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RTS Brand Presentation

  1. 1. RTS Branding Workshop
  2. 2. Branding Workshop Why Brand What a Brand Is Your Brand Audience Brand Concepts Brand Components Walkabout Your Assets Brand Direction Brand Integration Brand Communication
  3. 3. People Love Logos!
  4. 4. Why Brand?Attract new money to the regionState your vision/goalStrengthen and expand the visitor experienceEncourage consumers to visitMitigate uncertainty that consumers may haveStrengthen your legitimacyEngender trust & loyalty
  5. 5. Why Brand?Brand familiarity is linked tofavorabilityBrand strength = consumptionBrand knowledge = reducedconsumer risk and lowerinformation costs
  6. 6. Why Brand?Even if you do nothing, you stillhave a brand. It just may not bethe one you want.
  7. 7. What is a Brand?"A brand is a living entity - and it isenriched or undermined cumulativelyover time, the product of a thousandsmall gestures"- Michael Eisner, former CEO Disney
  8. 8. Telling it like it is
  9. 9. Questions to Ask Yourselves Who are the target audiences? What is there to work with? What do the residents think?
  10. 10. Brand Focus
  11. 11. Brand Focus
  12. 12. Brand Focus
  13. 13. What is Your Brand Now?
  14. 14. Who are Your Visitors?Where do your visitors come from?•  Be specific.•  How do you know?Write a profile of the different types of visitors.•  Age•  Income•  Reason for trip•  What they do here•  What they spend money on•  How long the stay
  15. 15. Rules of the Brand Promise1. Brands must be based on product2. Never advertise until you candeliver3. Logos and taglines are not brands4. Brands deliver experiences
  16. 16. Destination Marketing Mistakes1. Promoting too many ideas2. Promoting things visitors have close by3. Promoting the generic4. Promoting passive attractions5. Promoting “Lists”
  17. 17. A Popular Promise Brand Unique Aware-ness Relevant
  18. 18. A Popular Promise Brand UniqueAware-ness Relevant
  19. 19. A Popular Promise Brand UniqueAware-ness Relevant
  20. 20. A Popular Promise Brand UniqueAware-ness Relevant
  21. 21. A Popular Promise Brand UniqueAware-ness Relevant
  22. 22. Brand PathADVOCACY: Do people recommend thedestination to family, friends and colleagues?"DECISION / VISITATION: To what extent dopeople follow through and visit the destination?"CONSIDERATION: Is this one of the destinationsbeing thought about for a visit?"PREFERENCE: How highly do audiences esteemthe brand? Does it resonate?"ASSOCIATIONS: What qualities come to mindwhen people think of the destination?"FAMILIARITY: How well do people know thedestination and what it offers?"AWARENESS: Do key audiences know that thedestination exists? How top of mind is it?"
  23. 23. Defining Your Tourism Message What makes you…. Different. Worth the trip.
  24. 24. How Visitors See You
  25. 25. What experience are you selling?The LURE: the experience that motivates the visitor toactually come to your destination.DIVERSIONS: things visitors can do closer to homebut will do in your destination because they arealready there. These accelerate the brand.AMENITIES: Things that make the visit a comfortableoneAMBIENCE: historic buildings, public art, streetentertainers, etc.
  26. 26. Lures
  27. 27. 32
  28. 28. Preikestolen, Norway 33
  29. 29. 34
  30. 30. What do you think the Pendleton Roundup is?
  31. 31. Experiences
  32. 32. 38
  33. 33. Ketchikan, Ak 39
  34. 34. Tongass Nat’l Forest 40 Bend, OR
  35. 35. Ketchikan, Ak 41
  36. 36. Seattle, WA 42
  37. 37. Diversions
  38. 38. 44Lodi, California
  39. 39. 45 Park City, Utah Bend, OR
  40. 40. Sonoma County 46Juneau, Alaska
  41. 41. Amenities
  42. 42. Snoqualmie, WA 48
  43. 43. Lake Chelan, WA 49
  44. 44. Juneau, Alaska 50
  45. 45. Juneau, Alaska 51
  46. 46. Ketchikan, Alaska 52
  47. 47. Juneau, Alaska 53
  48. 48. Sisters, OR
  49. 49. WayfindingThe way-finding components–  Directional signs–  Gateways–  Kiosks–  Pole banners–  Map Stands
  50. 50. WayfindingDon’t leave them hanging! Downtown Next Exit
  51. 51. Wayfinding
  52. 52. Wayfinding
  53. 53. Milton-Freewater,OR
  54. 54. Wayfinding
  55. 55. Gateways say “You’ve arrived”
  56. 56. WayfindingConnect the Dots
  57. 57. Ambience
  58. 58. 65 Sisters, OR
  59. 59. Juneau, Alaska 66
  60. 60. 67Enterprise, Oregon
  61. 61. Walla Walla, WA 68
  62. 62. 69
  63. 63. Issaquah, WA 70
  64. 64. Snoqualmie, WA 71
  65. 65. What experience are you selling
  66. 66. What experience are you selling Retail Signs
  67. 67. What experience are you selling Store Fronts
  68. 68. Local Interaction
  69. 69. Ketchikan, Alaska 76
  70. 70. 77Ketchikan, Alaska
  71. 71. Seattle, WA 78
  72. 72. Pike Place Market, Seattle 79
  73. 73. What experience are you selling Exercise: Destination Attributes
  74. 74. What experience are you selling Exercise: Destination Evaluation
  75. 75. What experience are you selling “First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions”
  76. 76. What experience are you selling Second Round Exercise: Destination Evaluation
  77. 77. DAY TWOBrand Concept Development
  78. 78. Brand Concept Development
  79. 79. Brand IntegrationThe Enumclaw WA Example The Brand Promise: “By pulling together its rural ambiance and man’s innate connection with the noble horse, Enumclaw celebrates all things equine. Visitors are surrounded by the inspiration, excitement and recreational opportunities provided by these gentle but powerful creatures. Enumclaw is the place where visitors introduce their children to their first pony ride, saddle up for the trail, and marvel at the beauty and grace of professional horse events.
