SMMConnect presents a complimentary webinar            Get Your New Hire Salespeople Up to Speed            …Fast!        ...
Session Description:Hired and fired! It’s the revolving door of hiring salespeople and firing them 90    days later for po...
Lee B. Salz, sales management strategist and talent management expert, helps companies launch onboarding initiatives desig...
In this webinar, youll learn:•    Why most executives think salesperson onboarding is unnecessary•    The financial impact...
•    Why having AN onboarding program is a mistake that can cause sales person failure•    How to create an outstanding fi...
About Lee SalzLee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist and Founder of Sales   Architects. He specializes in he...
His articles have been published on hundreds of websites and magazines. Hes also been quoted and featured by the media inc...
Lee lives in Minneapolis with his wife, three children and two dogs. When he isn’t on the baseball field coaching his kids...
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Get Your New Hire Salespeople Up to Speed...Fast


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Session Description
Hired and fired! It’s the revolving door of hiring salespeople and firing them 90 days later for poor performance. It’s as if there is an affliction turning rock star sellers into bumbling fools during their first three months with companies.

You loved them in the interview, but somehow they flopped on your team. Many sales leaders and business executives point their fingers at the sales people for failing to deliver on expectations. However, those fingers should be pointed at the executives if a structured salesperson onboarding program is not in place.

Lee B. Salz, sales management strategist and talent management expert, helps companies launch onboarding initiatives designed to reduce ramp-up time and increase seller performance. While many think of onboarding as merely the completion of new-hire paperwork, Lee’s approach creates bridges connecting salesperson potential with job proficiency resulting in fast results!

Top performing companies don’t perceive adding headcount to the sales team as hiring, but rather as a corporate investment in revenue. Join Lee for this virtual training to learn how to protect that investment and ensure a high rate of return.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

• Why most executives think salesperson onboarding is unnecessary
• The financial impact of not having a structured onboarding experience
• The 90-Day Salesperson Affliction… the unnecessary employment fatality
• How to get corporate buy-in when launching an onboarding initiative
• Why the starting point is the end when creating an onboarding program
• A specialized onboarding methodology that ensures your program hits the mark
• Why having AN onboarding program is a mistake that can cause sales person failure
• How to create an outstanding first day for your new salespeople - setting a foundation for a long lasting relationship
• Inspect what you expect …assessing onboarding participant performance before sending them off to sell
• The key to getting necessary feedback to continually enhancing onboarding

In addition, all registrants also receive Lee’s eBook titled “Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices”

Who Should Attend: Business executives, human resources executives and sales leaders who desire to improve the effectiveness of their sales teams

About Lee Salz
Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist and Founder of Sales Architects. He specializes in helping companies hire the right sales people, effectively onboard them and align their activities with business objectives. Using his sales architecture™ methodology, Lee’s clients migrate from being "people-based” to "process-based” resulting in explosive, profitable growth.

In his co-produced book, Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success (Business Expert Publishing), Lee and 20 contributing authors address issues plaguing small businesses. In the book, Lee

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Get Your New Hire Salespeople Up to Speed...Fast

  1. 1. SMMConnect presents a complimentary webinar Get Your New Hire Salespeople Up to Speed …Fast! Lee Salz Sales Management Strategist and Founder, Sales Architects Friday, November 9, 2012 11:00 AM Pacific/ 2:00 PM Eastern (60-Minute Session) REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  2. 2. Session Description:Hired and fired! It’s the revolving door of hiring salespeople and firing them 90  days later for poor performance. It’s as if there is an affliction turning rock  star sellers into bumbling fools during their first three months with  companies.  You loved them in the interview, but somehow they flopped on your team.  Many sales leaders and business executives point their fingers at the sales  people for failing to deliver on expectations. However, those fingers should  be pointed at the executives if a structured salesperson onboarding program  is not in place. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  3. 3. Lee B. Salz, sales management strategist and talent management expert, helps companies launch onboarding initiatives designed to reduce ramp-up time and increase seller performance. While many think of onboarding as merely the completion of new-hire paperwork, Lee’s approach creates bridges connecting salesperson potential with job proficiency resulting in fast results!Top performing companies don’t perceive adding headcount to the sales team as hiring, but rather as a corporate investment in revenue. Join Lee for this virtual training to learn how to protect that investment and ensure a high rate of return. · Get an accurate profile of each candidate – to predict their performance· Increase sales retention by ensuring new hires are a good fit for your company· Improve performance results of new reps, and accelerate ramp-up time REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  4. 4. In this webinar, youll learn:•    Why most executives think salesperson onboarding is unnecessary•    The financial impact of not having a structured onboarding experience•    The 90-Day Salesperson Affliction… the unnecessary employment fatality•    How to get corporate buy-in when launching an onboarding initiative•    Why the starting point is the end when creating an onboarding program•    A specialized onboarding methodology that ensures your program hits the mark REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  5. 5. •    Why having AN onboarding program is a mistake that can cause sales person failure•    How to create an outstanding first day for your new salespeople - setting a foundation for a long lasting relationship•    Inspect what you expect …assessing onboarding participant performance before sending them off to sell•    The key to getting necessary feedback to continually enhancing onboardingIn addition, all registrants also receive Lee’s eBook titled “Sales PersonOnboarding Best Practices”Who Should Attend: Business executives, human resources executives and sales leaders who desire to improve the effectiveness of their sales teams  REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  6. 6. About Lee SalzLee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist and Founder of Sales Architects. He specializes in helping companies hire the right sales people,  effectively onboard them and align their activities with business  objectives. Using his sales architecture™ methodology, Lee’s clients  migrate from being "people-based” to "process-based” resulting in  explosive, profitable growth. In his co-produced book, Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success  (Business Expert Publishing), Lee and 20 contributing authors address  issues plaguing small businesses. In the book, Lee presents his strategy for  developing an effective sales compensation plan. REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  7. 7. His articles have been published on hundreds of websites and magazines. Hes also been quoted and featured by the media including the Wall StreetJournal, New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Selling Power, SalesforceXP,Sales and Marketing Management, ABC News, MSNBC and many more leading publications. His work in talent management led him to be ranked #14 in the Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management by HR Examiner for 2011. He was also named as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012 by OpenView Labs. Lee is also the host of The Sales Management Minute podcast series in which he provides sales leaders and business executives with the tools they need to thrive.  REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING:
  8. 8. Lee lives in Minneapolis with his wife, three children and two dogs. When he isn’t on the baseball field coaching his kids, he’s in the gym getting ready for his next powerlifting meet.More about Lee Salz REGISTER or VIEW RECORDING: