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EWEA case story MS CRM EN
EWEA case story MS CRM EN
EWEA case story MS CRM EN
EWEA case story MS CRM EN
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EWEA case story MS CRM EN


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  • 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRMMicrosoft Dynamics CRM energizes the European WindEnergy Association (EWEA) and its members The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) acts as the voi- ce of the wind industry in Europe and worldwide. The associati- on manages more than 650 members from almost 60 coun- tries, but also carries out an intense marketing program, inclu- ding sending out millions of direct (e-)mailings annually and the organization of several major events, often with the involvement of external stakeholders. In order to manage its memberships and marketing activities, EWEA was previously using isolated systems and applications, resulting in 30 different data sour- ces. The organization decided to centralize the CRM and associ- ation management activities on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, counting on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner Travi@ta to manage the complete analysis and implementation process. The project showed that a professional approach, with active involvement from end users, is key to the success of any CRM project.
  • 2. OverviewCountry BelgiumSector: Members association The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting the utili-Profile EWEA zation of wind power in Europe and worldwide. TheThe European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) actively promo-tes the utilization of wind power in Europe and worldwide. The organization has over 650 members from nearly 60association has over 650 members and cooperates with indu- countries, including manufacturers with a 90% sharestry and research institutions on several market development of the global wind power market, plus componentresearch projects, including the organization of major events. suppliers, research institutes, national associations, contractors, electricity providers and finance and in-Challenge surance companies. EWEA analyses, formulates andOver the years, EWEA grew an increasing number of isolated establishes policy positions for the wind industry ondata sources to support marketing and commercial activities,including prospect and contact management, membership ma- key issues, cooperating with industry and researchnagement, direct mailings and event support. institutions on a number of market development and technology research projects.SolutionAfter a profound market research, EWEA decided to centralize EWEA also organizes numerous events throughoutall its CRM and association management activities around the the year: conferences, exhibitions, launches, semi-Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. CRM Partner Travi@ta took nars and workshops. They contribute to the exchangethe lead over the implementation process, including the confi- of international experience on policy, finance andguration of the solution for association and event management. technical developments, and showcase the latest technologies. Another major EWEA event is its confe-Benefits rence and exhibition dedicated to offshore wind ener-• Customized solution for association management on Micro- gy, the previous edition of which attracted 4,850 par- soft Dynamics CRM ticipants and 260 exhibiting companies.• Efficient pre- and post-event management solution• End user acceptance thanks to active end user involvement during implementation phase Numerous data sources• Reliability and future integration possibilities of integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform Managing memberships and marketing activities,• Professional attitude and partnership spirit of Travi@ta mailings and events in an association like EWEA ine-• Single data source vitably leads to complex processes, involving an in-• More efficient and accurate service to members tense collaboration between departments internally• Measurable and more targeted campaigns and with external stakeholders. In the past, ICT systems could not support those acti- vities effectively. The main reason was that EWEA ended up with about 30 different data sources, ran- ging from tailor-made database applications and Mi- crosoft Excel to a standard CRM application. Simeon Holdship, IT Manager at EWEA: “When I joi- ned EWEA in September 2009, it immediately beca- me clear that our existing CRM system, was not doing the job and was running behind regarding user friend- +32 (0)2 721 88 80 liness and system performance. This was causing a decentralized and scattered platform that lead to
