Crossing Boundaries 2: Transcending Time - Collaboration in the Digital Age


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This is the second in our series, "Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries," prepared for Adobe.

Working across different time zones has already become part of today’s optimized production methods. This new teamwork model creates unexpected challenges related to complexity, cultural differences, language transference, and international project management. Professionals need to know how cultural concepts of time can be integrated into online collaborative content creation models.

Link to the recording of the full webinar on the Adobe site:

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Crossing Boundaries 2: Transcending Time - Collaboration in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   Crossing Boundaries: Implications for the Content Industries -2- Transcending  Time:     Collabora:on  in  the  virtual  age   The  Mu:la:on  of  Uranus  by  Saturn  (Chronos)  hDp://­‐content/uploads/2013/02/The_Mu:lia:on_of_Uranus_by_Saturn.jpg  
  2. 2. Time is asynchronous: Meet now, join later! Thank  you  for  par:cipa:ng  in  this  synchronous  /  asynchronous  experience   hDp://­‐temps-­‐vola.jpg  
  3. 3. hDp://­‐travel2-­‐photo-­‐courtesy-­‐of-­‐junussyndicate-­‐on-­‐deviantART-­‐1024x652.jpg   Time  is  not  something  that   happens  to  us:  it  is  how  we   spend  our  lives.  
  4. 4. Chronos (time, eternal duration) Cronus:  hDp://  Myths:  hDp://   Measurable  and  quan:ta:ve   Flows  in  Nature   Expands  in  planned  tasks     “Clock  :me”  
  5. 5. Digitization of Time: evolution of ephemeral registers hDp://­‐collectable-­‐­‐files/anchor_esc.jpg   The  First  Digi:za:on  of  Time   Osaka  Water  Clock      hDp://­‐content/uploads/2011/10/water-­‐clock.jpg   The  Digital  Water  Clock   Clepsydra:  Transferring    concepts.   From  flowing  to  coun:ng   hDp://  
  6. 6. Kairos (the right moment) Museo  di  An:chità  di  Torino.  Kairos:  hDp://   Characterised  by  intensity   Qualita:ve   You  flow  within  it   Expands  with  engagement   “Psychological    :me”  
  7. 7. hDp://­‐GJ3HviE95Pk/UDDy3s81zYI/AAAAAAAAAgg/4dB6MkbTDvw/s400/estany_Banyoles.jpg   Wai:ng  Time  seems  Eternal  
  8. 8. Photo  by  Adam  Dobrovitz   Rush    Time    seems  ephemeral  
  9. 9. Horae (the right order) Good  Order   Peace   Climate   Natural  jus:ce   “Social    :me”   Image:  hDp://­‐Dionis_i_Hore.jpg   Ref:  hDp://  
  10. 10. From Natural to Human iteration hDp://­‐content/uploads/2011/08/AgileDevelopment.png  hDp://www.monarch-­‐­‐emerging.jpg  
  11. 11. Chronus, Kairos, and Horae in the Virtual World hDp://   Challenges:   -­‐Planning  our  line  of  ac:on   -­‐Regula:ng  engagement     -­‐Crea:ng  a  culture   Planning   Ac:on   Accountability   Observing   Reflec:ng   Sharing   NEMETICS:     No:ce,  Engage,  Mull,  Exchange   (See  Blog  Post  on  Adobe  web  site)   hDp://­‐as-­‐i-­‐see-­‐it-­‐and-­‐understand/  
  12. 12. The Dance of the Hours hDp://­‐content/uploads/2010/08/TokyoflashNightVisionWatchConcept_2.jpg   Wisdom  is  not  the  result     of  a  long  life  of  struggling   for  knowledge  acquisi?on,     but  of  the  lifelong  aBempt     to  build  it.   What  makes  a     market  a  market,   a  school  a  school,   or  a  home,  Home?   hDp://   Urgent!   Important  
  13. 13. Time Management Matrix URGENT   NOT  URGENT   IMPORTANT           NOT  IMPORTANT               3.  Collaborators,   Teams.     -­‐Reports,  mails,  calls…   DO:  Delegate  ,  simplify,  sort.   4.  Automa:c  tools,   Filters,  an:-­‐spam.     -­‐  Undesired  informa5on/overload  control   DO:  Automa:c  treatment,  if  any,  garbage.   1.  Writer,  producer,   content  creator.       -­‐Deadlines,  crisis,  personal  du5es…    DO:  Fast  and  efficiently.   2.  Project  manager,     coordinator,  leader.     -­‐Vision,  updates,  diffusion,  debate,     DO:  Plan  ,  maintain,    commit  
  14. 14. Na:onal  Geographic:  Plane  Crash,  near  Sanarate,  Guatemala,,  by  Robert  Madden.     hDp://­‐geographic-­‐50-­‐best-­‐photographs  .   The most urgent and important events can not always be planned…
  15. 15. Two possible future paths after a specific moment Meeting here and now: Space-time Two-­‐Dimensional  Space-­‐:me  Depicted  in    Three-­‐Dimensional  Space-­‐:me   hDp://  Ref:  hDp://­‐defini:on-­‐of-­‐:me.htm   Observation point: “Here and Now”
  16. 16. There  is  only     ONE  FIRST  TIME…  
  17. 17. In Our Digital Age, The Moment is Ubiquitous LIVE  Webcam  Network   hDp://  
  18. 18. Timelines of change and complexity hDp://­‐:meline1.jpg  
  19. 19. Components of complexity Ref:  FriendMosaic:  hDp://­‐:meline1.jpg   Virtual  space-­‐:me    is  the  result    of  gathering    individual    contribu:ons.   Complexity  relates  to   the  number    of  unique  elements   and  the  number     of  connec:ons  between  them.  
  20. 20. hDps://sphotos-­‐b-­‐­‐frc1/1239913_507619442649756_51861501_n.png   Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream. -Kahlil Gibran
  21. 21. Planetary Time: a measurement tool We  use  :me  to  measure:   – Work  and  its  value   – Linear  physical  distance   – Age  and  maturity   – Distribu:on  of  space  around   the  globe…   hDp://­‐i-­‐87MK8kYXU/TZj6u-­‐YGvZI/AAAAAAAAAFM/EOaXky6i-­‐s8/s320/husos-­‐ horarios%2B3.gif  
  22. 22. Time Zones ref_:  hDp://­‐horarios.jpg   There  are  39  :me  zones  around  the  world  to  define  26  hours!   Kiriba:  
  23. 23. What Time is it? Finland:  12:00   Norway:  11:00   Russia:    14:00   hDp://  
  24. 24. Playing the Time Zones hDp://­‐mIGfPMuSM&tbnid=18W0AwD1eIoauM:&ved=0CAUQjRw& %2Faccess.htm&ei=788oUsnVE4nW0QWc8oCADg&psig=AFQjCNEzEUJolf04xsLVD1OoL9I5x8Urtg&ust=1378492645322316   Phase  2:  Barcelona     12:00  –  18:00   Phase  1:  Tokyo   9:00  –  18:00   Phase  3:     New  York   12:00  –  18:00   Phase  4:  San   Francisco   15:00  –  18:00   Arrival  Tokyo  14:00  next  day  –  21   hours  of  work  in  29  hours  elapsed   :me!  
  25. 25. Not So Simple Problems Playing the Time Zones •  Teams  don't  always  know  original   inten:on  –  costs  of  rework  can   offset  the  benefits   •  Project  management  is  not  easily   scalable  –  we  s:ll  need   automated,  specialized  PM  tools     hDp://   •  Requires  more  industrial  processes  to  replace  hand-­‐crazing   –  pressures  on  quality  increase   •  Problems  of  language,  culture,  interpreta:ons,  etc.  
  26. 26. Telling time is also a cultural transmission A  quarter  past  seven   (Spanish,  French)   A  quarter    towards  eight   (German,  Catalan)   Fer:gmachen  (Ger.)  
  27. 27. Cultural Perceptions of Time
  28. 28. Collaborating in a Time-Shifted, Digital Universe Tools  Facilita?on   •  Email  is  not  a  groupware  tool   •  Time-­‐shized  Computer  Assisted   Conferencing  (CAC)  systems  are   designed  to  facilitate  many-­‐to-­‐ many  communica:on:   –  Across  :me  (store-­‐and-­‐forward   mode)   –  Across  cultures  (modera:on  tools)   –  Provides  a  consultable  record   –  Designed  by  communicators   Human  Facilita?on   •  Moderator  (project  manager?)     –  S:mulates  discussion   –  Provides  cross-­‐cultural  assistance   –  Ensures  that  team  members  are   in  sync  and  have  common   understandings   –  Controls  discussion  when   necessary   –  Provides  closure/decision-­‐ making     Image:  hDps://encrypted-­‐­‐WA4seWk8radSV_qEwMdYTUopAqjdJEIG40b32af  
  29. 29. Time-Shifted Collaboration Models Ref:  Ray  Gallon,  Transforma:on  Society  1998  
  30. 30. Customized Workflows Choose  to  add  a  flow  state     Useful  way  to  label  pages,  organise  content     and  communicate  with  people  in  your  project     Personalise  ways  to  label,     organise  and  communicate     progress  in  your  project   Choose  to  add  a  new  state     Workflow:  Thanks  to  Angus  Edwardson   hDps://­‐have-­‐launched-­‐workflow  
  31. 31. hDps://sphotos-­‐a-­‐­‐prn2/1175699_10201899615672036_1388125126_n.jpg  
  32. 32. Ray  Gallon  &  Neus  Lorenzo   THANK YOU Ray   Email:   TwiBer:  @RayGallon   LinkedIn:  Ray  Gallon   Google  Plus:  +Ray  Gallon       Blog  –  Rant  of  a  Humanist  Nerd:     hDp://     Neus   Email:   TwiBer:  @NewsNeus   LinkedIn:  Neus  Lorenzo     Next  Webinar:  “Consumers  become  producers”  29  October  2013