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Travel Club company profile

  1. 1. Tel. +962 6 5538360, Fax. +962 6 5537 921 P.O.Box. 35193 Amman, 11180, Jordan
  2. 2. Few places can offer you more than one option for traveling . Jordanencompasses many experiences within its magical borders, whether theseeker is looking for exhilarating adventure, serenity in nature or totalimmersion in culture, or a “get it done” work attitude.Through meticulously chosen Travel Club packages you will be able toexplore Jordan the way you want whether you are an eco-trekker,someone on a spiritual journey, a dare devil or a business man.We are your personal expert vacation designers, we manage your tripsfrom airline tickets, hotels, to tour guiding, the team has had 15 years ofextensive experience in the field, and a lifetime of passion for Jordan andknow the country inside out. To make the language barrier a non-issue ourteam is multilingual and is of course fluent in our native tongue.Travel Club has chosen the best hotels in their genre, whether 5,4 or 3 starto accommodate you in style. Additionally, you are accompanied by friendlyand knowledgeable guides throughout your stay. Travel Club welcomesyou and your guests to Jordan and the Middle East.
  3. 3. Our VisionThe way things were done in the We hope to continue to listen to you and ask you what you are seeking,past is virtually over. Security and maybe give you a few suggestions of our own. The result is yourconcerns, the financial crisis and dream vacation, one that meets your needs to the finest detail. In otherglobalization have shifted the words, Travel Club brings you face to face with what you want, the waytravelers priorities. you want it.Add to this, the internet boom, andyou have one smart customer whowants the right spot, the rightclimate and the right budget.We know this, and we act upon it.
  4. 4. Our aim is to offer our clients a complete tailor-made trip. We also aim toredefine “Group Travel” to a more shared experience, providing you withreasonably priced, high quality services you can enjoy with others whilemaintaining the trips uniqueness.We do all this and a little more. Basic business travel and airline ticketreservations are taken care of, and we take our services to another level,modifying your trip your way to include a tour of classic ruins, a Pilgrimage,adventure treks, therapeutic treatments, eco-travel or bird watching andhiking trips, and maybe something a bit more relaxing, flower spotting.We also know where the special sites are. The reason we know where todig and where to set sail is because our young and energetic team hasmany years of experience in this rich country.
  5. 5. While Jordan is small in size itmore than makes up for it withits rich culture and sights. Itwalks you through many must-see attraction, greets youwith its hospitable people andshows you its many faces.Travel Club’s comes in with amission to establish Jordan asa major holiday and incentivedestination. To achieve thiswe listen and then create thecustom made program that willunveil Jordan to you the wayyou want.This means we listen to whatyour heart wants to feel, yourmind wants to explore, andwhat your pocket wants tosupply.There are places that alwaysgive you the feeling that youhave seen them for the firsttime and have been there be-fore all at once.We plan your trip so that thisfeeling accompanies youthroughout. Jordan is rich ingreat destinations, from thespirituality, mystifying andthrilling experiences.
  6. 6. Jordan is more than a relic, the country and its innovative King Abdullah IImore governments and cooperation’s are in business here. With its solidIT infrastructure and security, it is a hub for political and economical forumsgrowing progressively.They say all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, we know how to meshpleasure and business, what better way to unwind than to experience anew countries traditions and hang outs, we can arrange this for you, mak-ing sure you unwind and enjoy your time, with a dash of professionalismand a hint of fun.Filled with diverse options, and catered incentives, you are at a centerof different themes and activities, you can go around the corner to a placethriving with culture, or to a place where you might see and explore what theRomans left us. To all this Travel Club says “ bring it on”Our Business Travel Specialists ensure you travel at the highest ofstandards. We are committed to offer you with the best deals and value foryour money.
  7. 7. What Makes Us SpecialOUR SPECIAL TEAMOur young team is establishing itself to come out of the woodworks And we know Jordan like the backamongst a sea of travel options and planners. Our Special team along with of our hand, and we speak moreour newly established entity will continuously try to push forward, shuffling than one language, and know howendless possibilities to find the right one for you. to deal with more than one personality.We are innovative. We look at our clients hopes and needs. Bluntly said,we are special. If you want to know how special we are, Join the Club and Basically we are anwe will make you feel special. outdoorsy, social bunch in touch with the pulse of this country.Travel Club’s team is brimming with experts in tourism and tips on genuineJordanian travel. We come from different backgrounds and experiencesfrom all sectors related to tourism.
