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Us history. 21st Feb, 2012
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Us history. 21st Feb, 2012


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  • Transcript

    • 1. US History SurveyFebruary 21, 2012, 1st spring class final exam & how we learn overview, US 1800 - 1877
    • 2. announcements• volunteer to post power points on Facebook weekly?• volunteer to arrange to copy reading some weeks?• do you have parents or other folks who speak English & live in Izmir?
    • 3. language • Learning English takes a lot of work. I respect your efforts. • Learning Turkish is difficult for me, so I appreciate your English even more.
    • 4. my US students living in my house: Irina, Jasmine, Jorina, Joanna
    • 5. Whitney Houston’s funeral = American culture.
    • 6. strategies for examinations• Pay attention to what the question asks. – The causes of the Revolution are not the same as the results of the Revolution.• Use logic & use what you know. – Cities of colonial period were on or near Atlantic Ocean.• Pick out what is relevant from everything you know.• What is the significance of what you know?
    • 7. learning to learn• memorization of facts.• analysis – thinking critically.• context?• significance?
    • 8. questions about fall final exam?• What do you need to analyze to understand ?• What can you easily look up on the internet?
    • 9. past & present: Constitution• Billions of $$ are spent on presidential campaigns.• 2012 is presidential election year.• 2010, Citizens United v FEC (Federal Election Commission), Supreme Court found a law which prohibited corporations & unions from paying for campaign ads 60 days before elections, unconstitutional under 1st Amendment.• What does 1st Amendment protect?
    • 10. possible Republican candidates Democratic candidate: president usually runs for 2nd term
    • 11. past & present: Constitution1868, 14th Amendment granted citizenship, dueprocess, equal protection to persons, regardlessof previous condition of servitude.1886, Supreme Court interpreted corporationsas persons.2010, Citizens United, Supreme Court gavecorporations (& unions) unlimited spendingpowers to influence elections.
    • 12. themes for spring semester
    • 13. US 1800 - 1877• territorial expansion to Pacific Ocean. Almost all land & borders of 2012 were established by 1877. (Hawaii & Puerto Rico added in 1890s.)• wars with England, Mexico, Native people, and itself (Civil War).• industrialization, new transportation, urbanization, immigration.• abolition of slavery; development of segregation.• social justice, reform, & extension of democracy.
    • 14. announcements• volunteer to post power points on Facebook every week?• volunteer to arrange to copy reading some weeks?• do you have parents or other folks who speak English & live in Izmir?• reading for 28/2/2012: Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer, Letter 3, “What is an American?” (1782), p. 49 – 61.•