFC to take the plunge. Every year, more than 1000 at- CRM integration via booking a considerably time profit, The European Foundation Cen- Gonzague Huybrechts: “Travi@ta tendants come to an event organised the website while the CRM offers much moretre (EFC) was established in 1989 as was familiar with the specific issues by EFC, which requires a good follow EFC’s ambitions are not limited added value as a trusted source ofan internationally active non-profit of member organisations and had up. Travi@ta implemented the nec- to the implementation of the CRM information for analysis and followorganisation whose mission it is to brought many a CRM implementa- essary adjustments in Microsoft Dy- itself. The organisation is already up of payments and registrations.bring together and support other tion in the sector to a good end. The namics CRM turning the system into looking forward to the next ambi- In the future the ‘‘Return on In-federations and member organisa- Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform a fully fledged tool for event man- tious project, i.e. the integration of vestment’ will undoubtedly increasetions internationally. EFC has about was very appealing because of its agement. This ranges from follow Microsoft Dynamics CRM with EFC’s thanks to the access to the CRM de-250 members and counts 30 to 40 user-friendliness, important to us up of registrations and the number website. tails via EFC’s website. nstaff. The organisation undertakes as we work with a lot of temporaryseveral initiatives in order to stimu- staff.”late networking amongst the mem- Travi@ta Supportbers. The annual AGA Conference Detailed contact informationis attended by roughly 700 partici- Travi@ta conducted a thoroughpants. analysis and asked after the infor- Gonzague Huybrechts, ICT Of- mation EFC wanted to know aboutficer at EFC: “Our main concern is every member. As a result, theto get to know our members as well standard company profile in Micro- Travi@ta provides professionalas possible: that way we’ll be able soft Dynamics CRM was adapted by remote and onsite supportto help them and bring them into Travi@ta with a substantial number for your Microsoft CRMcontact with partners and other or- of extra criteria. At organisational customized solution and add-ganisations. Within our own organi- level, it was made possible to regis- ons by certified specialists.sation we have to take into account a ter additional information about theconsiderable turnover of temporary history, the activity domains and the The Service Level Agreementsstaff, volunteers and trainees.” financial profile of every member. defined in our yearly support con- At the level of the individual tracts guarantee an appropriateFrom dozens of databases to contact person the contact informa- reaction time according to the na-1 central CRM system tion was scrutinized meticulously as ture of the problem. Customers In the past, every member of staff well. For instance, EFC wanted to have access to a secure internetat EFC worked with his own files, of- register information about political portal where they can create andten in Access or Excel. Throughout activities and which events were at- follow up their cases.the years, the number of databases tended. And because EFC sends out Every year, Travi@ta investsat EFC kept growing. A proactive 75 to 100,000 mailings every year in the “Partner Advantage Busi-member management was out of the to carefully selected target groups, ness Solutions” (PABS) supportquestion, whilst the quality of the every contact person should have contract, which is the most exten-details left much to be desired. a detailed list of all the mailings he sive support contract that Micro- “A centralised and well-struc- has received. soft offers. It allows customerstured member management was an to benefit from Microsoft’s third-absolute requirement. We decided Follow up of payments line-support level and one hourto migrate to a CRM solution, so Even a non-profit organisation guaranteed support incident re-that all the knowledge our staff have benefits from a good financial follow sponse. “Travi@ta’s state-of-the-art support desk.”about the members could be put into up. Today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • 10. 10 CRM 2011 SPECIALHotel Concepts helps clients fasterwith intelligent company software ous departments used no less than tory of a client or prospect. When for amendments to the Hotel Con- seven software programmes to man- they finally manage to secure the cli- cepts’ software. They are put auto- age day-to-day business”, says Hotel ent, the signing of the contract auto- matically in a waiting list in CRM Concepts’ CEO Jan Teblick. “That’s matically starts off the creation of a and are discussed weekly in a special why we took a closer look at our new project. Thanks to the clear list advice council. They decide whether company processes. By attuning a of options, the person responsible Hotel Concepts will develop the ex- number of internal processed to one for the project knows exactly what tra functions for the client. The head another, we wanted to prepare Hotel the new client needs. All the options of the development department con- Concepts for a new phase of growth. are separate project deliverables and sults the list every week and organis- With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we receive a certain delivery term. es the planning according to priority now all work in the same way and Clients can opt, for example, to with the help of Microsoft Dynamics we find everything in one location. integrate their software with their CRM. After an change request has An absolute must for a micro multi- telephone exchange. Based on the been executed, he notifies software. national.” chosen options, Hotel Concepts’ After about 150 amendments Hotel The life of a Hotel Concepts sales project manager looks which techni- Concepts publishes a new upgrade, representative used to be quite sim- cal advisor is available and plans it in although urgent and general prob- ple: you could choose your own way via the CRM scheduler. The advisors lems can also lead to a new upgrade of working and you never had to install and configure the technology straight away. register any personal sales informa- and provide user training. Thanks to the online access to tion. Unfortunately, teamwork was Signing the contract also triggers CRM, the help desk assistants can out of the question. All the informa- the invoicing. “Projects are invoiced work at home during their on-call tion about clients and their projects in three parts: at the start, the first weekend. They can also follow up were filed on personal computers installation and the final delivery”, whether their colleagues on the or in little notebooks. With 1400 says Teblick. “Our CRM software other side of the ocean received a hotels, the client database, and the now knows when a new invoice can call during the night from one of sales administration, kept on grow- be sent out. For now, the invoices their own clients. When the client ing. Moreover, over the years Hotel themselves are drafted in our ac- calls back in the morning, they know Concept’s software had grown into countancy package, and there is no straight away what it’s all about and a fully fledged programme with lots integration yet with Dynamics CRM. they can help them quickly. of options, and they were not cata- We want to change this in the fu- logued. ture.” Already 90,000 tickets For Jan Teblick the decision in CRMFor the daily activity ers receive an overview of the tasks for Microsoft Dynamics was eas- Help desk first to start The help desk assistants have al-management, hotel software to be done. Accountancy also knows ily made. “I am not an IT specialist with CRM ready created 90,000 tickets in CRM.producer Hotel Concepts used straight away when invoicing can myself, I am an economist. And from One of our biggest points of atten- The hotel software is easy to use, butno less than seven different start. experience I know that the threshold tion with Hotel Concepts is the user it contains many company processessoftware packages, each with The help desk assistants also use for Microsoft is low. Moreover, with support. “One of our Dutch clients of the hotel system. For the newtheir own information. Thanks the software. Every customer con- CRM-specialist Travi@ta we had a has around 350 check-outs every receptionist, who only started twoto the transfer to Microsoft tact generates a new ticket. In two Microsoft-partner who knows CRM day around 3pm: if there is a prob- days ago, it’s not that easy. HenceDynamics CRM the company years time, they already created like the back of their hand. They lem with the software, this would so many calls. Thanks to Microsoftwas able to gear the internal 90,000 tickets. Tickets about com- tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM be a drama”, says Jan Teblick. “Our Dynamics CRM Hotel Concepts cancooperation to one another. plex problems with the hotel soft- completely to our needs, in such a after-sales service is very important. follow up the calls without any prob-Nowadays, sales people enter ware are sent quickly to the deve- way that all the departments use the Our help desks in Atlanta and Breda lem.all the information about their lopment department. Clients re- software.” each take care of twelve hours. They Hotel Concepts was able to doclients in the CRM database. ceive an upgrade faster to tackle were the first to start using the CRM this with the previous team softwareThey now also find the 280 their problem. Thanks to the CRM Sales people start off software. Our help desk assistants as well, knows Teblick, but that wasproducts and links of Hotel reports, Hotel Concepts