Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

No more duplicate work in call centre for
Child Focus’ 110 number
Country: Belgium
                                                               S        tatements, recorded calls...
impressed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM
and the software came top of the list
for replacing our ten-year-old helpdesk
they receive over the telephone directly into the CRM file.
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Child focus case storymscrm_en


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Child focus case storymscrm_en

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 No more duplicate work in call centre for Child Focus’ 110 number Each year Child Focus receives some 50,000 calls via the 110 number. Today the hotline staff can enter information about the call directly on a screen that automatically appears when a call comes in. After the call they link the infor- mation to an electronic file. Their colleagues, the case managers who man- age the files, receive immediate notification of the call. Since the new soft- ware management Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 came into operation, file +32 (0)2 721 88 80 management at the organization has become much simpler. Now the files are also more complete. Thanks to the integration with teleph- ony, Child Focus can add audio files of the call as well as e-mails, appoint- ments for meetings and Word documents to a central CRM file. Not only does the organization print less paper now, it also stores all the file information in a single place. This results in more efficient operations at Child Focus. If gov- ernment services need these information files, they now receive more com- plete files. As part of the Unlimited Potential programme, Microsoft provided Child Focus with licences for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server among other things. Microsoft partner Travi@ta took care of the inte- gration.
  2. 2. Summary Country: Belgium S tatements, recorded calls, filing cards, administra- tion, personal details and research details: the files at Child Focus grow thick very quickly. Recently the organi- zation started using a new management system, which is Sector: non-profit making the filing much simpler. Thanks to Microsoft Dy- namics CRM, a file is allocated a fixed place where the Profile case managers can store everything: e-mails, digital files, Child Focus, the Centre for Missing and Sexually Exploited data and so on. The information is better structured and Children, has been active for more than 10 years in help- people at Child Focus no longer have to go searching for ing to find missing children and fighting against their sex- information. Now case managers and hotline staff, the ual exploitation. The emergency number 110 is always people behind the well-known 110 number, can easily find accessible for reporting a disappearance, abduction or a all this information centrally. case of sexual abuse. This year the number 110 will be The replacement of the management system formed part replaced by a European emergency number 116.000. of a complete modernization of the IT. In the past, Child Focus’ hardware and software had been added to on an ad Challenge hoc basis. “As a result, the IT infrastructure was highly het- The central computer systems and the contacts and erogeneous and not very stable. As a non-governmental cases management software at Child Focus were in ur- organization we receive our IT equipment from companies gent need of replacement. In particular, the new software that support us,” says Jean-Paul Ganseman, Network Man- ager at Child Focus. “After a crash we took a very close had to offer the operations department more user options look at our entire IT system and realized that moderniza- and enable the files to be managed centrally. One of the tion was vital. Microsoft brought together a consortium of tasks of the operations department is to support the 110 ICT suppliers, who in the longer term want to provide us number. So Child Focus also wanted to link the CRM to with IT technologies and services. So we are very thankful the telephone systems. to Microsoft and its partners for their great public spirit.” As part of its Unlimited Potential programme, Microsoft Solution made available to Child Focus a whole series of licences, Microsoft partner Travi@ta installed Microsoft Dynamics including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft CRM 4.0 at Child Focus. The operations department now Dynamics CRM. Jean-Paul Ganseman: “I was already quite has user-friendly software, which has significantly im- proved services. Benefits  Integration with telephony  Calls are answered more personally thanks to tele- phone number recognition  Audio files in CRM file  All file information held centrally in CRM  Documents stored in SharePoint  CRM screens show information about parents and/or magistrates quickly  Smoother coordination and exchange of information “We add the digital file of the call to the with police and judicial authorities CRM file with just one mouse click.”  No more copying information for hotline staff  Case managers collect statistics easily  Uniformization with Microsoft, integration with Microsoft Jean-Paul Ganseman, Network Manager at Child Focus Office
