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Mensura case story MS CRM EN

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRMMensura’s contract managers are now making quotes moreefficiently thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Mensura is the third biggest Workers’ Compensation insurer in the private sector today. Various types of software, which were not integrated and were increasingly old, were hampering the effectiveness of the commercial teams and the contract mana- gers, especially with regard to making quotes and following up on them. The group decided, therefore, to streamline the quote management process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its xRM development environment have turned out to be the ideal solu- tions to meet the needs of users. After implementing a “Proof of Concept” in ten days, CRM partner Travi@ta put in place a new CRM solution. Nowadays, the 360° visibility of centralised infor- mation contributes to better decision-making and improves the performance of business negotiations.
  2. 2. Towards better management of commercial activitiesOverview At the end of 2008, Mensura InsurancesCountry: Belgium management asked the Information & ProcessSector: Insurance Management (IPM) department to study new processes which would help them to attain better operational effectiveness. Frédéric Kekenbosch, Business Process Manager: “While the initial goal related mainly to quote management, we quickly extended the project, so that it would also deal with processes related to supporting sales activities,Profile Mensura relationships with brokers, and the mobility ofMensura is active in the areas of health and safety at work,absenteeism and family allowances management, insurance our Sales team”.against accidents at work and Collective Law insurance. Mensu-ra Insurance counts more than 30,000 clients and has relati-onships with 5,000 brokers. A true xRM tool The IPM department analysis led in 2009 to the first version of specifications which would be theChallenge basis for the choice of a new standard piece ofThe contract managers did not have an effective tool to calcula- software. “A first demo of Microsoft Dynamicste and manage quotes. The tool that they had was becomingold. The lack of integration of the various components led to CRM by Travi@ta enabled us to realise themultiple data encoding and sharing of information within theorganisation in a way that was less than optimal. possibilities that a true xRM development tool can offer. A ‘Proof of Concept’, put in place by Travi@ta in barely ten days, convinced us thatSolution the xRM environment which accompaniesMicrosoft Dynamics CRM and its xRM environment were the Microsoft Dynamics CRM had the potential toideal solution as an integrated platform for optimising quotemanagement and business relationships with the brokerage meet our needs,” explained Frédéricworld, with 360° visibility of information. Kekenbosch. Proof of ConceptBenefits• Optimisation of the quote management process The implementation of a ‘Proof of Concept’ was• Sharing and 360° visibility of centralised information to enable the testing of the performance of within the organisation Microsoft Dynamics CRM when it came to a large• Flexibility and possibility for growth of Microsoft Dyna- mics CRM and the xRM environment volume of data: 170,000 client descriptions,• Travi@ta’s experience and know-how 5,000 brokers, 30,000 insurance contracts and almost 200,000 lines of financial data to be managed in a single CRM application. From the beginning, the involvement of users was a crucial element in the setting up of the test environment: ten key users from different departments, including members of Management, sales representatives and a few +32 (0)2 721 88 80 managers from the Contracts department were able to test the application and give their opinion
  3. 3. on how user-friendly it was, its performance, theintegration of data from other software used byMensura, and whether it would be possible to seethese when on the move or working remotely.Frédéric Kekenbosch: “Compared to thealternative, which was to develop a home-madesolution, the ‘Proof of Concept’ showed thatMicrosoft Dynamics CRM provided an additionalwealth of functions thanks to its user-friendlinessand its native integration with other office tools.Recreating this would have been possible, but wewould have been missing out on what already «With a new module developed in the xRMexisted elsewhere, and with greater functionality. environment, we wanted to standardise and rationalise our quote calculation process. TheCalculation tool goal was clearly to save time when making a quote. We will measure it after a few monthsThe journey towards implementing the new of active use. But it is already clear that thesystem started in March 2010. The first stage integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM withwas replacing the existing quote management Microsoft Outlook contributes to user-tool and improving the visibility of client and friendliness and effectiveness. »contract information. Frédéric Kekenbosch, Business ProcessIn the past, contract managers had to use Manager, Mensuradifferent pieces of software to make a quote,with, as an immediate consequence, redundantdata encoding taking place. At the same time, thebusiness teams didn’t have a truly centralised Help with decisions and improved visibilitytool to check information relating to quotes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also a tool whichcontracts, and clients. helps the decision making process: based on inputted data and parameters and rules put inThe official date of the launch of the first phase place, the system automatically suggests theof the Microsoft Dynamics CRM project was appropriate rate to put into an offer, whichDecember 1st 2010. In the weeks preceding the means the contract managers don’t have tolaunch, Travi@ta and Mensura put in place an make manual, Excel-table-based calculations.intensive training programme for users, allowingsix half-days of training for each of the 40 users. Thanks to this centralisation, the company data are also more visible, for the management as wellFrédéric Kekenbosch: «With a new module as for the commercial department. It is nowdeveloped in the xRM environment, we wanted to possible for employees to work on the move: theystandardise and rationalise our quote calculation can work remotely – online, or offline when anprocess. The goal was clearly to save time when internet connection is not available.making a quote. We will measure it after a fewmonths of active use. But it is already clear that A 360° viewthe integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with At the end of January 2011, the second phase ofMicrosoft Outlook contributes to user-friendliness the project at Mensura allowed to make all theand effectiveness. » financial and technical information on the
  4. 4. brokers available for the contract managers. ThisFor more information brought added value to their negotiations with the brokers.For more information about the Microsoft products andservice described, call +32 (0)2 704 30 00 or visit, where you will find “Salespeople now have quick access to thedetails of other companies that use similar types of broker’s portfolio and, when he is negotiating orapplications. preparing a contract with him, he can see through a single, simple view what are theFor more information about Travi@ta, visit broker’s contracts, covered risks and the client’, or call +32 (0)2 721 88 80. premium. They don’t have to read every file or contract anymore. If they are shown only what isFor more information about Mensura, visit the web site useful for them, in the end, they save time,” or call + 32 (0)2 549 71 00. comments Frédéric Kekenbosch. In conclusion, Frédéric Kekenbosch explains how the partnership with Travi@ta worked. “Travi@ta stands out for its undeniable expertise with regards to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. Integrating our business logics within the toolSoftware & Services was not easy. It took time, but the partnershipServers Microsoft Solutions between our IT teams and Travi@ta allowed us to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 obtain the result that was expected by theDeveloper Tools business. What’s more, they were professional in Microsoft ServicesWindows their approach to skills transfer so that our IT Microsoft Technologies team could become truly independent.”Desktop Applications Frédéric Kekenbosch, Other ©2011 Lemarco Partner Travi@ta +32 (0)2 721 88 80