also knows company process in CRM create a new ticket in CRM for every it: “The integration and cooperationConcepts’ hotel software there. which other clients with similar con- Today, all Hotel Concepts’ sales client contact. If they can help the with our programming team wasn’tThey used to be kept ‘in the figurations need to implement the representatives enter all their con- client over the phone, they also close there. It allows us to react moreemployees’ heads’. upgrade. tacts and meetings straight into the ticket straight away. With prob- quickly to our customer’s problems. With the acquisition of Micro- CRM. Travi@ta ensured that all the lems which could possibly mean a Moreover, we can also make con- Via automated workflows in soft Dynamics CRM, hotel software products and 280 products and links financial impact, they quickly trans- nections; the CRM reports allow usCRM, the sales people put their col- supplier Hotel Concepts opted for for the hotel software are contained fer the tickets to their colleagues for to see if a certain problem with aleagues to work. As soon as the con- a new technological approach to in the CRM database. Sales people second or third line support.” telephone exchange could happentracts are signed, the project manag- its company activities. “Our vari- can now simply follow up on the his- Some clients ask the help desk to another client with the same con- figuration. That way, we can tackle problems in similar situations before they actually happen.” Professional Services Automation Sister company now also works with Microsoft add-on available for CRM 2011 Dynamics CRM Thanks to CRM, management and sales representatives now have a much better overview of the activi- With numerous customers active in professional services, Expense registration Invoice your projects with a ties. “The sales manager in America consulting and software development, Travi@ta is happy to You can book not only your single mouse click had no idea of our activities here”, announce the availability of this vertical solution for Dynamics hours to your projects, but your With a single click of the mouse says Teblick. “Now, he can for in- CRM 2011, called PSA. expenses as well. The integration you can generate invoices that are stance re-use configurations which with workflows makes it child’s ready for your financial depart- could be interesting for his pros- PSA is the xRM solution for are standard CRM functionalities, play. ment. pects. And of course, this saves a professional service organizations, but PSA goes beyond. It allows you considerable amount of time. New developed for the new generation to turn opportunities into projects, employees can get started faster be- of information workers, who are calculate your hours and plan your cause the company and the company always online and work wherever projects, all with a single mouse processes are more transparent.” and whenever they wish. The appli- click. On balance, management now cation is easy and user-friendly. It has better steering systems and links to your calendar, allowing you Time registration among others it is very satisfied with to create projects, make budgets, integrated with Microsoft the sales forecasts. “They help us to schedules and hour entries and to Outlook plan better. We are satisfied in such deal with your resource planning in Time registration is very easy a way that we have also installed Mi- your familiar Outlook environment. with PSA: enter your appointments crosoft Dynamics CRM at our sister from Outlook and your hours are company Brilliant Software, who From Opportunity registered. But it does not end was working with to Project there. Resource planning is also There is always some initial resist- Marketing campaigns, mailings, integrated with your Outlook envi- ance with a migration project, but turning leads into opportunities ronment. our employees soon realised what the benefits of it were.” n Read our other case stories on Allianz, Child Focus, GS1, The Heating Company, Atlantae, Ipex and Spectron!
  • 11. CRM 2011 SPECIAL 11 Case story Concentra vely and is now considered essenti- relevant to them via the CRM. The Improved customer service al”, Marc Cox tells us. “End users are transition took place without any Another result is that Concentra Continued from page 6 very quickly able to find information di culties.” is better able to respond to the needs regarding their customers and if ne- The new database contained and questions of consumers. If so-nisation. After this the desired ap- cessary can take over a colleague’s around 600,000 customer contacts, meone reacts to an e-mail and callsplication and partner were selected region. The customer data are cen- both consumers and companies customer service, employees are im-based on criteria such as functionali- trally recorded in a structured way. from the beginning, and it is