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Session 15 Jörgen Gustafsson
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Session 15 Jörgen Gustafsson


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Vectus SverigeStatus av provbanan i Uppsala Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 1
  • 2. This is Vectus• Small vehicles (3-6 pass) => individual transport• Stations off main line => travel to destination without intermediate stop => high average speed• On demand. => No timetables. => Negligible waiting time 24 / 7 => Total time for travel kept at minimum.• Short headways (2-3 secs) => high line capacity• Light and slim guideways => low investment• Driver-less and dedicated track => low operational cost Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 2
  • 3. Company Description Organization BOD Vectus Ltd. (UK) Vectus Ltd., Vectus Ltd., Sweden Branch Korea Branch R&D (test track) Sales : Non-Asia Non- Finance Marketing Sales : Asia Business Scope• Development and supply of commercial PRT systems for public transport use• Project Management and consulting (feasibility, simulation, planning)• Technology licensing Shareholders• POSCO E&C, POSTEEL, POSDATA, POSMEC, POSCON (all POSCO affiliates; POSCO 2008, revenues 34 000 MUSD; profits 3 830 MUSD)• Noventus (Swedish company) Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 3
  • 4. Vectus Test Track - Swedish and English Design • WGH, UK Guideway and chassis • Noventus, Swe Control system • Relcon, Swe RAM – LCC • Scandpower, Swe Safety and Quality • Scandpower, Nor Safety • Skanska, Swe Civil works, station bldg • Bravida, Swe Electrical installations • Idesign, Swe Design • TDI-AVE, UK Cabin • Parker-SSD, Swe Power supply & propulsion • Force, UK Linear Motors • Semcon, Swe Mech design • Tikab, Swe Mech analysis • Conort, Swe Mech analysis • Transrail, Swe Systems engineering, project mgmt Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 4
  • 5. Key features Advanced control system• Distributed control – Limited system effect if there is a fault or problem – Dynamic rerouting if there are disturbances – System can be expanded without any performance degradation.• Asynchronous control – Overall travel time vastly reduced in larger system at load – Line capacity can be fully utilised – No degradation at higher loads• Dynamic moving block – Allows varying speed depending on load conditions or track layout and still maintaining capacity – Saves space in any queuing situation – Higher capacity than fixed block system Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 5
  • 6. Key featuresTrack and vehicle interface• Suitable for any application, elevated, ground or tunnel.• Only blue parts required, structure is completely flexible. Very easy to bring inside buildings and make architectural integration.• Vehicles are mechanically steered along the track• Smart and SAFE switching, with mechanical guidance through the switch• Mechanically ”locked” to the guideway.• No moving parts in switches Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 6
  • 7. Key featuresElectrical drive with many optionsVectus control concept, and the safety case, accomodates amultitude of propulsion system solutions.Test Track – Linear Motors in Track• No exposed voltage• No current collection problems• Less equipment in vehicles• Higher system reliability.Other Vectus solutions available to optimiseany system and meet customer demands:• On-board LIM• On-board tyre drive• Current collection / On-board power storage Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 7
  • 8. Authority approval– Covers track, vehicle, control system (“ATC”), operation, maintenance etc.– Safety case according to IEC 61508 (requirement to be as safe as current railway / metro)– 3:rd party assessment for • Safety instrumented system (SIS, i.e. part of control, brake, sensors etc) • Track structure Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 8
  • 9. Test track StatusAll functions have been tested, we are operating withtop level software, ticketing etc with multiplevehicles, merge operation etc.Safety case accepted by SRAApproval for “experience” operation. Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 9
  • 10. Test track layout• Max speed: 45 km/h• Max acceleration: 2 m/s2• Max retardation: 5 m/s2• Min headway: 3 sec Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 10
  • 11. Targets for the Test track• Verify the technical solution• Make a complete safety case (incl verification & validation)• Approval from relevant authorities• Long term performance (reliability, maintenance etc.) Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 11
  • 12. Test track Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 12
  • 13. Vectus Test Track, Recent Activities• Experience operation (reliability) – Full system operation 3-4 hours per day – All vehicles, merge, minimal headways, station, ticketing• Ride quality measurements• Noise measurements• Winter testing (snow and ice conditions, braking) Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 13
  • 14. Vectus Ltd. 2007 Copyright Page 14