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Lead your learning organization to improve results, cut costs and prepare for the road ahead  presented by training magazine network
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Lead your learning organization to improve results, cut costs and prepare for the road ahead presented by training magazine network


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Published in: Education
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  • Example, nurse makes a small medication error or in a factory makes a small chemical spill. After getting 75% on a test.
  • Poll which is this different than what trainers do?
  • Leader says I don’t care what you know.
  • Type in responses
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presents Guest Speakers: Steve Rosenbaum Arupa Tesolin Ira Kasdan Lead Your Learning Organization to Improve Results, Cut Costs and Prepare for the Road Ahead
    • 2. Recorded Webinar This program was presented for Training Magazine Network members as a live webinar. We invite you to view the full recorded webinar. Click Here to View Recording Download Handouts / Join Discussions The speaker invites you to join their discussion group at Materials are posted for free download in the discussion group. Click Here to Join Group Register If you aren’t already a member of Training Magazine Network, you’ll register along the way. Registration is quick & free. Members are privacy-protected. Solicitation by vendors is prohibited.
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    • 5. About the Speakers Steve Rosenbaum , co-author of the best-selling book Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed with Jim Williams, co-published by Pfeiffer and ASTD, is the President of Learning Paths International who founded Learning Paths International in after 20 years of experience as a training and development consultant. Steve has led Learning Path initiatives for clients that include GE, United Healthcare, Disney, CertainTeed, Valspar and CVS/Caremark. He is also a contributor to the Trainer's Portable Mentor and has written more than 100 articles and 400 blog postings on training and development topics.   Arupa Tesolin is the National Leader for Learning Paths International Canada, a recognized learning consultant, author, speaker and innovation leader with more than 25 years experience leading innovative learning and management practices. Arupa, who also owns the training company Intuita, is the author of 2 books "Ting!" and "Spark" and over 100 articles in leading training and management publications, including Training Magazine. Clients include the Ontario Government, Ontario Hydro, National Research Council, the Royal Bank of Canada and both private and public Canadian companies.   Ira Kasdan is President of Performance Builders, a performance consulting group. In the past 25 years, he has created and implemented organizational development and performance improvement solutions for more than 70 major corporations and over 400,000 participants. Clients include: IBM, Forrester Research, 3Com, Motorola, Symantec, TRX, GE, Caterpillar, Qualcom, Microsoft Great Plains, US Bank, BCD Travel, and American Express.
    • 6. Presents Guest Speakers: Steve Rosenbaum Arupa Tesolin Ira Kasdan Lead Your Learning Organization to Improve Results, Cut Costs and Prepare for the Road Ahead
    • 7. Lead Your Learning Organization to Improve Results, Cut Costs and Prepare for the Road Ahead
    • 8. Learning Paths History
      • Consistently cut time to proficiency 30 to 50% or more
      • Over 400 functions
      • 30,000+ employees
      • 7 Countries
      Copyright LPI 2010
    • 9. Your Mission
      • For today’s session you are in charge of learning in your organization. You’ve been given the mission to:
    • 10. Your Challenge
    • 11. Starting Point
      • Focus on proficiency and time to proficiency for your most significant positions
    • 12. What Are the High Impact Functions in Your Organization?
      • Revenue Generating
      • Building and Servicing Products
      • Solving Customer Problems
    • 13. What Percentage of these Employees Are Less Than Fully Proficient?
      • 0% (Everyone’s Proficient)
      • 1 – 10%
      • 11 – 25%
      • >25%
      Select One
    • 14. What Does This Cost Your Organization?
      • A lot
      • A little
      Select One
    • 15. Rapid Improvement
    • 16. Which of these Steps Are Learning Organizations Most Likely to Miss or Omit?
