Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps RMBto optimize sales and customer contacts                                              ...
of CRM so that all information would be available     The RMB employees hardly used their CRM application toat one locatio...
Bruno Romain: “Via their dashboard, sales staff can now keep a constant eye on turnoverand easily see their portfolio deve...
“They ask us objective questions, consult with their                                                         department an...
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RMB case story MS CRM EN


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RMB case story MS CRM EN

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps RMBto optimize sales and customer contacts Régie Media Belge (RMB) must know every detail of the advertising chain in order to work as efficiently as possible internally and to provide optimal assistance totel.+32 (0)2 721 88 80 its clients. RMB wanted to improve the entire both for its employees and its clients in order to strengthen relations with advertisers, media agenciescountry: Belgium and advertising agencies. A new CRM system with anindustry: Media unerring link to Outlook became necessary.profile CRM-partner Travi@ta installed a beta version ofRMB is active in the commercial exploitation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to replace the existingmedia products. They create media and client database and the previous CRM, which is alsomarketing solutions for advertisers and sell linked to Outlook and Mediavillage, a web informationadvertising space for mainly audiovisual media(television and radio), but also “new” media platform for customers. Integration was also set up with(internet). RMB is the second largest player in its their accounting system Microsoft Dynamics NAV andcategory in French-speaking Belgium. the planning application Maya (for reservation of advertising space). Users now have a faster, specificchallenge view of the relevant figures via a conveniently arranged,At RMB, there was no far-reaching integration personal dashboard. Users can look up, add and correctbetween the existing CRM application and relevant information more efficiently with MicrosoftOutlook. The business also wanted to integratethe details from the back office system into those Dynamics CRM 2011.
  2. 2. of CRM so that all information would be available The RMB employees hardly used their CRM application toat one location and one could have a complete manage clients and contacts. There was after all anotherpicture of the figures and statistics. Integration client database as well as CRM and the synchronizationbetween CRM and the website was also required between CRM and Microsoft Outlook was poor;and direct marketing mails needed to be sent appointments made in CRM were not always sent tofrom CRM quickly and simply. Outlook. Data were copied from CRM and pasted intosolution Outlook. RMB therefore decided to switch to MicrosoftTravi@ta installed a beta version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM specialist Travi@ta installed a betaDynamics CRM 2011. Choosing the latest version version of the brand-new CRM 2011, which comes ontoenabled full integration with Outlook and added the market in 2011. The scope: replace the current CRMa few extra functions. Searching for details is now software and the existing client database with Microsofta lot easier thanks to a conveniently arranged Dynamics CRM, ensure unerring synchronization betweenpersonal dashboard. Outlook and CRM, integrate CRM into the web platform Mediavillage, integrate the details from the bookkeeping and the planning tool and ensure that e-mail marketingadvantages and sales actions can be controlled from CRM. Far-reaching integration into Outlook Users are familiar with the Microsoft interface “Appointments made by our employees in CRM were not Personalized dashboard and views for each or only partly visible in Outlook and vice versa. Workinguser Two-way integration between back office with two databases is not optimal either: you will havesystems and CRM double the work if you have to change, delete or add your Integration of the portal with CRM contact details. So something had to change,” says Bruno Only one central client database Romain, General Secretary of RMB. “We wanted an Simpler marketing actions thanks to direct application to which we could entrust all our informationmails from CRM and with which the users enjoyed working. This also had to be linked to Mediavillage, our online application where our advertisers can consult figures or optimize theirsoftware&services advertising plan. They must first register for this. ThisServers registration is now linked to CRM 2011. New contacts are included directly in the database and after logging in,Developer Tools CRM checks what information the user can access depending on his identity.”WindowsDesktop Applications All necessary information on one screen Travi@ta brought the data from the CRM system, theBusiness Solutions bookkeeping system and the central planning database Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 together in the new CRM application. This was necessary in order to get an overview per file based on all theMicrosoft Services figures. These details were previously spread over various databases. Travi@ta used Scribe, a special application forMicrosoft Technologies automatically migrating and integrating the existing CRMMicrosoft Security application into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “In order to display all relevant information on a client as quickly and conveniently as possible, each user now has a dashboard with details relevant for him,” says Bruno Romain.
  3. 3. Bruno Romain: “Via their dashboard, sales staff can now keep a constant eye on turnoverand easily see their portfolio developing up to a very detailed level. But there’s more:CRM automatically sends such information to the right person."“That was impossible with the previous CRM previous version,” says Wim Geukens, managingsystem, although it is very useful: whoever makes partner of Travi@ta. “The difference betweenan appointment with a client must have all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 is alsofigures. Via their dashboard, sales staff can now greater than between all other versions. An auditkeep a constant eye on turnover and easily see trail that can save all changes per field is standardtheir portfolio developing up to a very detailed from now on and you will benefit from severallevel. But there’s more: CRM automatically sends advantages that already existed in Outlook, such assuch information to the right person. If, for record preview, flagging for follow-up and quite aexample, there is a problem with the budget, the few personalization features via drag-and-dropseller will be informed of this. The users can also menus. But moreover, CRM 2011 guaranteesrequest such information themselves but they do optimal synchronization with Microsoft Outlook,appreciate us supplying it for them.” which was very important for RMB.”CRM is now also used to make specific market Travi@ta has already been working with the betaproposals to certain clients and potential clients. version of Microsoft CRM 2011 since 2009. FourThere was previously hardly any history on the people followed everything about CRM 2011 closelyclients and the reporting also held no water. You via courses and detailed reading and all Travi@tacan find the right contacts in a jiffy nowadays and employees have meanwhile been trained on thissend them a personal e-mail from CRM, in case of version.promotion campaigns for example. Listening to the people on siteConscious choice for the latest version RMB learned from the past that the users must beMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is not even on the entirely behind an application in order to yet, so why did RMB consciously take up “Right from the start of the project, we gotTravi@ta’s proposal to start with a beta version as employees involved who know the area throughearly as autumn 2010? “Firstly, CRM 2011 offers and through,” says Anaïs Loits, Databaseabout 500 new functions compared to the Coordinator and CRM Project Leader at RMB.
  4. 4. “They ask us objective questions, consult with their department and provide feedback. They will also help their colleagues during the final implementation: the “train the trainer” concept.” Travi@ta proposed working according to the Sure Step methodology. This means that all project activities are carried out in six phases whereby the risks are limited and an on-time and on-budget delivery is ensured. “We very consciously opted for Microsoft CRM as our users are familiar with the look and feel,” says Anaïs Loits. “We were staggered by Travi@ta’s technical knowledge and approach. They made us a well-structured proposal, that was very coherent and to the point. Their proposal contained 17 pages whilst that of their competitor was 80 pages long. Travi@ta was also the only one that took“Right from the start of the project, we got the trouble to get to know our business and properlyemployees involved who know the area understand exactly what we wanted to achieve with CRM.through and through,” says Anaïs Loits, With clients such as Concentra and Corelio, they are alsoDatabase Coordinator and CRM Project very familiar with the media world. They also have alwaysLeader at RMB.“They ask us objective been open as to the possible risks that the choice for aquestions, consult with their department beta version entails.”and provide feedback. They will also helptheir colleagues during the final One step ahead of the competitionimplementation: the “train the trainer” The installation of CRM was the first phase of a largerconcept.” whole. In a second phase, Business Objects will be linked to CRM. RMB also wishes to get into segmentation marketing and may in the future install SharePoint for document management and better cooperation. “The transversal structure ensures more openness to the advertisers. If one of us is busy with a radio spot for a certain client, the person responsible for TV will also be informed of this. This synergy enables us to provide a better service for our clients and also work moreFor more information effectively internally: information is exchanged betweenFor further information about Microsoft products departments much more effectively. We are convincedand services, please call +32 (0)2 503 31 13 or visit that this puts us a step ahead of the competition. We have a very complete database from which we can reap the benefits for ourselves. We were immediately able toFor more information about Travi@ta products and deliver the necessary details and figures for a recentservices, call +32 (0)2 771 88 80 or visit the website objective research within the sector,” concludes a clearlyat: proud Bruno Romain.For more information about RMB, visit the websiteat: