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Social Media for Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism. By
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Social Media for Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism. By


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This is a presentation illustrating some best practice examples of how hotels and tourism businesses are using social media. It also then demonstrates the benefits to tourism businesses of the new …

This is a presentation illustrating some best practice examples of how hotels and tourism businesses are using social media. It also then demonstrates the benefits to tourism businesses of the new social media platform for the industry called Contact Travelshake Social Media at or call +353 (0)1 44 333 65 for more information or a free quote and social media audit. Visit:

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  • 1. Social Media for HotelsLaughlin Rigby,Marketing Director,
    Hotel Website Marketing Conference
    Dublin, 14th September 2010
  • 2. Our Background:
    A new social media platform for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
    Travelshake Social Media Consultants
    • Specialised Social Media Strategy Development and Training for Hotels
    • 3. Monthly Account Management
    • 4. Digital Travel & Hotel Videos
    • 5. Facebook Competitions and Campaigns
    • 6. Social Media Account Creation & Set-up
  • 2005
    Laughlin Rigby is the former eMarketing Manager for Tourism Ireland and launched the world’s first social media campaign for a tourist board in 2005 before twitter existed and before facebook was just open to universities.
  • 7. 2009
  • 8. 2010
  • 9. 2010
  • 10. 2010 Blogging
  • 11. 2010
    As Country Inns & Suites By Carlson prepared to open its 500th hotel in College Station, Texas, earlier this year, it offered free seven-day mystery trips to three bloggers active in social-media sites.
  • 12.
    • The bloggers and their families were assigned to drive to College Station, Texas in branded vehicles.
    • 13. Across seven states, staying in a different Country Inn each night.
    • 14. Mystery scavenger hunt with the next clue received by video on their mobiles after completing the previous one.
    • 15. Take and upload photos, Blog and post messages on Facebook and Twitter
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18. Does your hotel have a social media strategy?
  • 19.
  • 20.
    • Customers: Where are they and what are they saying
    • 21. Content: What will you say, offers, news, videos, photos
    • 22. Campaigns: competitions and contests to engage your fanbase
    • 23. People: Who will update and maintain the social media accounts
    • 24. Platforms: Which is best - Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare (LBS – location based services)
    Key Elements of a Social Media Strategy
  • 25. What are Irish Hotel Updating About on Facebook?
    Special offers (20)
    Competitions (18)
    Events (in hotel and area) (12)
    Seasonal themed (11)
    Hotel News (10)
    General Hello (9)
    Awards (8)
    Trying to get more fans (8)
    Content updates (photos etc.) (7)
    Weddings (6)
    PR (5)
    Exclusive Facebook Offer (4)
    Golf (3)
    Spa (3)
    Local attractions/tourism (2)
    “There were 127 updates from 54 Irish hotels over 48 hours.”
    © Travelshake Social Media 2010
  • 26. Number 1 Hotel on facebook in Ireland
    Facebook is a key part of the hotels online marketing strategy..........
    .........gets their fans opinions on recent stays, keeping them informed of future offers & events in the city, sending hotel pictures & videos.
    “I really don't think that any business should be without it in this day and age and all it costs is your time.” – Geoff Dawson
  • 27. Play Food & Wine – Restaurant in Ontario, Canada
    “the restaurant spends no money on any advertising, beyond remaining very active on Twitter and Facebook and running email campaigns”
    “We have sold out every event we’ve had since we opened by using only Facebook, Twitter and our mailing list.”
  • 28. They tweet funny pictures, new wines, and local products that become available and it creates a special connection between them and their fans
    They are able to reach out to loyal customers, food bloggers and the rest of the community, to make them feel like insiders who are part of the restaurant’s day-to-day operations.
  • 29. The Highway Hotel Adelaide
    Run campaigns and events using social media as our primary marketing media
    “turnover increased by four per cent and the hotel has saved $15,000 in marketing costs over a nine-month period”
    When customers “check in” on Foursquare via their mobile phone as they visit the hotel, they can claim a free house drink. 
  • 30. Westend Bistro, Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C.
    • specials
    • 31. restaurant news
    • 32. holiday hours
    • 33. ask fans what they would like to see on the seasonal menu
    • 34. held a contest to select a new fall dessert menu item
    • Staffed by employees based in Omaha, Australia and Mumbai
    • 35. Respond to requests and questions within an hour
    • 36. Field queries ranging from where to find good sushi to alerts that a guest will be checking in late
  • 37. Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, Miami – Welcome page
  • 38. Facebook Offer Redemptions:
    Began issuing FB codes for discounts on best available rates e.g. FOLLOW
    Codes generated 270 more room nights this year
  • 39. Great management response to customer post about offers
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42. ACE HOTEL NY – Creative use of video for hotels
  • 43. ACE HOTEL NY – Social Media Film “Charley”
  • 44.
  • 45. InterContinental - Priority Club app,
    • mobile-phone based services were earning the company more than $1 million (€791,000) a month in revenue,
    • 46. grown by more than 600 percent over the past year.
    • 47. rolling out its iPad concierge service, which debuted in April in four cities
  • Fairmont Hotels - beyond booking apps
  • 48.  Fairmont Hotels – Virtual Concierge App 
    • access to destination guides
    • 49. log into loyalty club account
    • 50. view current reservations
    • 51. check hotel availability
  • InterContinental and Topguest
  • 52.
  • 53.
    • Learn which of their customers are the "most influential”
    • 54. promote their loyalty programs
    • 55. increase sales during off hours
  • Plan to invite loyalty program members with large Facebook and Twitter followings to help spread the word about its SpringHill Suites chain.
    They'll get free stays and other incentives in return for positive messages sent to followers.
  • 56.
  • 57.
    • 40% of their booking guests have engaged with
    • 58. Each post has on average brought 8 new visits over to The James’ site
  • Give £25 to their customers for each booking made as a result of their social media referral
  • 59. Group Deals and Social Discounts
  • 60.
  • 61.
  • 62. Tourism and Hospitality businesses are embracing Social Media as an effective marketing tool all over the world.
  • 63. Microblogs
    Tourism Directories
    Mapping GPS
    Photo Sharing
    Social Networks
    No single location for social marketing
  • 64. Travelshake.comthe first Social Media Platform for the Tourism Industry
  • 65. lets users….….save time and money planning a holiday in Ireland by featuring official offers, videos and real-time updates covering the entire tourism sector while showing insider recommendations from local owners.
  • 66. lets businesses….….create their own free digital media profile that showcases their business, offers, expertise & local knowledge.
  • 67. What is a Travelshake digital media profile?
    Real-time tagged updates
    Social Media feeds
    Map + GPS Location
    Photo Gallery
    Direct bookings
    User Interactions
  • 68. How can help your business?
  • 69. Your Social Marketing Hub
  • 70. Increase your enquiry rate
    Upload full contact details with clickable links….
  • 71. Drive Traffic to Your Website
    Add links to your website
  • 72. Increase Direct Bookings
    Users Book Direct
  • Dedicated Travel Video Platform
  • 75. Show off your local knowledge
    • Demonstrate your local knowledge or expertise by writing relevant updates
    Create list of your local or peer recommendations by recommending other profiles
  • 76. Create Local and Peer Networks
    Local Tourism Body
  • 77. Offers Platform
    Hot Offers Page: real-time publishing
  • 78. Real-time Updates
    Inform visitors and customers of latest news, events and competitions
  • 79. All Social Media in One Location
    Increase your fans and followers as they click through
  • 80. Micro-Site for Marketing Campaigns
    Create Campaign Pages
    • Unique Campaign URL
    • 81. Branding
    • 82. Video upload
    • 83. Update latest campaign info.
    • 84. Campaign Photo Gallery
    • 85. Integrate twitter, facebook and youtube campaign accounts
    • 86. Promote page site-wide
    • 87. Campaign video on homepage
    • 88. Publish related offers
    • 89. Create Itineraries
    • 90. Map your campaign
  • Premium Profile
    Premium Profile
    Multiple Videos
    Booking Link
    Priority Listing
    Offers Spotlight
    Homepage Updates
    Unlimited Photo Galleries
    Ad Free
  • 91. Key Profile Features for a Hotel on
    Direct Bookings
    Offers Feed
    Social Media Feeds
    User Interaction
    Peer to Peer Recommendations
  • 92. Travelshake Benefits versus others
  • 93. Over 200 Irish Tourism Businesses have already signed up...
  • 94. Join these leading tourism brands today......
    Premium Account
  • 95. (0)1 44 333
    Thank you!