inte- mediately aware what it is about.ty, user-friendliness, integration pos- The integration with the print ma- grated with all backend systems. “We can respond in a more directedsibilities, cost price and flexibility. As nagement backend system is very ”Sales, marketing, customer servi- fashion and o er improved service”,a result of this, Microsoft CRM Dy- useful. If for example a newspaper ces, finance, etc., all search for their explains Benny Menten. “In so doingnamics emerged as the best solution. seller goes on holiday, print and dis- customers in MS CRM”, explains we build up a better relationshipPartner selection took place based tribution is adapted based on the in- Marc Cox. “In addition, all changes with our subscribers. This also helpson the vision, financial strength, formation that the seller enters into to customer information take place us to sell more. Event-driven marke-project cooperation, size (not too the CRM. Integration also works in directly in the CRM, to avoid any one ting is essential in this: making thelarge and not too small), local repre- the opposite direction. If a store sells customer being present in di erent right o er at the right time to thesentation, partner network, number a lot less or a lot more of our news- databases.” right person using the right chan-of available specialists and training papers, that is detected in the bac- nel.”possibilities. Travi@ta had already kend, whereupon the seller receives Marketing campaign For the final phase of the CRMscored highly in the blueprint phase, an automatic e-mail so that they can analysis project, it will be the other B2B salesand at this later stage was also the react to the situation. Thanks to the- As a third phase in the project, teams’ turn. They still work withmost suitable partner to manage the se workflows we are able to set up a the readers market came under the another sales tool. The aim is to re-project. number of ‘flashing light indicators’ microscope, whereby direct marke- gister customer contacts, exchange so that we can react in a very alert ting, marketing projects and actions opportunities and link o ers, fill inQuick win manner and direct every movement and sponsoring & events were loo- account plans, etc. In short, to deve- “We worked – and still do – in in the market.” ked into in detail. lop customer information in a struc-phases”, explains Marc Cox, who “Our marketing employees can tured way and apply it in order tois in charge of the CRM project at Master database now use CRM from the setting up be more successful in their relation-Concentra. “Due to the fact that the After the first success with the of a campaign to its analysis”, ships with customers in the varioussalespeople who called on the news- retailers, Concentra decided to not Benny Menten tells us. “We are markets.agents and chains still had no tools, only use CRM as a database for con- now better able to analyse which In the meantime the CRM Masterthey were the first project group. tact registration, but also to set it up campaigns fare the best with which Database has grown and now con-In this way we were quickly able to “At first we worked on the cre- as a central database - the ‘master target groups. With this know- tains around 1 million B2C contactsachieve a clear result – it was thus ation of a broad base on all levels”, database’. For this purpose, a lot ledge we can increase the chances and 200,000 B2B customers.what is known as a quick win.” states Benny Menten. “By involving of technical adjustments had to be of success for new campaigns. Com- “In any event we made a good The retailers had previously had not only managers and IT adminis- made by Travi@ta and Concentra’s munication between the various choice with Microsoft Dynamicsno way of structurally managing trators but also end users in the CRM own IT department. “The central departments is also much smooth- CRM. We can already see a lot oftheir customer relations. The speci- project, you increase acceptance.” database was ready in April 2009”, er than before. Follow-up of cam- useful new possibilities in the 2011fic needs were thoroughly analysed Retailers have been using Mi- Marc Cox explains. “Since then paign response is facilitated via version. In the longer term we willwith the maximum possible input crosoft Dynamics CRM since June around 230 users have been able to automatic visualisations in MS make the switch to Dynamics CRMfrom end users. 2008. “The system is used intensi- search for the customer information CRM.” 2011”, Benny Menten concludes. ■ Replicate. Migrate. Integrate. Scribe for Dynamics CRM 2011 Ready wherever you are. Premise. Cloud. Hosted. Many of our customers use Scribe to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with their Back O ce, Business Intelligence, Datawarehouse, ERP System, etc...
  • 12. HPGBelgium O C A T I O N van be e the best for your roof