  • 3. miscommunication and errors towards memberswhich might harm these valuable relationships.”Search for a new CRM solutionEWEA realized that looking for a brand new centrali-zed CRM system was the only solution. The associati-on addressed various CRM solutions, including SAPCRM, Siebel, Salesforce and Microsoft DynamicsCRM. It appeared that this last solution offered thebest value for EWEA.“We were attracted by the familiar look and feel ofMicrosoft Dynamics CRM and how user friendly it wascompared to all the other products we evaluated. Weimmediately felt confident with our CRM Partner Tra- “The new CRM system was easily acceptedvi@ta to coordinate the analysis and implementation by the end users. This had to do with their in-who impressed us with their professional attitude. volvement right from the start, and of courseThey were also able to answer all our questions wit- with the look and feel of Microsoft Dynamicshout any problem”, says Simeon Holdship. CRM, which is very similar to Outlook.”Structured implementation plan Simeon Holdship, IT Manager, EWEAFrom the start of the analysis phase of the new CRMsystem in March 2010, EWEA and Travi@ta decided to Events and mailingsactively involve end users in the project by giving keyusers a demonstration of the functionalities of Micro- EWEA annually sends out millions of e-mailings. Effici-soft Dynamics CRM right from the start. ently managing contact information, prospects and distribution lists was a primary requirement for theThis user involvement remained during the first phase new CRM system. Being able to analyse reading andof the project - the business analysis. Travi@ta gathe- click through behavior on e-mails now enables EWEAred all the requirements from people in the different to initiate more efficient campaigns, and even to ad-departments at EWEA: administration, finance, sales, just ongoing campaigns.communications, events, memberships and the policydepartment. Based on this input, Travi@ta presented A great deal of attention also went to event manage-a business analysis document which was again sub- ment, as EWEA organizes numerous conferences, ex-mitted for feedback by the different departments. hibitions, launches, seminars and workshops each year. In order to address the specific needs of EWEA,The next phase was a technical analysis, resulting in a like sponsor engagement and the possibility to assigndocument which was also reviewed by the various sta- booths of different sizes, Travi@ta tuned Microsoftkeholders at EWEA. After that, Travi@ta could start Dynamics CRM to these needs. Today, Microsoft Dy-with the configurations and customizations. Finally, namics CRM has also become a valuable instrumentwith the testing phase, the end users were given a for post-event metrics regarding event participationdemonstration of the customized solution by Travi@ta. rates and evaluations.The new system went live on July 29th 2010, lessthan 6 months after the official kick-off of the project. Association managementTwo employees from EWEA were trained through theTravi@ta Academy and then assigned to train the key Another important element in EWEA business needsusers within EWEA. By its own initiative, EWEA conti- was association management.nues to organize several follow-up internal trainingsessions, which are highly appreciated by the employ- Simeon Holdship: “Managing over 650 members me-ees. ans we needed a user friendly and reliable tool for managing prospects, but also member contracts andSimeon Holdship: “The new CRM system was easily annual fees. Travi@ta understood our needs and wasaccepted by the end users. This had to do with their able to translate those requirements into Microsoftinvolvement right from the start, and of course with Dynamics CRM.”the look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which isvery similar to Microsoft Outlook."
  • 4. Return on investmentFor more information EWEA had to merge around 30 different data sourcesFor more information about the Microsoft products and into one system, and was able to achieve this in onlyservice described, call +32 (0)2 704 30 00 or visit a few months with the help of Travi@ta. But the most important challenge was to make sure the employees, where you will find also used the system on a daily basis. One by onedetails of other companies that use similar types of and with the help of Travi@ta, the association mana-applications. ged to solve all the issues. Simeon Holdship: “We are proud to say we have aFor more information about Travi@ta, visit CRM system that is really accepted by the, or call +32 (0)2 721 88 80. This is the basis for a great return on investment in the coming months and years.”For more information about EWEA, visit the web site “This CRM project has been essential to the or call + 32 (0)2 213 18 11. of EWEA as an association. That’s why the manage- ment has actively supported it from start to end”, ad- ds Bruce Douglas, Chief Operating Officer at EWEA. Looking towards tomorrow EWEA is now already initializing new projects together with Travi@ta: the company started working on anSoftware & Services integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Win- books, the financial system, to streamline invoicingServers and payment processes for memberships and event Microsoft Solutions Microsoft Dynamics CRM participations.Developer Tools Microsoft Services Another future initiative will consist in making CRMWindows data available online through self-service applicati- Microsoft Technologies ons, allowing people to access their membership de-Desktop Applications tails online, register for events, order publications, Other etc. Simeon Holdship summarizes what he values in the long-term relationship with Travi@ta: “Both parties Partner value this as a partnership, a relation of trust which continues to get stronger through the regular CRM Travi@ta steering committees we have together.” +32 (0)2 721 88 80 ©2011 Lemarco +32 (0)2 721 88 80