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Free Tools for Training Magazine Network members pt1

  1. 1. Free Tools for Members<br />for more effective<br />more engaging<br />more interactive learning<br />If you’re new to Training Magazine Network, you may not know yet about the free tools available to all our members.<br />You can try these in TrainingMagNetwork by mousing over the “More” tab.<br />After trying them, open your own free account to use in your own business. Add your own logo and you’re off and running to increase the learning value of your webinars, eLearning and classroom training.<br />
  2. 2. Discussions & Discussion Groups<br />“A good idea can only <br />become great when it’s shared”<br /><ul><li> Invite participants to join pre and post-training discussions
  3. 3. Ask execs, managers, SMEs and top performers to join
  4. 4. Enable sharing of best practices, tips, real-world experiences
  5. 5. Post pre-work, additional materials, resources and exercises
  6. 6. Extend the learning and benefits of webinars, eLearning and classroom training</li></ul>Valuable learning takes place informally at the water cooler, in the lunchroom, in the field, on the phone. But it’s lost when only 2 or 3 join the conversation.<br />One benefit of online discussion groups: Valuable information is captured for review by everyone with access, today, tomorrow, next year.<br />Another: Post those “nice to have” resources that got squeezed out of the formal materials. <br />
  7. 7. Goal-Setting System<br />Apply key ideas<br />Do participants exit training with the clear intent to apply what they learn? Not if they haven’t written it down, complete with timelines. <br />Help learners apply the key ideas with a simple goal-setting tool. You and other coaches will receive documented reports of their goals and progress tracking online and in real-time.<br />Timeline<br />Track & report results<br /><ul><li> Simple, easy-to-use tool
  8. 8. Focuses learners on purposefully applying learning & accountability
  9. 9. Know immediately whether learners “got it” and whether they’re applying it
  10. 10. Coaches receive individual goal and progress reports instantly in email & online
  11. 11. Dashboard summary report shows up-to-the-minute results
  12. 12. Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of training </li></ul>Goals<br />Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  13. 13. CoachLine Goal-Setting System<br />Simple & easy to use tool<br />Click here for Goal Setting Demo:<br />
  14. 14. Action-Planning<br />Ever notice how many people don’t create action plans? <br />It never occurs to some, others don’t know how, still others just need a system or tool.<br />A simple online tool helps learners create action plans to accomplish their learning goals and work objectives.<br /><ul><li> Simple and easy-to-use
  15. 15. Helps learners develop planning habit and skills
  16. 16. Learners & coaches have a written/online record of goals and plans
  17. 17. Includes progress & results tracking
  18. 18. Coaches receive instant notification of plans and measurable results</li></ul>Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  19. 19. CoachLine Action-Planning Tool<br />Simple & easy to use<br />Add as many action items as needed<br />Not every goal requires an action plan. <br />Users can omit action plans if desired by the coach.<br />Click here for Action Planning Demo:<br />
  20. 20. Online Coaching System<br />Whether learners and workers are geographically dispersed or even a few feet away, it’s often difficult to find the time to stay in touch and provide feedback. <br />And then there’s the time spent documenting it all.<br />A simple web 2.0-like tool helps coaches receive progress reports and quickly provide feedback in real-time, right when learners need it, no matter where they are.<br />“Coach?<br />Help!”<br /><ul><li> Learners can select one or many coaches, as decided by the trainer or manager
  21. 21. Accessible online from any internet connection
  22. 22. Enables any qualified person to join in coaching: Mentors, managers, top performers, peers
  23. 23. Conversations are cumulative, so all coaches can see each others’ comments
  24. 24. Interactions and results are automatically fully documented</li></ul>Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  25. 25. Coaching Directory<br />Invitation to Coach<br />Directory of Your Company’s Coaches<br />Learners & workers can invite coaches.<br />Coaches can invite learners & workers to be coached.<br />Click here for Invite a Coach Demo:<br />
  26. 26. Online Coaching Impacts<br />Think about that for a minute.<br />Most companies have trouble getting supervisors to coach. It’s challenging for trainers to get the coaching support they need from managers.<br />In a system where coaching is visible to trainers and execs, some new possibilities emerge.<br />Can I get some support?<br /><ul><li> Transparency – Coaching frequency, quality and responsiveness are visible
  27. 27. Assess & develop the coaching skills of coaches
  28. 28. Observe and ensure consistency between coaches
  29. 29. Minimizes the “training vs real-world” conversations
  30. 30. Instructive for trainers to observe perspectives and information from coaches</li></ul>Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  31. 31. Track Measurable Results of Training<br />How do you track the impact of your training? Or have you given up because its too costly, time consuming or difficult? <br />TrainingPayback Tracking is a simple tool that makes it easy to track training impacts in real-time.<br />Track results, get leading indicators of learner success and prove the value of your training at a moment’s notice.<br /><ul><li> Simple, easy-to-use tool
  32. 32. Learners enter results in a few moments, not you in a few hours
  33. 33. Enables learners to see the impact of applying what they learn
  34. 34. Observe results as learners apply the training, not weeks after
  35. 35. Provides real-time results to trainers, coaches, mentors
  36. 36. Dashboard summary report available at all times, in real time</li></ul>Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  37. 37. Track Measurable Results of Training<br />Simple form to report progress & results<br />Measurable Results Sent to coaches instantly<br />
  38. 38. Track Measurable Results of Training<br />Dashboard Summary Report<br />Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  39. 39. The CoachLine System<br />While they can be used separately, these tools are most effective when used together.<br />The CoachLine system is an integrated process designed to support the learner and application of learning. <br />Create <br />Goal<br />Create <br />Action Plan<br />Coaching<br />Report Progress &<br />Track Results<br />When you create your own free account, you’ll have access to the individual components as well as the integrated CoachLine system.<br />Questions? Click here to ask.<br />Or send a note to<br />
  40. 40. Access the<br />Free Tools for Members<br />Log in to<br />You can try these in TrainingMagNetwork by mousing over the “More” tab.<br />To start your own free system, click the link below:<br /><br />