  80. 80. Brand LogoThe Enumclaw WA Example
  81. 81. Brand IntegrationThe Enumclaw WA Example Enumclaw’s brand would provide an equestrian community experience the way an urban or suburban resident would like to see it. Agrarian in nature but clean and quality, small community friendliness, experiential and hands-on, exposure to the quaint, new, interesting and unusual, opportunities for learning about horses and rural life.
  82. 82. Brand IntegrationPublic Integration •  White farm rail fencing along major access highways •  A “branded” downtown destination district •  Decorative wayfinding signs, gateway monuments and information kiosks •  Developed easements for a riding trail network •  Redeveloped Fairgrounds into an Expo Center with equestrian-focused upgrades
  83. 83. Brand IntegrationPrivate Integration•  A downtown merry-go-round with carved horses•  Mounted Enumclaw police in the downtown•  Showings and rides of work horses at the Expo Center•  Shetland Pony rides for children at EEC, downtown or in the parks•  A petting facility with miniature horses•  Horse Carriage and Cart rides
  84. 84. Brand IntegrationPrivate Integration•  Wild Horses (e.g. Wyoming) exhibit•  Horse trail riding rentals•  Instruction in Dressage, English, Hunter/Jumper, Western etc. at Expo Center•  Exhibitions of unusual or specialty horse breeds, (e.g. Knabstrupper)•  Public decorated horse sculptures
  85. 85. Brand IntegrationRetail Integration•  A first rate saddle-making outlet such as Hamley & Co. in Pendleton, Oregon•  Western apparel shops•  Western hat shop•  Blacksmith/Farrier shop•  Tack shops•  A retail feed store•  Equine artists and photography galleries•  Equine books featured in bookstores•  Retail horse fencing storefront•  Equine related jewelry featured•  Horse trailering – rentals and sales
  86. 86. Brand Communication
  87. 87. Brand Communication
  88. 88. Brand Communication
  89. 89. Brand Communication
  90. 90. Brand Communication
  91. 91. Brand Communication Pole Banners
  92. 92. Brand Communication
  93. 93. Brand Communication
  94. 94. Angels CampAngels Camp, CA Example•  Historic Gold Rush town – population 3,400•  In Calaveras County, foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains•  Adjacent to Stanislaus National Forest•  Abundant outdoor recreation year-round
  95. 95. Angels Camp, CA Example•  Made famous by Mark Twain – “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”•  Annual Jumping Frog Jubilee•  Frogs, frogs, frogs
  96. 96. Angels Camp, CA ExamplePrimary Markets:•  Sacramento•  Stockton•  San Jose•  Greater Bay Area
  97. 97. Angels Camp, CA ExampleBrands Considered:•  Gold rush/ western theme•  Antiques/art•  Mountain sports•  Golf•  Culinary/wine
  98. 98. Brand ConceptBrand Statement:Angels Camp is the capital of and place to be based for mountain sports in the Sierra Nevada.LURE: The one place where visitors can find a concentration of support services for their mountain sports experience, from outfitters, specialized retailers, lodging, dining and after hours entertainment.DIVERSIONS: Experiences in the downtown that the visitor might find closer to home.
  99. 99. Angels Camp, CA ExampleKeys to Success:•  Local commitment and enthusiasm•  Already has the accommodations – motels, b&bs, etc.•  Needs to recruit outfitters, specialized retail, restaurants, pubs to downtown core.•  Create amenities and ambiance.•  Branded product development and marketing.•  MOST IMPORTANT: Deliver on the promise.
  100. 100. Brand LogoCase Study – Angels Camp, CA Tagline: “Redefining the Rush”
  101. 101. Brand IdentitiesAngels Camp, CA Example
  102. 102. Brand CommunicationAngels Camp, CA Example
  103. 103. Brand ConceptThe brand feasibility test1. Are you specific enough to be noticed?2. Is it something your market will not find closer to home?3. Will you have wide enough appeal to attract the number of customers you need to be successful?4. Do you offer an experience (even if you are selling a product)?5. Can you afford it?
  104. 104. Brand ConceptThe brand feasibility test - continued6. Will it work year round?7. Does it have legs? (is it possible to extend the core brand once it is developed?8. Will the community buy into it?9. Can it be shown through the whole community?
  105. 105. Brand Concept Development
  106. 106. Points to Remember•  Take the long view•  Deliver on the promised experience•  Be consistent in your message•  Develop branded products & services•  Work together•  Provide leadership•  Fund the effort•  Get professional assistance•  Develop widespread local support
  107. 107. Enthusiasm!
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