Value Creation: The Next Step in Competitive Superiority


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Sales organizations often look at the competition as the enemy that must be beaten! With this mindset, as a salesperson you are often put in a position where you fight the competition on the customer’s front lawn, in full view. You need to shift the rules of the game from competing against the competition to competing on behalf of the customer by recognizing and delivering value. Value that is defined by the customer, not by a list of features and benefits. In this session, we will explore an approach to understanding value to the customer, and how specific moves and strategies affect the customer and disable the competition.

In this webcast we will examine:

How to look at a current sales opportunity based on your understanding of what the customer values

How to create a value map that plots your position relative to the customer’s perception of value, and relative to the competition

How to identify three strategies to develop your next moves, while anticipating the competition’s and the customer’s next moves

About David Yesford
David Yesford, Sr. Vice President of Wilson Learning Worldwide, has over 27 years of experience developing and implementing human performance solutions around the world. He brings valuable experience, strategic direction, and global perspective to his work with clients. Over the years, David has had strategic roles in our core content areas of Sales and Leadership, as well as eLearning and Strategic Consulting.

David is an active member of the Wilson Learning Global Executive Board, with current responsibility at a global level. He has held managing director positions in both China and India. He is the contributing author of several books, including Win-Win Selling, Versatile Selling, The Social Styles Handbook, and The Sales Training Book 2. He is a frequent international speaker focusing on a variety of issues, including sales and sales strategy, leadership, employee and customer engagement, brand, and strategy implementation and is published in numerous business publications in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

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Value Creation: The Next Step in Competitive Superiority

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