  3. 3. impressed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the software came top of the list for replacing our ten-year-old helpdesk software. At an IT event I got into con- versation with CRM specialist Travi@ta and after that the ball started rolling very fast. Anyway Travi@ta also showed great public spirit!” Connections created more easily For Child Focus, the CRM software literally means child relationship man- agement. “We see the connections between files more easily,” explains Ganseman. “The application gives our case managers a broader view of the current cases. We have created fields where we can regis- “You can’t simply ask a caller to hold on ter the parents of the child. By using the “relationships” function, case managers can also add the magistrates who because you’re still looking for the right are responsible for the judicial follow-up of the case. So our filing card.” staff get to know faster which parties are involved in a case. A project card immediately generates the most essen- Adinda Van Poucke of Child Focus tial information. In the previous application the files were linked to a child, but there was no structure in the card. All the information about parents and public prosecutor magis- resulted in significant efficiency gains. Previously we had to trates had to be added as annotations.” look for information in different places.” The case managers exchange information on current miss- Integration with telephony ing persons with parents, the public prosecutor’s office and Travi@ta also integrated the CRM software with the new the police. These data used to be systematically printed telephone systems of Belgacom and Voxtron. This means and added to a thick paper file. Thanks to the integration Child Focus’ hotline staff immediately get to see who is call- with Microsoft Office Outlook, the managers link e-mails to ing the 110 number, provided that the number is in the the file and everything is stored centrally. With the arrival of CRM database. In the past it was impossible to link the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there is just one place for all the telephones to the contact management system. Thanks to file information. For instance, if the case managers organ- the recognition system, Child Focus can answer the caller ize a coordination meeting that includes the public prosecu- more personally. This reassuring and comforting approach tor, the police unit for missing persons, the examining mag- is important in some cases. The software also automatically istrate in charge and Child Focus, they send an invitation to generates a filing card about the call, which the hotline the participants via CRM. Obviously the file has a record of staff can store in the CRM file. if and when such a follow-up meeting has previously taken place. “The integration with Office is perhaps the biggest Child Focus records every call that comes in via the 110 advantage,” affirms Adinda Van Poucke of the operations number. “Sometimes we have to listen to these calls again, department. to hear the telephone numbers or statements again, and so on. With our previous telephone exchange we had one huge Now the information is better structured. “For example, digital file and it took a lot of searching to be able to listen after taking statements we sometimes have to send people again to just the part that you needed. You couldn’t split it to an AIDS prevention service,” explains Van Poucke. “We up and add it to the file. Today you can add the digital file of automatically link the letter that we write for such services the call to the file in question with just one mouse click,” to the file. CRM sends you to any Office document on our says Ganseman. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. We handle 3000 files a year. It is difficult to estimate the time that we have saved No more duplicate work for the hotline staff by using CRM, but this centralization of documents has With the CRM system the hotline staff type the information
  4. 4. they receive over the telephone directly into the CRM file. With the old system it took far too long to get to the right For more information file. “You can’t simply ask a caller to hold on because you’re still looking for the filing card,” says Van Poucke. For more information about the products and services of Mi- Now whenever there is a call CRM creates a new task, crosoft described, call +32 (0)2 704 30 00 or visit which the hotline staff can subsequently link to the right There you will find other companies file. They no longer have to write down anything and nei- that use similar applications. ther do they lose time unnecessarily duplicating work. If a call has to be followed up by a case manager, for instance For more information about Travi@ta, call +32 (0)2 721 88 80 if someone recognizes a child from one of his filing cards, or visit then they can easily attach the follow-up task to his name. The tasks can also be added to a joint task list for the case For more information about Child Focus surf to managers.” Sometimes the organization has to start up files of cases for which it is not qualified. “Our core task is to help find missing children and to fight against sexual exploitation. But we also receive reports of child abuse or neglect. We hand these files over to the emergency services or, if ap- propriate, the police services. Nowadays we can provide them with more complete information. This means that if the magistrate orders it, the audio files can exceptionally be used for investigating the report,” says Ganseman. Finally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows Child Focus to col- lect better statistics faster. Political institutions such as the European Commission and the Federal Government Ser- vice for Justice are always interested in statistics on the number of runaways or (parental) abductions each year. Child Focus also publishes this information in its annual report. This used to be a protracted research task involving various parameters for the IT service. Nowadays case man- agers can easily look up this information and present it to their contacts. “When a child disappears there is no time to lose. The faster you circulate the information, the greater the chance Software and Services of finding the child. Technology and contact management play a crucial role here. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our project approach is clearly more efficient,” concludes Servers Desktop Applications Kristine Kloeck, CEO of Child Focus. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Microsoft Office Out- 2007 look 2007 Developer Tools Business Solutions Microsoft Dynamics Windows CRM 4.0 Services Technologies Partner Travi@ta