  8. 8. A time comes when you need time out of your hectic daily life. You wantto go some place to relax or perhaps escape, you want this trip to be theanswer to your needs, and at this tiresome point you don’t know where tostart, and you wish it could arrange itself somehow.Travel Club wants you to have a stress free vacation, to put your headback and start unwinding so we will make all the bookings and arrange-ments for you. With our personal touch we cater to your vacation needssince our bottom line is, we want you to have an unforgettable trip. Wetake genuine pleasure in customizing services that meet the diverse needsof our clients.Stepping into Jordan with Travel Club is a different experience for eachtraveler. Come take a look at the options and pick and choose to createyour ultimate trip, come join the club:
  9. 9. Club Culture Club Adventure Club FaithYou can go to a museum, where For the ones who are looking for There comes a time in ones lifeyou are told about the different energetic activity, and a trip full when you know you need to takecultures of the world, where they of thrill, we offer you a vacation a spiritual journey, to feel serene,show you maps, and artifacts, or that is sure to quench you thirst to find yourself can come visit Jordan. for adventure, with thrill, new experiences, new limits. We will hold your hand in thisJordan is blessed to have a rich journey, step back in time to walkand diverse culture, here you We know how you feel that is with the prophets, this is the placecan experience new traditions, why we offer the daredevils to where Christianity was born,feel the immense history, touch experience Jordan’s diverse where Salome danced, Travelrich history and learn new cul- attractions and activities, the Club makes sure you benefit fromtures, Jordan is for the travelers Travel Club way, all the rich religious historywho are looking for a vacation bestowed to you by the Levant.that is filled with learning and Planning and managing Hot Airexperiencing new cultures. Balloon trips, 3 Axis Micro Light, Weight Shift Micro Light, LandWe don’t stop at that, we know to Sailing, Skydiving, Parasailingexperience the diverse regional and Scuba divingculture and tradition, you needto visit the Levant, we can alsoarrange this for you, taking youto all the must see places in theregion.
  10. 10. Club LeisureAfter a hectic year, or month and you look at yourself in the mirror and imagine yourself, pampered,calm and relaxed. You can come to us, we at Travel Club will insure your vacation is stress free, wehandle everything, all you have to do it enjoy the serenity and work on energizing yourself, becoming ahealthier, exhilarated you. Enjoy the serenity and work on energizing yourself
  11. 11. Club NatureThis is especially made for the tree huggers out there, the ones who feel complete when they are sur-rounded by mother nature, we will show you a different side of ecotourism, where you will be surroundedby the beautiful desert, or feel the sensation of the lowest point on earth, or revel in nature’s bounty inany of the country’s reserves to get a sense of our flora and fauna.VoluntourismFor the ones who want to meet new people, explore new worlds, help the people and culture of thesecountries, volunteerism tourism was created. An international movement meant to help and aid peopleand nature.You can have both worlds, help the community, get the fuzzy feeling inside, while also exploring a newcountry feeling renovated and refreshed. We at travel club believe in this movement, and want to bring itto your door step.We can arrange all the aspects of this journey depending on your expertise and what you can offer thecommunity. Get Surrounded by Mother Nature
  12. 12. Your health in safe handsClub Health AccessibilitySometimes a traveler needs to mix vacation with medical treatment, this There is an ongoing movement atis where we come in. Jordan has the best affordable medical treatment on travel club, to make tourisman international level, here you can get your teeth fixed while also enjoy- destinations accessible to a relaxing vacation, we can also arrange for married couple a relaxing,stress free vacation while also taking an appointment for a IVF treatment, To this end, we make sure yourwhich is known to be of high excellence in Jordan. journey is obstacle free, rich in its variety of activities, and we ensureLest we forget the medical miracle of the Dead Sea, it has become a major your special needs are fulfilled withsite for medical research and treatment, with its minerals, its salts it muds, attention, care, along withits low solar radiation, all these are to sure to stimulate and nourish you adventure and exploration everyskin, Travel Club will help you celebrate you skin. step of the way.
  13. 13. Club MICETravel Club can support you in We know time is money, at Travelmanaging and organizing your Club we respect both your time andevents, conferences and exhibitions your well earned money.and making sure all your businessneeds are met. Our specialty is MICE isn’t only for the businessMICE. oriented travelers, where we can let our hair loose and organize ravesJordan’s advantage of being at a with international DJ’s hosting thegeographical center allows it to be event. Travel Club is young at heartaccessible to large events. For the and aging like fine meetings, incentives, con-ferences and events, which we ar-range from beginning to end, we arecapable of organizing all arrange-ments, from tickets to accommoda-tion to entertainment activities.
  14. 14.