Team start up session outline
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Team start up session outline






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Team start up session outline Document Transcript

  • 1. Team Start Up! Session outlineTime: 1:30 hrTarget: People that had been just allocated into a team, that know each other a bit butnever worked together in the same team.Goals: People get to know each other more People discover more about their personality and how they interact in a team To create an atmosphere of connection among the team members To set up team rules and success factors Inspiration, Dedication, Motivation!!!Note: The team leader must have been already elected. The number of people involvedshould preferrably not be more than 7. The enviroment should be quiet and confortable.Time Block What? Materials,handouts to useTrainer notes15’ Introducingthe session,Icebreaker.Brief explanation of thesession.------Everybody sticks on hisback a sheet of paper andwrites a single word onthe sheet of every personthat in his opinion bestdescribes his/herpersonality. Then take outthe sheet and read aloudthe words.------Everybody picks oneword from his/her list thathe/she likes the best,writes it on a post-it andsticks it on his/her shirt.(or sweater, orwhatever! :P)A blank sheet ofpaper and a penfor every person,trainer included.Paper tape.Post-its.Do not start adiscussionabout howmuch they feeldescribed bythose words ornot. It’s just apersonalimpression totake as it is.30’ TeamPersonalityTypes test.People fill in the testabout the different teampersonality types(handout 1), then look upat the solutions and readaloud the profiles.(handout 2)------Sharing questions:- Do you feel describedby your profile outcome?Yes, no, why?Team personalitytypes handout 1and handout 2.Pens.It is absolutelynormal if morethan oneperson feelsthat he/shebelongs tomore than onetype. We areunique! :)40’ Visualization&BrainstormingThe trainer asks thefollowing questions:1.Have you ever beenFlipcharts,colored markers.Do notinterrupt thesharing flowbut at the same
  • 2. part of a team that youconsidered reallygreat? People shareexperiences.2.What was differentabout that team? Whatwere the feelings youhad? Trainer writesdown the comments ona flipchart.3. How can you, as ateam and with yourdifferent personalities,can re-create thosefeelings here?Brainstorm ideas andwrite them on aflipchart.4.Which can be the rulesfor a smooth work ofthe team? And thesuccess factors foryour task at the end ofthe project?Brainstorm ideas andwrite them on aflipchart.5. What is your personalcommitment? Givemarkers to the peopleand let them write andthen sign on a blankflipchart their personalcommitment. Write thedate and then stick it tothe wall! :)time do not letpeople discusstoo muchabout an issueor pettydetails. Bringthe discussionback on topicif needed.5’ Wrap-up! Sum up the session, thankthe people for theirparticipation and start abig applause! :)------Collect the sheets with thewords they wrote at thebeginning and give themto the team leader to keepthem in a safe place tillthe end of the project...when he/she will givethem back to the people tolook back at what theywere considering eachother at the time (theymay even repeat theexercise to make acomparison)Ask forfeedbaaacks! :)