      • Define & measure proficiency
      • Map the current learning process
      • Reduce waste, time, & variability
      • All three
      Select One
    • 17. Defining Proficiency 1. Describe measurable results (How good, how much, how fast) 2. Describe observations of proficient employees (What do you see when you watch a proficient employee)
    • 18. Proficiency Example
      • Measurable
      • Develops 10 new clients per quarter with average sales of $15,000
      • Produces 10 batches per day with less than 1% waste
      • Observable
      • Prepares a call plan for each sales call with a clear objective and agenda
      • Follows safety rules including wearing the correct PPE at all times
    • 19. Proficiencies vs. Competencies
      • Results
      • Actions
      • Skills
      • Knowledge
      • Attitudes
    • 20.
      • Classroom
      • Elearning
      • Reading
      • Job Shadowing
      • Practice
      • Experience
      • Job Aides
      • Planning
      • Assessments
      • Coaching/Mentoring
      • Videos
      • Webinars
      • Networking
      • Demonstrations
      • Case Studies
      • Troubleshooting
      • Simulations
      Activity Activity Activity Mapping the Learning Process Time Proficiency 100%
    • 21.
      • 70 to 80% of learning is informal
      • Usually unstructured and variable
      • Filled with trial and error
      Opportunities for Improvement Time (Weeks, Months, Years ) Proficiency 100% “ Mystery Period” Independence Day Graduation Day
    • 22. Finding Quick Hits
      • Proficiency Definition
      • One path versus many
      • Converting the informal to formal
      • Putting everything on the path
      • Eliminating anything that doesn’t add value
      X X
    • 23. Building a Learning Path
      • Just-in-Time
      • Real Work Early
      • Simple to Complex
      • Structure by Task Not By Topic
      • Integrate Soft Skills and Technical Skills
      • Practice, Practice, Practice
      • Frequent Reviews and Assessments
    • 24. Call Center Case Study
      • Old
      • 5 weeks formal training
      • First live calls week 3
      • Training sequence
        • Company and product knowledge
        • Computer system
        • Transactions
        • On-the-Job Coaching
      • 9 Month Time to Proficiency
      • New
      • 3 weeks formal training
      • First live calls week 1
      • Training sequence
        • Transaction 1
        • Transaction 2
        • Transaction 3
        • On-the-Job Coaching
      • 6 Month Time to Proficiency
    • 25. B2B Sales Case Study
      • Old
      • 2 weeks formal training
      • First solo calls month 3
      • Training sequence
        • Company and department visits
        • Sales Skill Training
        • Product Training
        • Unstructured Joint Calls
      • 12 Month Time to Proficiency
      • New
      • 3 days of classroom training
      • Sales and product training converted to self-study and spread out over time
      • First solo call month 1
      • Training sequence
        • Calls on customer type 1, 2 & 3
        • Structure joint calls (see, help, do)
      • 8 Month Time to Proficiency
    • 26. Manufacturing Case Study
      • Old
      • 2 days formal training
      • Series of 2 hour elearning modules to learn product and safety information
      • On the job training with shift supervisor (different with each supervisor)
      • 14 Month Time to Proficiency
      • New
      • 1 day orientation and general safety
      • Structured on the job training learning each station before moving on. Combined with elearning modules
      • Training standardized for each shift
      • 9 Month Time to Proficiency
    • 27. The Road Ahead
      • Providing value to the business
      • Leveraging learning as a competitive advantage
    • 28. Now…Where will you start?
    • 29. LPI Can Help!
      • Build one or more Learning Paths for specific job functions
      • Provide coaching so you can build it
      • Certify Learning Path Facilitators
      • Provide consulting and training
    • 30. Next Big Event 8 Week Certification Coaching Webinar Starts Sept. 20, 2010 Mondays 12:00 – 1:30 pm 3 Day Certification Training Workshop Toronto, Canada October 26 – 28, 2010 Register:
    • 31. Contact Us
      • USA:
      • Steve Rosenbaum
      • 952-368-9329, [email_address]
      • Canada:
      • Arupa Tesolin
      • 905-271-7272, [email_address]