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Keytrade case story MS CRM EN

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRMMicrosoft Dynamics CRM provides proactive follow-up ofleads at Keytrade Bank The marketing strategy of Keytrade Bank stands out through an individual and personalised approach for every customer or prospect, in contrast to the classic market segmentation found in traditional banks. For this reason, Keytrade Bank needed a centralised CRM system and chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which it implemented with CRM partner Travi@ta. The first and most important phase - the optimisation of the marketing and sales paths – is now complete. The system sees to it that leads, originating from various sources (spontaneous registrations via the website, events, e-mail campaigns, etc.), are followed up from A to Z in a proactive manner and that marketing cam- paigns can be strongly personalised based on correct contact information.
  2. 2. OverviewCountry: BelgiumSector: Banking In 1998, the first Belgian online investment site was set up under the name VMS-Keytrade, an initiative that immediately strived for success on an enormous scale. In 2002, VMS-Keytrade acquired bank statusKeytrade Bank profile through the takeover of RealBank and changed itsCreated in 1998 as an online investment site, Keytrade Bank name to Keytrade Bank. Today Keytrade Bank is parthas also emerged since 2002 as a fully-fledged bank following of the Crédit Agricole Group, one of the largest ban-a takeover. Thanks to this unique combination of two activities,Keytrade Bank occupies, with 135,000 customers, a unique king groups in in the Belgian financial sector. Thibault de Barsy, Sales & Marketing Manager: “WhatChallenge makes Keytrade Bank unique is the combination ofKeytrade Bank did not have an integrated marketing database banking and stock exchange activities under onefor the purpose of registering leads originating from various roof. In addition, during the financial crisis we weresources, following them up individually and carrying out person-alised marketing campaigns. able to attract a great many new customers who were turning their backs on traditional banks.»SolutionKeytrade Bank chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which was im- Individual and personalised CRM approach is centralplemented by CRM partner Travi@ta: today the system is put towork daily by around 20 users at Keytrade Bank for integrated The marketing strategy of Keytrade Bank deviatessales and marketing management. considerably from what is common with traditional banks. Seeing as the company does not sell any of itsBenefits own investment products, it considers it one of its The simplicity and transparency of Microsoft Dynamics CRM reflect sales and marketing processes core tasks to inform customers regarding financial Active follow-up of leads and marketing campaigns thanks to products that are on the market and in so doing to the centralisation of contact information allow customers to make a decision about their in- Smooth acceptance of new user-friendly work environment vestments themselves. by employees Platform for future expansion to helpdesk department “In their marketing approach, traditional banks start Pragmatic approach and accessibility of Travi@ta employees out from a static socioeconomic market segmenta- tion based on age, gender, income etc. Keytrade Ban- ks approach is totally different: we strive for a seg- mentation on an individual level, according to the in- dividual investment profile and the risk strategy that the customer indicates him or herself based on a ran- ge of contact moments”, explains Thibault de Barsy. Integrated CRM approach necessary The number of Keytrade Bank customers doubled in the past 3 years to reach 135,000, both through ta- +32 (0)2 721 88 80 keovers and organic growth. As a result of this, eytra-
  3. 3. de Bank found itself facing a major challenge: the mo-nitoring of smooth access to contact information forall employees whilst retaining integrity and security inthis regard.A collection of isolated applications and manual pro-cesses in the company therefore had to make way foran integrated CRM system: this was to allow leadsoriginating from a variety of channels to be registeredand followed up on an individual basis from start tofinish. In a second phase, Keytrade Bank also wantedto integrate the helpdesk activities using the sameCRM system. "De nombreuses entreprises IT avec une vaste offre de services tentent dimposer des produits ou servi-The quest for a simple yet powerful CRM system ces supplémentaires. Travi@ta sen tient au projetKeytrade Bank had clear objectives in mind as re- demandé et le réalise de manière très professionnel-gards ease of use: the new CRM package had to re- le."flect the simplicity and flexibility that characterisedthe sales and marketing processes in the still young Thibault de Barsy, Sales & Marketing Manager,company. At the same time, the new solution however Keytrade Bankhad to be able to evolve to keep pace with the stronggrowth of the company. For example, someone who requests a brochure via the website must fill in his or her details online to doThibault de Barsy: “Many CRM systems are quite com- so; this information is automatically recorded in Micro-plex and require the support of a whole CRM team in soft Dynamics CRM, and after this Keytrade Bank em-larger organisations. We however wanted it to be ma- ployees are able to carry out the further follow-up ofnaged by a limited number of people.” the lead themselves.Keytrade Bank took a close look at a number of CRM E-mail campaigns: integration with Microsoft Dyna-packages and Microsoft Dynamics CRM emerged as mics CRMthe winner due to its flexibility and user-friendliness.On the advice of Microsoft, Keytrade Bank called on Keytrade Bank carries out a very large number of e-CRM partner Travi@ta to steer the implementation in mail campaigns, both aimed at broad target groupsthe right direction. with over 100,000 contacts and targeted campaigns at regional level. For this purpose, the company usesA to Z follow-up of leads a specialised e-mail tool that was integrated into Mi- crosoft Dynamics CRM by Travi@ta.The green light for the implementation was given inMay 2009. Keytrade Bank provided a thorough break- Christophe Bernard, Marketing CRM Officer at Keytra-down of the various work processes in the marketing de Bank: “Based on the extensive information in Mi-and sales departments, which was subsequently tran- crosoft Dynamics CRM and the information that is re-slated into a technical analysis by Travi@ta. corded during every campaign, a persistent personali- sation of future contact moments is made possible. InThe heart of the new CRM system reflects the unique so doing we also have a better idea of the result ofcommercial approach of Keytrade Bank, which is every marketing action and we are able to increasestrongly directed towards an individualised and perso- the effectiveness of any possible follow-up actions stillnalised approach for customers and prospects. Leads further.»from a variety of channels – telephone, website, infor-mation sessions, trade shows, etc. – are systematical- Knowledge transfer in a trusted work environmently registered via Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are fol-lowed up from A to Z by the sales team. In order to allow the knowledge transfer to go as smoothly as possible, Keytrade Bank chose to have
  4. 4. two employees thoroughly trained via the Travi@taFor more information Academy. These two people are now responsible forFor more information about the Microsoft products and servi- the knowledge transfer to the users of the system.ces described, call +32 (0)2 704 30 00 or visit, where you will find details Christophe Bernard: “Today 20 Keytrade Bank em-of other companies that use similar types of applications. ployees use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution is striking for its user-friendliness and as an extension of Outlook it connects perfectly with the trusted workFor more information about Travi@ta, call +32 (0)2 721 88 80 environment of our employees».or visit Collaboration with Travi@taFor more information about Keytrade Bank, visit the or call +32 2 679 90 00 The next phase of the Keytrade Bank CRM project is the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the coordination of helpdesk activities and the coupling with the telephone exchange. Naturally Travi@ta will also be called on to help. “Travi@ta works pragmatically and in a well-Software & Services structured way and their consultants are highly ac- cessible. Many IT companies with a broader service offer try to take advantage by always promoting extraServers Microsoft Solutions products or services. Travi@ta sticks to the project for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which it was contacted and do a very professional jobDeveloper Tools for that matter”, concludes Thibault de Barsy. Microsoft ServicesWindows Microsoft TechnologiesDesktop Applications Other ©2011 Lemarco Partner Travi@ta +32 (0)2 721 88 80